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Boparan Holdings is a privately-owned holding company, based in Wakefield, owned by Singh BoparanWikipedia-W.svg and his wife Baljinder Kaur Boparan. Through its subsidiaries, it operates as a food manufacturing company, processing poultry and supplying prepared meals to supermarkets.
Its primary subsidiary is 2 Sisters Food Group Ltd, with various other companies held by Boparan Private Office, the Boparan family's private investment vehicle.

Boparan Private Office

A Private Office, also known as a "Family Office", is a private wealth management firm that serves ultra-high-net-worth investors.[1] The Boparan Private Office holds a diverse group of businesses.

Property Investments: Amber REI Holdings LtdOpenCorporates-sm.svg is the holdco for an extensive and diverse portfolio of real estate, including industrial and farming assets.

Elan Homes: a range of developments across the North West, North Wales, Gloucestershire and the South West of England. Elan Homes emphasises that its homes are available to purchase with the taxpayer-funded Help to Buy scheme. Elan also has a track record of selling its leasholds to ground rent speculators such as Landmark Investments.[2] Trustpilot Reviews.

§ Bernard Matthews Foods Ltd is the largest turkey producer and processor in the UK, breeding and rearing ~7m turkeys each year, with shipments to the USA and French markets on a year-round basis. Boparan Private Office bought the company from its private equity owners, Rutland Partners LLP in Sept.2016.[3][4]

Grove Farm (formally, Grove Turkeys Ltd), based in County Monaghan, Ireland, one of the largest producers and suppliers of turkey and poultry added value products to the retail and foodservice markets in Ireland and the UK, was acquired in Apr.2016 by Amber Real Estate Investments (Ireland) Ltd.[5] The transaction included a turkey production and supply facility. In May, the transaction was cleared by the Competition & Consumer Protection Commission.[6] Grove Turkeys Ltd was founded in 1972 by the Cosgrove brothers in County Monaghan, Ireland, who developed it as a fully-integrated turkey livestock rearing and processing business. In 1988, Kerry Group plc purchased the company. In Dec.2006, a management buyout acquired the business.[7] grove.ieArchive-org-sm.svg,

Boparan Restaurant Group is a collection of restaurant brands, many of which are franchises.

