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ConAgra Brands is a major American agri-food group, based in Chicago, Illinois. The group offers starters, ready-made meals, condiments, sauces, snacks, desserts, etc. Activity is reported through the following segments:

  • Grocery & Snacks: branded, shelf-stable food products
  • Refrigerated & Frozen: branded, temperature-controlled food products
  • International: branded food products, in various temperature states
  • Foodservice: branded and customized food products, including meals, entrees, sauces, and a variety of custom-manufactured products packaged for sale to restaurants and other foodservice establishments.


  • 76.1%: Supermarkets, with Walmart Inc and its affiliates accounting for ~24% of sales (2016-2018);
  • 13.3%: Catering establishments
  • 10.6%: International business.


  • GMOs: Conagra is party to a number of class action lawsuits, challenging product labelling claims; it is alleged that the labeling for Wesson oils as 100% natural is false and misleading because the oils contain genetically modified plants and organisms.
  • Wages + Hours: Conagra is party to a number of class actions lawsuits challenging their wage and hour practices.





Total float: 83.1%
Source: MarketScreener.svg, Apr.2020


Conagra owns the brands Hunts, Hebrew National, Slim Jim, Marie Callender's, and Banquet frozen dinners, among over several dozen others. Ready, Set, Eat: Website, logo,

Conagra Brands Inc

ToDo: ConAgra Foods: Conagra Foods IncArchive-org-sm.svg; Company HistoryArchive-org-sm.svg; Company History TimelineArchive-org-sm.svg; Our Company: HistoryArchive-org-sm.svg; link; ... File searchArchive-org-sm.svg; AR-2001Archive-org-sm.svg; AR-2002Archive-org-sm.svg; AR-2003 (pics)Archive-org-sm.svg; AR-2005Archive-org-sm.svg; Corporate Rap Sheet;
  • Jul.2018: Del Monte Foods Inc sold the processed fruit and vegetable business in Canada. The transaction was completed in 1Q.2019.
  • Oct.2018: #Pinnacle Foods Inc was purchased from the Blackstone Group.ref Brands acquired: Birds Eye, Duncan Hines, Earth Balance, Vlasic, Gardein, Glutino, Udi's, Wish-Bone and EVOL, amongst others.ref,ref Website
  • Feb.2018: Sandwich Bros. of Wisconsin business aquired, maker of frozen breakfast and entree flatbread pocket sandwiches.ref
  • Oct.2017: Angie's Artisan Treats LLC, maker of Angie's BOOMCHICKAPOP ready-to-eat popcorn, was acquired.
  • Apr.2017: Thanasi Foods LLC, maker of Duke’s meat snacks, and BIGS LLC, maker of BIGS seeds. The protein-based snacking businesses were acquired.
  • Nov.2016: Conagra Brands Inc: after the Lamb Weston spinoff was completed, ConAgra Foods Inc renamed itself.ref
  • Nov.2016: Lamb Weston Holdings Inc: completed the spinoff of the potato business.ref,ref,ref,ref,
  • Sept.2016: Frontera Foods Inc and Red Fork LLC: acquired their operating assets, including the Frontera, Red Fork, and Salpica brands. The businesses make authentic, gourmet Mexican food products and contemporary American cooking sauces.
  • 1Q.2017: Spicetec Flavors & Seasonings and JM Swank: completed the sales of the businesses. The two businesses comprised the Commercial Foods segment: commercially branded and private label food and ingredients, sold primarily to commercial, restaurant, foodservice, food manufacturing, and industrial customers. Primary food items included a variety of vegetable, spice, and frozen bakery goods, which were sold under brands such as Spicetec Flavors & Seasonings.
  • Feb.2016: Private-Label: completed the disposition of its private-label unit to TreeHouse Foods Inc.ref,ref
  • Dec.2015: ConAgra announced that it will split into two separate companies, spinning off its Lamb Weston division of frozen food products. Conagra Brands will be comprised primarily of the consumer foods segment.[1]
  • 2012: Ralcorp... ref,ref,ref
  • Jul.2007:
    Swift & Company: was sold to Brazil's JBS SA, the largest beef processor in South America and one of the largest worldwide beef exporters. The acquisition made JBS Swift Group the largest beef processor in the world.[2]
  • Nov.2002: Swift & Company: ConAgra sold a majority stake of 54% in its beef and pork processing operations to Hick, Muse, Tate & Furst Inc and George N. Gillett JrWikipedia-W.svg's Booth Creek Management Corporation, renaming the business. Additionally, Swift & Company acquired ConAgra Foods' Australia Meat Holdings, the leading Australian beef processor, and all of ConAgra's cattle feeding operations, becoming the USA's 3rd-largest processor of beef and pork.[3][4]
  • May.2003: Bumble Bee Foods LLC, acquired in Aug.2000 as part of the International Home Foods transaction, was sold to private equity firm Centre Partners Management LLC.
  • Apr.2003: The company was renamed Bumble Bee Foods LLC.OpenCorporates-sm.svg[5]
  • Aug.2000:
    #International Home Foods Inc, including its subsidiaries Bumble Bee Foods and #Connors Brothers Ltd, was purchased from private equity firms Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Inc and C Dean Metropoulos & Company. Conagra also took on International Foods' $1.2bn debt.[5] Brands acquired included Chef Boyardee, Gulden's mustard, Bumble Bee tuna, Libby's, PAM cooking spray and Louis Kemp seafood.
  •  ??.2000: ConAgra Foods Inc: ConAgra Inc renamed itself.ref (pics)
  • Aug.1990:
    Beatrice Company was bought by Conagra's subsidiary CagSub Inc from Kohlberg, Kravis & Roberts.ref Beatrice Company was a holdco for Beatrice Cheese Inc, Beatrice-Hunt/Wesson Inc, and Swift-Eckrich Inc.ref,ref
  • 1989: Swift Independent Packing Company acquired.ref
  • Jan.1973: ConAgra Inc was floated on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • 1971: ConAgra Inc: Nebraska Consolidated Mills changed its name.
  • Sept.1919: Nebraska Consolidated Mills: four Nebraska flourmills (Henry Glade Milling Co. in Grand Island, Ravenna Mills in Ravenna, Hastings Mills in Hastings, and Blackburn-Furry Mill in St. Edwards) consolidate and incorporate, headquartered in Grand Island, Neb.
  • ToDo... ...
Additional Sources: Company History: 1861-2005. . Original archived on Mar.12.2006.

