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MEP candidates 2019


  • Apr.18.2019: European elections 2019. full list of MEP candidates standing in next month’s EU vote. Chloe Chaplain, iNews.

Sources + Info

  • Guidance for candidates and agents, link
  • WP EU electoral regions map: link, pic
  • WP, 2019 election, page
  • Democratic Audit, 2014, 2019
  • Wylie's tweet w/graphic: link
  • Clickable svg maps: link
  • D'Hondt Explainers on YouTube: EU Parl, London
  • D'Hondt method explained: link
  • The European Parliament elections: an interactive guide, Apr.2019
  • WP: Political groups of the European Parliament, link
  • Divisor example: link


  • EU MEP regional map: Images/European-Union/European-Parliament-UK-Regions-ink.svg
  • d'Hondt Formula graphics: Images/European-Union/European-Parliament-MEPs-d.Hondt-Formula-ink.svg