  • Giraffe Concepts, a restaurant chain with 57 restaurants under the Giraffe, Wondertree, Giraffe Stop and Burgers & Cocktails brands, including 12 franchise sites and 3 in-store sites, was purchased from Tesco plc, which was selling off a string of businesses to cut debts and focus on its core UK retail operations.[8] Giraffe was launched as a family-friendly global food concept in 1998 by Russel and Juliette Joffe and Andrew Jacobs.[9] In 2004, when the group had 7 restaurants, Luke Johnson's private equity firm Risk Capital Partners LLP provided financing to accelerate growth.[10] In Oct.2006, private equity firm 3i Group plc came on board to support a national roll-out.[11] In Mar.2013, Tesco bought out their combined holdings, acquiring 100% ownership, as it sought to create "retail destinations" for customers.[12]
  • Ed's Easy Diner, a 1950s American-style burger chain, was acquired through a pre-pack administration deal in Oct.2016. 33 of its 59 outlets were bought; the other 26 closed, with 400 jobs lost.[13] In Mar.2019, Giraffe and Ed's Easy Diner entered a company voluntary arrangement, closing 27 unprofitable sites out of their 87 restaurants.[14] Ed's Easy Diner was founded in London by Barry Margolis in 1987; since his death in 2005, the business had been held in trust for the benefit of his family.[15] In May.2009, the Margolis family sold the chain to a management buy-in team, financed by property investment firm Rankdale Hospitality Ltd.[16] Between 2008–2014, 50+ new diners were opened. Poor sales and over-expansion led to the company collapsing into administration in Oct.2016.
  • Slim Chickens is a "fast-casual"[17] restaurant chain specialising in chicken tenders, wings, salads, sandwiches, and wraps. Founded in 2003 by Greg Slim and Tom Chickens in Fayetteville, Arkansas, the chain grew steadily in Arkansas and Oklahoma.[18] In May.2017, with 40+ locations across 10 states, Slim Chickens partnered with privately-owned Kuwait conglomerate Alghanim Industries to expand internationally, opening in Kuwait in May.2017.[19] In Feb.2018, having partnered with Boparan Restaurant Group who have the Master Franchise rights in the UK and Europe, Slim Chickens announced plans to open locations in the UK and Ireland.[20]
  • FishWorks Ltd is a seafood restaurant chain, founded in 1997 by fishmonger Mitch Tonks with a small seafood cafe.[21] Fishworks plcOpenCorporates-sm.svg was listed on the OFEX Market in Aug.2000, and then on the AIM in Jun.2005. Alas, rapid expansion at a breakneck pace spelt doom,[22] and the business went into administration in Jan.2009. Boparan Ventures pounced, buying four of the restaurants in a pre-pack deal, hours after the administrators had been appointed.[23]
  • Carluccio's was established in Apr.1991 as an Italian food retailer and wholesaler; in Nov.1999, the first Italian caffee delicatessen was opened in London. Carluccio's plc listed on the AIM in Dec.2005 with 22 outlets; in Oct.2010, it was acquired by the Landmark Group, delisted and taken private. By Mar.2018, the business was flagging;[24] and it underwent a CVA, closing ~30 sites in May.2018.[25] In Mar.2020, under Covid-19 rules, Carlucci's closed its doors; but 10 days later, its owners put the 71-chain company into administration.[26] Boparan Restaurant Group acquired 30 sites, as well as Carluccio’s franchise partnership in the UAE and Qatar, for a knock-down price. Up to 40 outlets were closed, with ~1,000 job losses.[27]
  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen Ltd is an upmarket 62-outlet burger chain which serves a variety of handcrafted burgers, made with fresh ingredients and sauces-from-scratch every day. The business was founded in South London in 2001 by 3 New Zealanders, whose concept of gourmet burgers met a warm welcome. They sold the business in 2005; it then passed through a series of owners. In Sept.2020, Famous Brands Ltd withdrew funding, and the business entered administration in Oct.2020.[28] Boparan Restaurant Group bought the brand and 35 sites in a pre-pack administration deal,[28] with the other 26 sites being closed and 362 jobs lost.
  • The Cinnamon Collection comprised a chain of 3 London-based Indian fine dining restaurants: The Cinnamon Club (Westminster Library); Cinnamon Kitchen (informal); and Cinnamon Soho (casual). Boparan Restaurant Holdings bought the group in Jan.2016.[29] In Jun.2016, BRH announced plans for expansion to 10+ new restaurants.[30],,
  • Harry Ramsden's is a fast food restaurant chain which offers fish 'n chips, as well as assorted themed dishes. Founded in 1928 in a wooden hut near Leeds, the restaurant quickly became famous. In 1988, it was sold in an MBO; it then passed through a number of owners, before being bought by Boparan Restaurant Group in Mar.2017.[31] Deep Blue Restaurants,OpenCorporates-sm.svg another Boparan restaurant chain, 'bought' Harry Ramsden's in Aug.2019, in a move which shed debt and jobs.[32]
  • Wondertree

Boparan Ventures

  • Aug.2019: Deep Blue Restaurants Ltd acquired 149 (Bridlington) Ltd, 149 (Catterick) Ltd and 149 (Barnard Castle) Ltd.

Harry Ramsden's is owned and operated by Deep Blue Restaurants Ltd (Jul.2005); The Low Group Ltd (Oct.2002); QuayShelfCo 939 Ltd (May.2002), 04452665. About Boparan Ventures Ltd (Sept.2019); Ed's Easy Diner Holdings Ltd (Jan.2017); Friars 717 Ltd (Oct.2016), 10417098. Deep Blue Restaurants Holdings Ltd (Sept.2019); Boparan Ventures Ltd (Oct.2005); 05597459

Boparan Holdings

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Boparan Holdings Ltd

2 Sisters Food Group Ltd

2 Sisters Food Group is a privately-owned producer and supplier of food products, headquartered in Birmingham. The company owns poultry farms across the UK, and conducts business operations in the Netherlands, Ireland and Poland. Products include chicken, fish, beef, lamb, red meat, sandwiches, biscuits, snacks, pizzas, pies, sushi, soups, sauces, puddings, ready meals, frozen foods and ready-to-cook products.
The company is primarily a private label manufacturer for the retail and food service markets. Key customers include Aldi, Marks & Spencer, Asda, Co-op, KFC, Lidl, Morrisons, Waitrose, Sainsbury's and Tesco.

