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The Colburn family is highly-secretive, and keeps an extremely low profile. In 1998, Richard Colburn told the Los Angeles Times that he learned a simple lesson from his father: "Fools' names and fools' faces often appear in public places."[1][2] The Colburn family are enthusiastic backers of the Republican party. See also SourceWatch.

Keith Colburn is the Trustee of the Colburn Trust, part-owner of Blackfriars Corporation, and is the beneficiary of the Colburn KEOGH, a retirement plan formed for the purpose of making investments.[3] CorporationWiki

Blackfriars Corporation

Blackfriars Corporation, registered in Delaware, is located in Northbrook, Illinois, USA, and has 95 companies in its corporate family. Its key principal is Keith W Colburn.ref SEC Filings: [1], [2], CorporationWiki

Blackfriars Asset Management Ltd is a related UK-based company. SEC,
Control: Simon Associates Ltd (BVI) > Hamon Investment Group Pte Ltd (SingaporeOpenCorporates-sm.svg) > Blackfriars Asset Management Ltd (UKOpenCorporates-sm.svg).

Consolidated Electrical Distributors Inc

Consolidated Electrical Distributors Inc, more usually known as CED, is a $4.3bn (est.) electric-equipment wholesaler which distributes electrical equipment for residential and commercial use, as well as electrical components used in wind and solar energy collection and energy efficient lighting, through ~600 independently-operated locations. CED began as "The Electric Corporation" of San Francisco in 1957, and was rebranded as "CED" in 1964 by Keith Colburn's father and family patriarch Richard D Colburn (deceased 2004).[1] CorporationWiki,

Other Colburn Companies

  • US Electrical Services Inc is a holdco of ~12 electrical wholesale distributors, including Wiedenbach-Brown and Lade-Danlar Lighting & Distribution. The company caters to professional electricians and contractors; some of the members also carry items for the homeowner. Lade-Danlar and Hampden/Zimmerman specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial lighting fixtures and components. US Electrical Services Inc is a subsidiary of § Consolidated Electrical Distributors Inc.DnB, CorporationWiki,
  • Hajoca Corporation is a plumbing, heating, and industrial supplies wholesaler, operating across the USA, particularly in California, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Hajoca wholesales plumbing, HVAC, swimming pool, and industrial supplies for commercial and residential customers. The company's name is derived from the last names of its founders: William H HAines, Thomas J JOnes and Joel CAdbury = HAJOCA.[4] Craft, CorporationWiki, hajoca.comArchive-org-sm.svg
  • Port Plastics Inc is a plastics distribution company, offering industrial laminates and tapes, flexible and rigid tubing, transparent sheet products, corrosion resistant sheet materials, rod and plate for machining and fabrication. CorporationWiki,
  • Edmundson International is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CED Inc.
  • CED Management Services Inc, CorporationWiki


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