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Transparency Rating: Who Funds You?  [1]
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Founded in 1884 and affiliated to the Labour party, The Fabian Society is a major left-of-centre thinktank, founded in 1884, and with formal affiliations to the Labour Party.ref It is an Unincorporated Association affiliated to the Labour Party; as such, it is not eligible to be a charity under UK law.

The Fabian Society is a democratically-constituted membership organisation with almost 7,000 members.


  • Dec.04.1998: The wonks are coming of age. Rarely have think-tanks had such an opportunity to influence policy. At the Fabian Society, the general secretary Michael Jacobs argues that "influence cannot be the criterion for how you choose what work you do". Jacobs, an environmental economist who landed the post last year after fighting off younger, newer Labour contenders, is some way from being an Identikit Blairite. Instead he recognises that he must tickle his members' ideological tastes as much as the govt's, as they provide one-third of the society's cash. He describes his relationship with govt as a hokey-cokey, "half-in and half-out". Caroline Daniel, New Statesman.


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