  • Jul.2018: 2 Sisters Red Meat Ltd, the UK red meat business and assets, was sold to Kepak Group Ltd, one of Ireland’s largest privately-owned food companies with operations spanning primary meat processing, consumer foods and frozen foods.[33]
  • Apr.2018: Green Isle Foods Ltd, including the Goodfella's and San Marco brands, was sold to Nomad Foods Ltd.[34]
  • Dec.2016: BioCity Laboratory in Nottingham was sold to ALS Laboratories (UK) Ltd,OpenCorporates-sm.svg owned by Australia's ALS Ltd.[35] The laboratory was opened in 2013, to carry out microbiological analysis on up to 9,000 samples per week for the 2 Sisters manufacturing sites around the UK.
  • Aug.2014: sold the Avana Bakeries cake business in Newport and Solway Foods, the salads business in Corby, Northamptonshire.
  • Jun.2013: Vion UK, the UK arm of Dutch poultry and red meat company Vion NV was acquired,[36] after the Office of Fair Trading gave the deal the nod. The deal included 11 processing plants in Coupar Angus, Cambuslang and Portlethen; England: poultry plants in Essex and Suffolk, and red meat processing plants in Cornwall; Wales: sites in Llangefni, Sandycroft and Merthyr.[37] The deal enabled 2 Sisters to expand its poultry operations and take it into red-meat processing with the St Merryn factories based in Wales and southwest England, and the McIntosh Donald factory in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
  • Dec.2011: Brookes Avana business was acquired from Premier Foods, combining RF Brookes chilled foods and Avana Bakeries.
  • Jan.2011: Northern Foods plc was acquired.]
  • 2011: the acquisition of Northern Foods in 2011 gave the Group ownership of brands including Fox's Biscuits, Goodfella's Pizza, Holland's Pies, and Matthew Walker Christmas Puddings.
  •  ??.2009: Scotland Group acquired.
  • Apr.2010: Storteboom Group BV, a Dutch chicken processor established in 1904, with facilities in the Netherlands and Poland, was acquired.[38] storteboom.nlArchive-org-sm.svg,
  • Jan.2008: Lloyd Maunder Ltd, a poultry firm based at Willand in mid-Devon, was acquired; the chain of 15 butchers shops in Devon and Cornwall, and the Willand land assets were not included in the deal. In Oct.2008, the trade and assets were hived up.[39]
  • Jun.2007: Scot-Lad Ltd, together with its two subsidiary Joseph Mitchell (Letham) Ltd of Forfar (est.1904), and Challenger Foods Ltd, a processed meat supplier based in Sunderland, were acquired.[40]
  • May.2007: Tulip Ltd: the business and certain assets of Tulip's Morecambe-based cooked poultry business was acquired.[40]
  • Feb.2007: Hook 2 Sisters Ltd, a joint venture with PD Hook (Group) Ltd for the growing of chickens, was established.[41][42]
  • Aug.2005 John Rannoch Ltd, a Stowmarket-based producer of roasted and breaded chicken products, was acquired from the Rannoch Food Group LtdOpenCorporates-sm.svg and immediately hived up.[43][44]
  • Jul.2004: 2 Sisters Food Group Ltd: the company changed its name.
  • Nov.2000: Premier Fresh Foods Ltd, an integrated chicken producing and selling business formerly part of Hillsdown Holdings plc, sold its broiler growing and factory processing operations to 2 Sisters Premier Division Ltd; and, in May.2001, Premier's feed milling business was also acquired.[45] The deal brought sites at Scunthorpe and Flixton, which enabled 2 Sisters Food Products Ltd to move from being a poultry meat cutting operation to a primary producer.[46]
  • 1998: Straatman was acquired. Cursorily mentioned in AR-Jul.1998; no further info found.
  • Feb.1998: Penwood Poultry Ltd and Penwood Country Chicken Ltd were acquired; the properties were sold at cost to R & B Singh; the trade and remaining assets were transferred to Penwood Foods Ltd and Penwood Agriculture Ltd.
  • Jul.1993: 2 Sisters Food Products Ltd: Ranjit Singh started out cutting and packing frozen retail portions in West Bromwich.

Our History 2 Sisters Food Group. Accessed Jan.15.2021.

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  • 50.02%: Ranjit Singh Boparan
  • 49.98%: Baljinder Kaur Boparan
  • 1 B: Rozel Trustees (Channel Islands) Ltd,[5]Panama Papers, OC, reg. Jersey Flag-Jersey.svg

Corporate Grouping

  • 50%: Ranjit Singh Boparan
  • 50%: Baljinder Kaur Boparan
  • Amber REI Holdings Ltd, 07191982
    • Amber Real Estate Investments (Ireland) Ltd,
      • Grove Turkeys Ltd, OpenCorporates-sm.svg
      • Bernard Matthews Foods Ltd, 10036286

