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  • May.7.2008: Christian fundamentalists fighting spiritual battle in Parliament. ... To achieve her ends, Ms Williams doesn't just organise demonstrations – she has secured access to the heart of Westminster. What I then witness is a piece of raw and normally strictly confidential parliamentary lobbying. Lord Tebbit meets us in Central Lobby and takes us to a meeting room. He and Ms Williams perch across the corner of a huge oak table. Ms Williams has already written the amendments she wants incorporated into the legislation. Lord Tebbit is asked if he'd be willing to lay one and he agrees to consider it. Ms Williams doesn't hesitate in closing the deal. Without missing a beat, she reaches into her bag and pulls out an A4 sheet. The document is passed to Lord Tebbit and he takes it away with him. ... That fight starts tomorrow. Conservative MP Nadine Dorries will put down an amendment to lower the upper limit on abortion to 20 weeks from the current 24. That amendment and several others, from different MPs, have been written by Ms Williams. David Modell, The Telegraph.