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Voter Consultancy



At Kanto Systems, we seek to marry traditional, yet highly effective, campaign techniques with innovative new solutions - offering the best of both worlds to our clients. We are skilled in empowering activists both online and on the doorsteps, building campaigns that maximise the effectiveness, efficiency and enthusiasm of your supporters. Kanto Systems

Kanto Elect, Smart balloting solutions created by Kanto Systems. Kanto Elect, Companies House,

  • 2018.01.17: Anti-abortion group hires agency that pushed Brexit London-based consultancy Kanto to run digital operation. An Irish anti-abortion campaign group has hired a political consultancy linked to controversial aspects of the Brexit Leave campaign to support its drive in this year’s referendum on the Eighth Amendment, to keep the constitutional ban on abortion. The taoiseach and govt are preparing to legislate to allow abortion for all women up to 12 weeks' gestation. Kanto founded by Thomas Borwick, Mr Borwick has also worked with Cambridge Analytica. He is the son of Lady Victoria Borwick, a former Tory MP. The tactics of another pro-Brexit campaign run by his Voter Consultancy firm were criticised and will raise fears about the Eighth Amendment referendum. The Times Elle Coyne, Patrick Maguire




  • Mar.14.2013: Campaigners target political parties with ambitious data plans. Data on the supporters of issues-based campaigns is being used to help amass a trove of information available ahead of the next general election. WESS founders: Andrew Whitehurst, Jag Singh, Matthew Elliott and Paul Staines. Details from campaigns run by groups as diverse as Amnesty, the HS2 Action Alliance and pro-smoking group Forest are being used to build up the databank, available to political parties in 2015. The database is owned by a new company set up by Taxpayers' Alliance founder Matthew Elliott, former Labour digital strategist Jag Singh and Guido Fawkes blogger Paul Staines. Digital specialist Andrew Whitehurst is the fourth partner and the 'W' in the firm’s name, WESS Digital. They hope to take the number of people covered by the database, which they have named Metis, from half-a-million currently to 10m by the end of 2014. Other sources being fed into Metis include aggregated census records, social media profile data and online political advertising response data. WESS = Whitehurst + Elliott + Singh + Staines. PR Week, Daniel Farey-Jones


  • Jul.02.2012: Pagefield appoints Countryside Alliance's Dylan Sharpe. Pagefield has brought in a seasoned campaigner from the victorious 'No to AV' campaign and the Countryside Alliance. Pagefield founder and senior partner Mark Gallagher ... Sharpe was recruited on to 'No to AV', having worked alongside ‘No’ campaign director Matthew Elliott at civil liberties and privacy pressure group Big Brother Watch. Sharpe has previously worked for Geronimo Communications and iNHouse PR, during which time he was a press officer on the 2008 Boris Johnson campaign for Mayor of London.
  • Nov.10.2011: Mark Gallagher: The backroom fixer The founder of corporate PR and public affairs consultancy Pagefield has strident views, but shuns the spotlight. PR Week