  • Boparan Holdco Ltd, 07495915
    • Boparan Midco Ltd, 07590228
      • Boparan Holdings Ltd, 03558065
        • Hulcay Ltd, intercompany funds holdco, CH, reg. Cayman Islands Flag-Cayman-Islands.svg
        • BH Acquisitions Ltd, holdco,
          • Northern Foods Ltd, 00471864
            • Norcay Ltd, intercompany funds holdco, CH, reg. Cayman Islands Flag-Cayman-Islands.svg
        • Amber Foods Ltd, chicken processing, OpenCorporates-sm.svg, reg. Jersey Flag-Jersey.svg
        • 2 Sisters Europe BV, holdco, OpenCorporates-sm.svg, reg. Netherlands Flag-Netherlands.svg
        • 2 Sisters Food Group Ltd, chicken processing,
          • 50%: Hook 2 Sisters Ltd,
        • 2 Sisters Poultry Ltd, chicken processing,
        • Boparan Finance plc, group financing,
        • 2 Sisters Fish Ltd, was Five Star Fish Ltd, food processing, 07208651
          • 96%: 2 Sisters Hamrol Sp. Zoo, chicken processing, reg. Poland
          • 26%: Noblesse Proteins Investments BV, OpenCorporates-sm.svg, reg. Netherlands Flag-Netherlands.svg
        • 2 Sister Food Services Ltd,
        • Boparan Foods Ltd,
        • Challenger Foods Ltd,
        • Northern Foods Finance Ltd,
ToDo: Note: Group restructure under way. See Talk page.
  • Bernard Matthews Frozen Ltd (Jan.2020); Bernard Matthews Ltd (Sept.2016), 10373131
  • Bernard Matthews Holdings Ltd, 10373137
  • Billcrest Products Ltd
  • Green Isle Foods (Boyle) Ltd
  • Green Isle Foods Portumna Ltd
  • Green Isle Group Services Ltd
  • Polcy's Fresh Foods Ltd
  • Green Isle Foods (Longford)
  • Green Isle Brands Ltd
  • Green Isle Pastry Ltd
  • Dreamphoto Ltd
  • Dreamplayer Ltd
  • Dressadmire Ltd
  • Ethnic Cuisine Ltd
  • Island Wharf (100) Ltd
  • Island Wharf (300) Ltd
  • Melwood Investments Ltd
  • Northern Foods American Holdings Ltd
  • Beverley House Investments Ltd
  • Cavaghan and Gray Group Ltd
  • Farnsworth Investments Ltd
  • BHS Realisations 2016 Ltd, was Bernard Matthews Holdings Ltd, 03977289

"Related party transactions"

  • Crawshaw Butchers Ltd - common ownership
  • Bernard Matthews Food Ltd, ditto
  • Lakeside Food Group Ltd, ditto
  • Buffaload Ltd, ditto
  • Grove Turkeys Ltd, OpenCorporates-sm.svg, reg. Ireland
  • Boparan Charitable Trust
  • Food Utopia
  • 1 Stop Halal + subsids
  • 96%: Storteboom Hamrol Sp Zoo
  • Agriculture Ltd


  •  ??.2020: Rebrand:
  • Mar.2019: Green Isle Brands Ltd and Donegal Catch business sold to a consortium of investors led by the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) and backed by Maurice Hickey, former chief executive of Largo Foods.ref,ref,ref Parent company is Beverley House (9000) Ltd.OpenCorporates-sm.svg
  • Oct.2018: Manton Wood Sandwich business sold to the Samworth Brothers; regulatory clearance was granted in Jan.2019.ref
  • Jul.2018: 2 Sisters Red Meat Ltd, incorporating St Merryn Foods and McIntosh Donald, was sold to Irish-based meat producer Kepak Group Ltd.ref
  • Apr.2018: Green Isle Foods Ltd, owner of the GoodFella's and San Marco brands, was sold to Nomad Foods Ltd. The frozen pastry, frozen vegetable and frozen fish parts of Green Isle Foods businesses, which included household brands such as UpperCrust, Green Isle and Donegal Catch, remained part of 2 Sisters Food Group.ref
  • Apr.2016: Grove Turkeys Ltd, one of the largest producers and suppliers of turkey and poultry added-value products in Ireland and the UK, was bought by Boparan Private Office.ref Grove Turkeys, t/a Grove Farm, was part of Kerry Group plc, before being bought out by management in 2006.ref grove.ieArchive-org-sm.svg,
  • Aug.2015: Rebrand: Bernard Matthews announced a complete rebrand to "return it to its roots and make it more relevant for today’s consumers".[47]
  • Apr.2011: 2 Sisters Food Group bought Northern Foods.ref, AR-Jul.2011
  • Apr.2010: Five Star Fish Ltd, a Grimsby-based whitefish processor, and one of the UK's largest seafood suppliers to the foodservice sector, was bought out of administration. The company went into administration in Feb.2010 shortly after its parent company, British Seafood Ltd, went into administration.[48]
  •  ??.2010: Irish firm Ilderstone...
  • Feb.2009: Harry Ramsden's, an iconic fish-and-chips 35-unit chain, was acquired from Select Service Partners. Boparan plans to open 100 locations across the UK and in India and China over the next five years.ref, todo
  • Jan.2009: Fishworks seafood chain was acquired out of administration, retaining four restaurants and closing six underperforming restaurants.[48] ToDo: [6],[7],[8],[9],[10],[11],[12],[13],
  • ?date?: Chickenworks...
  • ?date?: Fox’s Biscuits
  • ?date?: Matthew Walker, the world’s oldest Christmas pudding maker
  • ?date?: Giraffe
  • ?date?: The Cinnamon Collection
  • Jan.2008:
    Lloyd Maunder Ltd's chicken processing division at Willand, nr Exeter, was acquired.[49][50] The business, founded in 1898, produced 500,000 chickens a week, sold across the UK through supermarkets as well as LLoyd Maunder's 15-strong chain of butchers shops in the West Country.[51]
ToDo:,, 2sfg.comArchive-org-sm.svg,, WP:Cavaghan & Gray, News-ToDo/2017.09b.txt

