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WikiPolitiks is a free encyclopedia, focusing primarily on government policies, politicians and influencers in the United Kingdom. Our main remit is to track govt policies by mapping them to timelines; for examples, see Immigration Policy, or the National Probation Service in England and Wales. We also track politicians; come election time, it is imperative to be able to look back at their actions. For examples, see Nadhim Zahawi or Louise Ellman.

Alongside our main objective, we aim to cover two other related areas:

  • Who Owns What: if you don't know where your money is ending up, you can't make informed decisions about whether to support a product. For examples, see Associated British Foods, or BGL Group Ltd.
  • Reports: scores of organisations and groups fight on behalf of citizens, but many people don't know about their work. We map their reports to the companies. Examples: HSBC, or the Coca-Cola Company.

Beginnings: WikiPolitiks started life in early 2018 as a personal project to try to discover answers to questions such as: Who really makes govt policy? Why is there such a lack of political will to regulate corporations which break the law? Why are govts worldwide colluding with Busine$$ to the point of destroying our planet? Why do our govts lie to us, when they are well aware of the devastating consequences of their (in)action? We know all these things to be true - and yet, we march to the polls every 5 years, and cast our ballot for more of the same.

The project has grown to a point where we felt it contained enough information that others would also find it useful; hence the decision to publish it online. WikiPolitiks is very much a work in progress; we vastly under-estimated the amount of work, and the quantity of time, the project entails. We make no apologies for messy, half-done pages, but hope you find some useful and informative information.

What WikiPolitiks is not: Firstly, we only cover UK-related topics. However, because we live in a globalised world, there is some overlap with other countries.
Secondly, we do not keep comprehensive, finely-detailed information - that's what Corporate Europe Observatory (lobbying), PowerbasePowerbase-graphic.svg (networks), SpinWatchPowerbase-graphic.svg (propaganda), WikipediaWikipedia-W.svg and the many excellent CSOs are for. Rather, we aim for an overview, enabling readers to quickly grasp the "bare essentials".

Who We Are

  • Editor: Grayan Adams, maintainance of the site's structure, day to day editorial overview. Email: Template:email
  • Administrator: Matt Smith, with responsibility for management of the site's content and users. Email: Template:email
  • Webmaster: Ben Lewis, responsible for technical issues. Email: Template:email
  • Contributors are currently limited to a very small group of people, but we plan to open the wiki up for collaborative editing as soon as possible. If you can't wait, you can contribute to articles, or request an article.