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Pinnacle Foods Inc

Pinnacle Foods is a packaged foods company headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, specialising in shelf-stable and frozen foods. Pinnacle Foods Corporation (2003)Archive-org-sm.svg, Pinnacle Foods Corporation (2004)Archive-org-sm.svg, Pinnacle FoodsWikipedia-W.svg, Website

  • ?date?: Open Pit barbecue sauces.
  • Oct.2018:
    ConAgra Brands completed the acquisition of Pinnacle Foods Inc from private equity firm Blackstone Group, and delisted the company.ref,ref
  • Nov.2015:
    Boulder Brands Inc was acquired, as part of Pinnacle's strategy to expand its health-and-wellness products, and subsequently renamed as "Earth Balance". Boulder Brands, previously known as Smart Balance Inc,ref included Udi’s Gluten Free Foods,ref Earth Balance vegan packaged foods, Smart Balance, Glutino, and Best Life.ref Website.archArchive-org-sm.svg, Website
  • Nov.2014: Garden Protein International Inc, maker of Gardein, was acquired from founder Yves Potvin.ref
  • Aug.2013: Wish Bone salad dressings business was acquired from Unilever.ref The dressing label has its roots in Richelieu Foods's Western Dressing, which was sold to Unilever in 1994.ref
  • Mar.2013: New York Stock Exchange: Pinnacle Foods Inc went public, selling ~32% of the company.ref
  • 2009: Bird's Eye Frozen Foods: the US rights were acquired, adding a mix of frozen and specialty brands to Pinnacle's portfolio.ref
  • Feb.2007: Blackstone Group, a private equity firm, acquired Pinnacle Foods from JP Morgan Partners LLC, JW Childs Associates LP, CDM Group, and former bondholders of #Aurora Foods Inc.ref,ref
  • Mar.2006:
    Dial Corporation's Armour Star, a canned meat business, was acquired from German chemical company Henkel AG.[6] The food business produced shelf-stable canned meat products such as potted meat, Vienna sausages and ready meals under the Armour Star brand.[7]
  •  ??.2004: Pinnacle Foods Group Inc: the merged company was renamed. logo
  • Mar.2004: #Aurora Foods Inc: an investor group led by C Dean Metropoulos & Company, a Greenwich, Conn.-based private equity investment and management firm, acquired #Aurora Foods Inc out of bankruptcy, and merged it with Pinnacle Foods.ref In a similar scenario to when private-equity-backed Pinnacle Foods purchased #Vlasic Foods International Inc's brands in 2001, Pinnacle Foods again "worked out a deal" with a federal bankruptcy court to buy Aurora Foods.ref
  • 2001: Pinnacle Foods Corporation: the company was renamed.