Northern Foods

Northern Foods was once one of the largest food manufacturers in the UK, having made its name and fortune through practically inventing the supermarket ready-meal. At the helm was Christopher HaskinsWikipedia-W.svg, one of Tony Blair’s closest advisors, steering British agriculture towards USA-style integrated agribusiness, and British food consumption towards highly-processed, unhealthy, preservative-packed junk masquerading as food. Over the last forty years, Haskins built the company up from a small north of England-based dairy into a giant food conglomerate.

Northern Foods Ltd

  • Sept.2020: Fox's Biscuits Ltd, acquired by § Northern Foods plc in 1977, was sold to chocolate and snacks Italian multinational, Ferrero SpA.[52] The transaction included all of Fox's factories,[53] except for the Uttoxeter bakery, which produces own-label biscuits for major retailers.[54]
  • Apr.2019: Green Isle Brands Ltd was sold to a consortium of investors. ... disposal of Frozen Pizza business within Green Isle Foods Ltd, sale to Nomad Foods... / sold 100% interest in Green Isle Foods Ltd. [AR-Jul.2018] Green Isle Brands Ltd,OpenCorporates-sm.svg, Green Isle Foods Ltd
  • Jan.2019: Sold Manton Wood business to Samworth Brothers (Holdings) Ltd. [AR-Jul.2018]
  • Dec.2011: Subsid Solway Foods Ltd acquired the Brookes Avana business consisting of RF Brookes and Avana Bakeries.[AR-Jul.2011]
  • May.2011: Northern Foods Ltd: the company was delisted from the London Stock Exchange, becoming a private limited company.

