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Pfeifer & Langen, the 3rd largest sugar producer in Germany, – the German sugar company and Intersnack owner... ref, Pfeifer & Langen website, P&L link, P&L history, P&L link, P&L link, P&L/Intersnack link,

Intersnack is the German parent company of over thirty snack food brands including Hula-Hoops, McCoys, Pom-Bear and Chio. The company has factories across Europe, and states an annual production capacity of over 500,000 tonnes of snack food. The use of palm oil and palm oil derivatives within these products is significant, and as a major packaged food manufacturer Intersnack is also exposed to the forest risk commodity soy.ref

Intersnack Group ( is one of the leading manufacturers of savoury snacks in Europe with more than € 2.7bn turnover and ~13,700 employees. Intersnack’s head office is in Düsseldorf, Germany. Businesses are organised into 16 Management Units, each with responsibility for one geographic area, mainly in Europe. Annually, 600,000 tonnes of snacks, including potato chips, nuts, baked products and specialty snacks are produced. The brand portfolio includes KP snacks, funny-frisch, Chio, POM-BÄR, McCoy´s, MAARUD, Estrella, Vico, ültje and Kelly´s. Intersnack Group is a privately-owned company.

Intersnack Group GmbH & Co. KG produces food products. The Company offers potato chips, nuts, and baked products. Intersnack Group serves customers in Europe.

Intersnack operates in 24 countries, The privately-owned Intersnack Group is one of Europe’s leading savoury snack producers with 37 production plants and additional office and warehouse locations in 20 countries across Europe. Furthermore, Intersnack has one production plant in Australia and five processing plants for cashew nuts in India and Vietnam, as well as one office in Singapore. In 2018, Intersnack sold 612,200 metric tons of products and generated net sales of €2,657 million. Our product portfolio is divided into four categories: potato crisps, nuts and seeds, baked products (incl. popcorn) and specialities (extruded, pellet-fried and sheeted snacks). The snacks are manufactured for our key brands as well as private label.


  • Intersnack International BV, OC
    • Intersnack Ltd, CH

KP Snacks

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