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Transparency Rating: Who Funds You?  [1]
Transparency Rating: Transparify  [2]

Policy Network's objective is to develop and promote a progressive agenda based upon the ideas and experiences of social democratic modernisers. By working with politicians and thinkers across Europe and the world, Policy Network seeks to share the experiences of policy-makers and experts in different national contexts, find innovative solutions to common problems and provide quality research on a wider range of policy areas. Over recent years Policy Network has focused on areas such as the European Social Model, globalization, economic reform, migration and integration, the environment, progressive government and the future of social democracy.

Policy Network was initially bankrolled by Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, a banker who by 2002 had reportedly donated £250,000 to the organisation. At the time, de Rothschild was estimated to be worth around £500 million. The Sunday Times reported that “The name of the donor is missing from the think tank‟s accounts, but its directors have been privately concerned that they will look secretive if they continue to hide his identity. One tipped off The Sunday Times last week.” more, + bg on Peter Mandelson ref, Sept.22.2002


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