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Rank a Brand, founded in 2009, is an international community of responsible consumers who want to buy sustainable and fair products or services. Rank a Brand exists to enable consumers to make responsible shopping choices and to put pressure on brands to become more sustainable, socially responsible and transparent. ref

Rank a Brand is an NGO, registred in the Netherlands as a 'stichting' (foundation) with Dutch tax status of 'ANBI', and as a 'Verein' (association) in Germany.

Rank a Brand searches for the answers to our carefully targeted questions online: on the websites of the brands, in their annual reports, CSR reports and other public sources. Neatly, this approach measures a brand’s transparency: no information = no point. Brand by brand, we search for the answers. Each sector has its own list of questions, but they all get assessed on their climate impact, environmental impact, and labour conditions. We double-check verifiable information such as certifications. We update our assessment at least every two years, if possibile annually, and also when we receive updated information from brands. ref

Each brand has an online report card, shown on the brand's page on our website. The report shows which questions were asked, and where the answers were found. Each brand also gets an overall score and a label: A for the most sustainable brands, and E for brands that are the least sustainable. Lastly, we use those scores to compile a ranking for each sector. That way, you get an overview of how all assessed brands in a sector compare when it comes to how sustainable they are.


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We currently work with several volunteers, who contribute the biggest chunck of value to our website. We also work with a grant from the Dutch subsidy arrangement SBOS. In the past we had support from NCDO, Hivos and Oxfam Novib. A smaller part of our income comes from our [supporters], and a small part is generated by business services. ref