Note: Pinnacle was jointly owned by affiliates of JP Morgan Partners LLC (now known as CCMP Capital Advisors LLC), JW Childs Associates LP,[1] now known as Prospect Hill Growth Partners LP, CDM Group Inc, and former bondholders of Aurora Foods Inc. CDM Group is an investment company controlled by C Dean Metropoulos, who assembled the group that acquired Aurora Foods out of bankruptcy in Mar.2004 and hived it up into Pinnacle Foods.ref,ref

Vlasic Foods International Inc

Vlasic Foods had operations in 4 countries: the USA, Canada, the UK and Argentina. In the UK, it operated two businesses: Freshbake Frozen Foods and Stratford-upon-Avon Foods.
ToDo: link], logo, logo

  • ?date?: Lawsuit: Vlasic Foods International reorganised into the bankruptcy creature VFB LLC and, acting on behalf of VFI's disappointed creditors, claimed that the transaction was a constructively fraudulent transfer. VFB sought to set aside the spin as a fraudulent transfer. The court determined both that the spin was not a fraudulent transfer and, that because VFI had been solvent at the time of the spin, it owed no “fiduciary duty to future creditors of VFI.”
  • ?date?: Vlasic Foods International announced that it had agreed to sell a frozen sweet goods plant in the UK. Vlasic continued to operate its UK "Freshbake" frozen foods business out of two plants in Salford and Glasgow, and focus on its core frozen foods categories such as frozen sausages and meat pies.ref
  • Aug.2003: Sell-Off: Hicks, Muse put Pinnacle Foods Corp on the block in Mar.2003, in hopes of flipping it for a quick profit.ref JP Morgan Partners LLC and Metropoulos & Company agreed to acquire Hicks, Muse's majority stake.ref,ref,ref Hicks, Muse realised a return of more than 2x its investment.ref
  • May.2001: #Pinnacle Foods Corporation: Dallas-based leveraged buyout firm Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Inc, together with Metropoulos & Company, JP Morgan Partners LLC (7%), JW Childs Associates LP and CDM Group, agreed to buy Vlasic Foods' North American assets, including the Swanson frozen food products business, Open Pit barbecue sauce and grilling sauce products business, and Vlasic pickle and pepper products business.ref,ref Pinnacle Foods Corporation was incorporated for the purpose.OpenCorporates-sm.svgref,ref, logo Kainos Capital LP also had a finger in the pie until 2003.ref,ref
  • Apr.2001: Stratford-upon-Avon Foods Ltd, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, completed the sale of substantially all of the assets related to its canned and jarred pickle, fruit and vegetable products business in the UK to Chivers Hartley Ltd. Stratford-upon-Avon Foods Ltd subsequently changed its name to VFI South Ltd.ref
  • Apr.2001: Freshbake Foods Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary, completed the sale of substantially all of the assets related to its frozen pastry and sausage products business (SonA, Freshbake) in the UK to Smoothrun Ltd and Ezzentialize Ltd. Freshbake Foods Ltd subsequently changed its name to VFI North Ltd.ref
  • Jan.2001: Vlasic Foods filed for bankruptcy. Between Apr.2001-May.2001, all of the company's businesses were sold.ref
  • Feb.2000: Vlasic Farms Inc: the Fresh mushrooms business was sold to British Columbia-based Money's Mushrooms Ltd, Canada's largest mushroom company.ref
