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  • [[File:3i-Group.svg|21x20px]] 3i-Group.svg
  • [[File:3i-Group.svg|31x30px]] 3i-Group.svg


  • Try to get a copy of this article: 3i Group plc, May.2006, Harvard Business School, Jun.14.2007, 9-807-006. Professor Felda Hardymon, Snr Research Associate Ann Leamon.
    • "3i Group plc", Hardymon, Lerner, Leamon, Harvard Business School Case No. 803-020, Boston, Harvard Business School Publishing 2003. link > link
  • "Fifty years of growth: 1945-1995", private document, Richard Coopey and Donald Clark
  • "3i: Fifty Years of Investing in Industry", Oxford University Press, 1995