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Your Data

  1. IP addresses are not retained.
  2. Browsing is not recorded, except for server logs (see next item)
  3. The webserver access logs are used to compile statistics, but these logs are regularly deleted on a weekly basis.
  4. We do not sell, give away, or share any of our webserver logs to anyone. Any such data will not be released to 3rd parties other than by order of a court with jurisdiction. Any such court order will be posted on this site unless gagged, in which case it will be posted elsewhere (hopefully).


We do not use persistent cookies, and we do not use the cookies to monitor any particular individual’s activity.
Because so many data aggregators or their contractors use persistent cookies on other sites, we recommend that users routinely clear their cookies, Internet cache, and search histories. We also recommend use of an app such as Ghostery to help limit the secret use of cookies by sites.

Because search engines and other sites use cookies. we recommend DuckDuckGo or Startpage to Internet users, because they provide greater privacy protection than most others; but note we cannot warrant either.


We do not track you in any way whatsoever.

Protect yourself with Privacy Badger from advertisers and other 3rd-party trackers that do not respect the 'Do Not Track setting, and nevertheless secretly track ou. Trackers collect your browsing and search history, which then gets compiled and profiled into behavioral categories. This data is collected, analyzed, and used to target us with ads, but it can also be used in other ways. Your data is used for data mining, and to see what can be inferred about your behavior and preferences. It can be used, for example, to tailor prices.

We are often sold the line that companies only collect anonymized data. This is a lie. The databases can, and are, de-anonymized in several ways. For example, suppose a shop asks for your email address when you make a purchase; they then share it with an an identity resolution platform like LiveRampWikipedia-W.svg, which identifies when you sign in to certain websites that they're in business with, and link it to your device. Now they've got a real name to go with your data.ref

Caution Notes

  1. Your internet use is being monitored and/or logged, by ISPs, network system operators, Government Communications Headquarters,ref the National Crime Agency and/or others.
  2. Retention of logs (especially metadata) is endemic. Hard drives are cheap and the powers that be have deep pockets and deep packet sniffers.
  3. "Privacy policy" has come to mean "all you have are belong to us",ref and that is exactly how it is used by govt, its agencies, and others, meanwhile assuring citizenry that it is acting in the public interest.