  • Jul.1999: Swift-Armour Argentine beef business was sold to an investor group headed by Carlos Oliva Funes, president of Swift-Armour, JP Morgan Capital Corp and Greenwich Street Capital Partners.ref
  • Jul.1999: The Yankee branded business, inherited from Freshbake Foods, was sold to Glendale Foods Ltd.ref
  • Jan.1999: The Kattus gourmet foods distribution business in Germany was sold to ??.
  • 1998-2001: After the spin, the Specialty Foods Division's inflated sales and earnings figures quickly corrected themselves, and not in a good way.
  • Sept.1998: Freshbake Foods Ltd sold a manufacturing facility in Peterlee, England to Hibernia Foods plc,ref a manufacturer of food products in the UK.ref,ref,ref
  • Mar.1998: Vlasic Foods International Inc: Campbell Soup incorporated a wholly-owned subsidiary in Nov.1997, and sold it 7 non-core businesses in exchange for bank debt.ref Then it issued the subsidiary's stock to Campbell shareholders as an in-kind dividend, making Vlasic Foods Int'l an independent company.ref The businesses were Swanson frozen TV dinners, including Hungry-Man frozen dinners (Campbell retained the Swanson broth business, and granted Vlasic a 10-year license to use the Swanson name on frozen meals and pot pies) (logo,logo, logo, logo, logo); Vlasic retail and foodservice pickles and condiments (logo); Swift Armour meats in Argentina; Open Pit barbecue Sauce (logo); Stratford Upon Avon canned goods and facilities in the UK (Freshbake (logo), SonA (logo) and Rowats (pickles, canned beans and vegetables)); Gourmet Specialty Foods business in Germany; and Vlasic Farms Inc, the Fresh Mushroom business throughout the USA.ref
  • 1996-1998: Misrepresentation: Campbell massaged the Specialty Foods Division's operating results, ostensibly misleading both banks and the public about its operating record and prospects.
  • 1996: Campbell Soup Company decided to improve its stock price by disposing of some under-performing subsidiaries and product lines, the most prominent being Vlasic, and Swanson. The companies were organised into what Campbell Soup called the “Specialty Foods Division”.ref
Additional Sources: Form 10K, Aug.1999, Form10K, Oct.2000

Aurora Foods Inc

Aurora Foods was established by a group of private equity firms in 1996 to acquire premium, well-recognized brands that had been under-marketed and under-managed, and to breathe new life into them. At its height, Aurora held Duncan Hines baking mixes; Log Cabin; Lender's Bagels; Mrs Butterworth's and Country Kitchen syrups; Van de Kamp's; Mrs Paul's frozen seafood; Celeste frozen pizza; Aunt Jemima frozen breakfast products (under license); Chef's Choice skillet meals (under license).

Alas, Aurora's owners and managers were found guilty of perpetrating a "brazen financial reporting fraud" in 1998 and 1999. Amongst the various penalties handed out were the permanent disbarment from serving as an officer or director of a public company; disgorgement of their ill-gotten gains; incarceration; fines, and repayments.[afi 1] The net result was that Aurora went into bankruptcy – at which point another group of private equity firms pounced, acquiring Aurora Foods out of bankruptcy and forming Pinnacle Foods.