Northern Foods plc

  • May.2011: Boparan Holdings Ltd/BH Acquisitions LtdOpenCorporates-sm.svg acquired Northern Foods plc.[AR-Jul.2011] A major issue for Northern Foods had become its large Pension Scheme which, since the 2008 financial crisis, had moved from being in surplus to having a sizeable £150m deficit.[14] A merger of equals with Greencore was proposed, but the Pension fund preferred the protections given in an alternative offer by 2 Sisters.[15][16][17]
  • 2007-2010: The next four years saw sales growth and margin expansion during a period of continued supply over capacity, volatile commodity prices and significant customer pricing pressure.[18][19][20]
  • 2006: Restructure: the dedicated chilled distribution (NFT), flour milling (Smiths), speciality bread (Fletchers) and chilled pastry businesses (Pork Farms Bowyers) were sold. Private equity group, Vision Capital.[21][22] The Green Isle Boyle site and its Trafford Park Bakery were also closed, with production either consolidated into other factories or moved to other manufacturers such as Ginsters.[23]
  • May.2006: Northern foods announced a disposal programme, getting rid of businesses representing some 40% of group revenue to concentrate on core activities.[24]
  • May.2004: Minsterley Dairy was sold to Uniq plc, who subsequently sold it on to family-owned tax haven company Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller Sàrl.[25]
  • 2004: Eggs in One Basket: M&S decided to diversify its supplier base, taking volume out of the Northern Foods factories.[26][27]
  • 2003: of Solway Foods was acquired.
  • 2002: The Ski and Munch Bunch brands were sold to ??
  • ?date?: Express Dairies was bought by Arla Amba, a Danish and Swedish co-operative, in a staged acquisition finalised in 2003.[28]
  • Jun.1999: GMO U-Turn: Northern Foods' chairman Christopher Haskins declared that the company would stop using GM ingredients. The previous year he had backed GMOs against a tide of consumer and environmental concern, arguing that GM foods could provide useful benefits, particularly to poor and hungry people in the developing world.[55]
  • 1999: Fletchers Bakeries: 100% ownership.
  • Jan.1998: Express Dairies plc: depressed dairy profit margins were dragging Northern Foods plc's share price down. The dairy division, Express (Holdings) Ltd,OpenCorporates-sm.svg was demerged as "Express Dairies plc", and floated on the London Stock Exchange.AR-1998,ref,[29]
  • Apr.1994: The Agriculture Act 1993 deregulated the UK milk market, effectively ending the Milk Marketing Board and its system of subsidies. Consequently, milk prices fell,[56][30] with a subsequent impact on milk profits.
  • Diversification: Northern Foods' portfolio included Marks & Spencer cakes (through Park Cakes), Smith's Flour Milling, Pork Farms and many other smaller firms. The company pioneered the market in chilled, prepared meals and sandwiches in supermarkets.
  • Feb.1992:
    Express Dairy Company Ltd, including Eden Vale, Thayers ice cream, and the Coldstream distribution operations, was purchased from Grand Metropolitan plc.[57]
  • Jan.1988: Haverpride Farms, the last of the USA businesses, was sold to ??
  • 1986: Batchelors was acquired.
  • 1986: Keystone Foods Corporation: the 80% interest was sold to ??
  • 1986: Northern Foods built Fenlands Food Factory, dedicated entirely to M&S. At the time it was regarded as the most advanced food factory in Europe.[31] In 1987, another M&S-dedicated food factory was built, the Fenlands Food Factory in Grantham.
  • Dec.1985: Elkes Biscuits was acquired.
  • Jun.1985: Scot Bowyers / Bowyers Ltd, a manufacturer of meat products, was purchased from Unigate plc.[58]
  • Mar.1985: Express Dairies (Northern) was acquired.
  • ?dates?: M&S began buying milk for the store from Northern Foods, followed by yoghurt deliveries and food, including the first fresh trifle for M&S. The contract developed into food sales to M&S that were eventually worth over half a billion pounds a year. Since then its strategy has been to buy up and consolidate M&S suppliers.[32]
  • 1982: Keystone Foods Corporation, an American meat processing company which supplied restaurant chain McDonald's et al, was acquired (80%). [58]
  • 1980: Bluebird Inc, an American pork processor, was acquired.
  • 1979: NFT Distribution was set up to provide chilled distribution services to the food sector.[59]
    • Sept.2006: MBO: a management buyout team financed by Phoenix Equity Partners.[33]
    • Apr.2014: EmergeVest bought out long-tem backer Phoenix Equity Partners. EmergeVest, a private equity firm set up in 2013 by financier Heath Zarin and headquartered in Hong Kong, purchased Phoenix’s entire shareholding in NFT Distribution Operations.[34][35]
    • ?date?: EmergeVest created EV Cargo by consolidating its six acquisitions in the UK 3PL market – Adjuno, Allport Cargo Services, CM Downton, Jigsaw, NFT and Palletforce - into a single corporate structure.ref
    • Jan.2020: NFT Distribution Operations Ltd, the majority of the company’s business and assets, were sold to EV Cargo Logistics Ltd immediately following the appointment of administrators (pre-pack deal).[36],ref,ref,ref Creditors of NFT have expressed unhappiness about the way the company’s business and assets were sold.[37]
  • 1978: Pork Farms, a manufacturer of meat pies, was acquired.[58]
  • May.1977: Fox's Biscuits Ltd was acquired.
  • 1972: Hull Brewery Company Ltd in Humberside was acquired, including 212 tied houses; its name was changed to "North Country Breweries". In May.1985, the brewery was sold to Mansfield Brewery plc.[58]
  • 1972: Park Cakes, a supplier to Marks & Spencer, was acquired.
  • 1972 / Jan.1973: Northern Foods plc: Northern Dairies changed its name to reflect the expanding nature of its product lines.[38]

