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[edit] Documentation

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This is a template for in-line linking to Wikipedia within articles, because (a) using a piped link with the [[wp:]] prefix creates a link that is hard to distinguish from an internal link and may confuse the reader; and (b) it allows for inter-language links.

If the name of the Wikipedia article is the same as the desired text of the link, use just:
{{wpl|name of Wikipedia article}}
which gives: name of Wikipedia articleWikipedia-W.svg

If you want to put some other text in the link or format it in some special way, you need to pass it as the 2nd parameter:
{{wpl|name of Wikipedia article|alternative text}}
which gives: alternative textWikipedia-W.svg

The template also enables use of the § sign, thus:
{{wpl|name of Wikipedia article#section title}}
which gives: name of Wikipedia article § section titleWikipedia-W.svg

To avoid leaving a large space before a punctuation sign, leave the second parameter blank and use the punctuation sign as a 3rd parameter. For example:
gives: Conservapedia,Wikipedia-W.svg

To link to a different language Wikipedia site, eg "de", then:
which gives: Freiberger LebensmittelWikipedia-W.svg

When using this template eg. inside an internal toc, such as Template:Info Influencers, the size of the 'W' needs to be 9x6px (because the font-size is 85%). So:
{{wpl|name of Wikipedia article|sz=9x6}}
which gives: name of Wikipedia articleWikipedia-W.svg

Original source: RationalWiki