  • Mar.2004: Pinnacle Foods Inc: an group of private equity firms comprising JP Morgan Partners LLC, JW Childs Associates LP, and Metropoulos and Company amongst others, acquired Aurora Foods out of bankruptcy,[afi 2] and hived it up into Pinnacle Foods.[afi 3]
  • Nov.1999: Lender's Bagels, a UK-based bagels business, was acquired from The Eggo Company, a subsidiary of the Kellogg Company.[afi 4]
  • Apr.1999: Sea Coast Foods Inc was acquired from Galando Investment Ltd Partnership, Carey-On Ltd Partnership, Joseph A Galando, Barbara J Galando, Stanley J Carey and Mary K Carey. Seacoast markets the line of Chef's Choice frozen skillet meals.
  • Apr.1998: Van de Kamp’s and Aurora merged, with the joint entity operating as Aurora Foods Inc.
  • Jul.1998: Aurora Foods Inc was listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Jun.1998: Aurora Foods Inc was incorporated in Delaware as the successor to Aurora Foods Holdings Inc and its subsidiary, AurFoods Operating Company Inc (formerly Aurora Foods Inc).
  • Jan.1998: Duncan Hines brand of baking mixes was acquired from the Procter & Gamble Company.ref
  • Jul.1997: Log Cabin brand of syrups was acquired from Kraft Foods Inc.[ref]
  • Dec.1996: Mrs Butterworth’s brand of breakfast products was purchased from Unilever's subsidiary, Conopco Inc.
  • Dec.1996: Aurora Foods Holdings Inc and its subsidiary Aurora Foods Inc were incorporated in Delaware. Aurora Foods Inc was formed for the purpose of acquiring the Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup business. Aurora Foods Holdings Inc was wholly-owned by MBW Investors LLC, which comprised: the Dartford Partnership LLC, a San Francisco investment firm that specialised in the food and beverage industries; McCown De Leeuw & CompanyArchive-org-sm.svg, a private investment firm that specialised in buying and building middle-market companies; and Fenway Partners, a New York private equity firm.ref
  • Jul.1996: Aunt Jemima frozen breakfast and Celeste frozen pizza businesses were acquired by Van de Kamp’s Inc from Quaker Oats, along with a license to use the "Aunt Jemima" trademark on frozen breakfast products in perpetuity, royalty-free, from the Quaker Oats Company.
  • May.1996: Mrs. Paul’s frozen seafood business was acquired by Van de Kamp’s Inc from the Campbell Soup Company.
  • Sept.1995: Van de Kamp’s Inc was formed to acquire the frozen seafood and frozen dessert businesses from the Pillsbury Company. Van de Kamp’s Inc was a wholly-owned subsidiary of VDK Holdings Inc, a Delaware corporation incorporated in Jul.1995 for the purpose of acquiring the businesses.
Additional Sources: Aurora News. Aurora Foods Inc. Original archived on Apr.11.2004.Form 10K: Annual Report Dec.31.2002, Aurora Foods Inc. US Securities and Exchange Commission, Dec.31.2002. Original archived on Apr.11.2004.Form 10K: Annual Report Dec.31.1999, Aurora Foods Inc. US Securities and Exchange Commission, Dec.31.1999. Original archived on Feb.16.2004.

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Log Cabin Syrup

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Additional Sources: About us, link


ToDo: link, link, link, [link], Pinnacle: SwansonArchive-org-sm.svg, SwansonMealsArchive-org-sm.svg, logo

Vlasic Pickles & Peppers

ToDo: link, link, link, link, PicklesArchive-org-sm.svg, PeppersArchive-org-sm.svg, PeppersArchive-org-sm.svg,, RHV’s lead investor is Vlasic Group, which is the investment company of the Vlasic family. Vlasic Group has been the family’s primary asset since it sold the Vlasic Food Company (Vlasic Pickles) in 1978 to Campbell Soup.ref, logo (b+w), logo.png, logo


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Chef's Choice

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Duncan Hines

ToDo: link, Pinnacle: Duncan HinesArchive-org-sm.svg, DuncanHines.archArchive-org-sm.svg

Ms Butterworths

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Mrs Pauls

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Open Pit

Open Pit barbecue sauce

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Van de Kamp's

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PAM Cooking Srpay

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