Northern Dairies plc

  • 1968: Beverley Finance Ltd, a hire purchase company later known as "British Credit Trust", was established. Consumer finance was not a good fit, and the company was sold in 1978.
  • 1962: Christopher HaskinsWikipedia-W.svg joined the firm as a condition for his marrying Gilda Horsley, set by her father.[60]
  • 1960s: The dairy was generating large amounts of cash, as many dairies were at the time, due to the govt-backed guaranteed pricing created by the Milk Marketing Board, a legacy of post-war food shortages.[39] The cash was used to fund diversification into foods.
  • 1958: Alec's son Nicholas Horsley joined Northern Dairies as a trainee manager, becoming a director in 1963. His first great business success was to acquire, very cheaply, a stake in a small ice-cream company called Mr Whippy, which he sold on to Charles Forte for a very high price two years later.
  • 1956: Northern Dairies plc: became a public company, listed on the stock exchange.
  • 1950: Riley's of Hill, was acquired, as were several other smaller dairy businesses in Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.
  • Aug.1949: Northern Dairies Ltd was registered as a private company.


  • 1942: Brunton's, owners of a modern pasteurizing plant in Middlesbrough, England, was acquired (controlling interest).
  • 1941: Several competing local dairies were acquired, as the pressure of war causes difficulties for smaller firms.[40]
  • 1940: Northern Dairies: a joint venture was established with milk retailer JE & E Oates Ltd.[58]
  • Oct.1937: Southwick's Wholesale Dairies: George Southwick partnered with Alex Horsley, a wholesale and manufacturing concern, to build a new condensery factory near York, England.
  • 1932: Pape & Company Ltd: Alex Horsley joined his father's business, now importing Dutch condensed milk for wholesale.[61]
  • 1920: George Southwick established a dairy in Hull, and started producing butter.

ToDo: wC search for "Northern Foods"; See "Trademarked"; International Directory of Company Histories, [Vol.61/2004] / Vol.1 / Vol.12; Co.Histories;; See Nomad Foods Ltd#Goodfella's Pizza; WP:Northern Foods; xArchive-org-sm.svg; Northern Foods Ltd/plc (00471864); (2004); (2011); HistoryArchive-org-sm.svg; ReportsArchive-org-sm.svg; Corporate Watch; Pitchbook; Powerbase; "The Story of Northern Dairies", Northern Dairies, Oct.1953; "Acquisition Record", Northern Foods plc, 1993. When did Northern buy KeyServ, and when did it finally manage to unload it? See WP:Barry Minkow + Wonder boy, p.167; Subsids: Who Owns Whom 1998, p.967-968; Wellcome Trust bought Northern Foods Pension Fund's property portfolio, ref, p.755;

