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Change Capital is a private equity firm, investing in fashion and consumer product companies. It specialises in management buy-outs, management buy-ins, growth capital, carveouts, middle market, corporate divestitures, and turnarounds, in European countries.
The firm was founded in 2003 by Luc Vandevelde (ex-chairman of Marks and Spencer). Other partners are Steven Petrow, former MD of Bain Capital, Frederic Hufkens, founder of Hufkens Asset Management, and Philip Renaud, former director of private equity fund Wynnchurch Capital.ref It is backed by the Halley family (~11%),[1] who made their money selling Promodes to Carrefour in 1999.ref,ref, PromodèsWikipedia-W.svg, CarrefourWikipedia-W.svg



ToDo: Change Capital Partners LLP, regno. OC302712; Change Capital Investment Management LLP, regno. OC308902

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