Bernard Matthews Foods Ltd

Bernard Matthews Farms is a global meat processing business. It is the largest turkey producer in the UK, breeding and rearing ~7m indoor and free range turkeys each year. The French market, with a high percentage of chilled products, is shipped to on a year round basis. The USA is also a key market with emphasis being on high value food service cuts.
  • Aug.2020: Turkey Twizzlers were reintroduced after a makeover, with no E-numbers and 67-70% turkey meat (the original had only 34%). Critics said "while it’s a healthier version of its former self, it remains an ultra-processed product".[62] Bernard Matthews erected a 3-metre statute of a Turkey Twizzler outside its HQ in Norfolk.[63]
  • Apr.2020: Rebrand: Bernard Matthews gave itself yet another logo, but this time without the usual fanfare.
  • Jan.2020:
    SáGa Foods Zrt, the Hungarian meat operation, was sold to Hungarian group Master Good Termelő és Kereskedelmi Kft, after approval from the Hungarian Competition Authority.[64]
  • Sept.2016: § Boparan Private Office bought the company from Rutland Partners,[65] who had rejected the initial offer because they would not have received full repayment of their loan notes and interest, but the pensions scheme would have been protected.[66] Rutland sold most of the assets for nearly £87.5m, pocketing £39m; Wells Fargo & Company and PNC Financial Services Group Inc received £46.6m; administrators Deloitte charged ~£1.5m. This left virtually nothing for the firm's pension fund, which had a deficit of £17.5m - the Pension Protection Fund (ie, the taxpayer) had to pick up the bill.[67]
  • Jun.2016: Administration: the company had been in a worsening operational and financial state for several years, with reducing sales and trading losses.ref Following a sale process that failed to find any takers, Rutland Partners and bank funders (Wells Fargo/PNC) declined to continue supporting the business, which resulted in Bernard Matthews going into administration.[68]
  • Jul.2016: Bernard Matthews Oldenburg GmbH was sold to Sprehe Gruppe, owned by Albert and Paul Sprehe.[69]
  • Aug.2015: Rebrand: the company announced a £3m rebranding across the entire company. Marketing activity to support the rebrand included PR, social media and a website redesign, with new packaging introduced in 3 phases between Sept.2015-Apr.2016; and a TV advertising campaign via The Simpsons.ref,ref
  • Sept.2013: Rutland Partners LLP, a private equity firm, took over the business and injected £25m cash.ref
  • Aug.2013: Rebrand: yet another "new look" was launched onto the world, with the aim of being "modern and forward-thinking".[70]
  • Nov.2010: Bernard Matthews died, aged 80.ref,ref
  • Apr.2010: Marketing Campaign: the company invested £5m in a new advertising campaign, bringing back its 'Bootiful' catchphrase that was previously used between 1980-2007.ref,ref
  • Jan.2010: Bernard Matthews resigned as CEO.ref
  • Jul.2008: Rebrand: the company re-branded itself as "Bernard Matthews Farms" from "Bernard Matthews Foods", and stated that all its turkey products would be made with British turkey from its own farms.ref The company also unveiled a plan to reposition the company comprising three key elements: refocusing on British Turkey farming and production, making products that claim to better meet the needs of consumers today, and championing British agriculture.ref,ref
  • Apr.2007: Rebrand: the company launched a full-scale rebranding exercise, announcing its intention to enter the free range and organic foods markets, a move seen as an about-face for a company that had played such an instrumental role in the creation of the factory farming sector.
  • Jan.2007: Avian Flu: The company's farms suffered an outbreak of avian influenza; ~159,000 birds were slaughtered and sales slumped. Bernard Matthews posted its first loss in 34 years.ref,ref The source of the outbreak was traced back to the Hungarian operations, exposing the fact that much of the company’s production was sourced from outside the UK – the British hallmark merely says that it was "processed" in Britain.[71] Consequences included bans by a number of countries on poultry imports from Britain, a sharp fall in the sales of Bernard Matthews products resulting in workers being laid off, and a collapse in confidence in the brand.ref
  • Sept.2006: Animal Cruelty: Two contract workers were convicted of animal cruelty after playing baseball with live turkeys.ref,ref,ref
  • 2005: Turkey Twizzler Gate: Turkey Twizzlers, a children’s food, was condemned by highly-regarded chef Jamie OliverWikipedia-W.svg for its appalling lack of nutritional value, as well as its outrageously unhealthy levels of saturated fat.ref
  • 2004: Animal Cruelty: television programme GMTV broadcast a video made by undercover animal-welfare investigators showing birds packed into overcrowded, darkened sheds in a Matthews factory. Some of the turkeys lay injured and dying.
  • Feb.2001: Bernard Matthews Ltd: the Matthews family bought back the company, who took it private again, as a consequence of the Sara Lee takeover scare.[72]
  • Nov.2000: Sara Lee Foods: Bernard Matthews found itself under threat of a takeover by the American food giant, which attempted to buy majority control of the company.[73]
  • 2000: Launched its own range of prepackaged sandwiches, backed by the construction of a dedicated factory in Dunstable in 2003.
  • 2000: GMOs: Greenpeace delivered 3 tons of GM-free turkey feed to the Bernard Matthews headquarters to disprove his contention that it was impossible to buy GM-free animal feed. Within a year, the firm had done a U-turn and declared that the 8m turkeys it farms every year in the UK were fed a "strictly vegetarian diet of non-GM crops" from the company's own feed-mills.
  • 1997: Offices were opened in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia (Wiggins 2007)
  • Nov.1996:
    Bernhard Bartsch GmbH, a German cooked meats specialist, was acquired;[74] subsequently renamed as "Bernard Matthews Oldenburg GmbH". OpenCorporates-sm.svg, HR, bernard-matthews.deArchive-org-sm.svg, bernard-matthews.deArchive-org-sm.svg,
  • Aug.1996: Sága Foods RT: Sága Kft was merged into Sárvári Baromfiipari RT, which subsequently changed its name.[74] saga-foods.huArchive-org-sm.svg
  • Feb.1996:
    Sága Kft: the remaining 50% shareholding was acquired. Prior to the acquisition, Sága Kft was an 'associated undertaking', and a rival of Sárvári.[74]
  • Jan.1994: Turners Turkeys Ltd was purchased from Unigate plc, bringing extra production capacity and sales to other EU countries.[75][76]
  • Apr.1994: Advanced Foods of New Zealand Ltd, a Hawkes Bay, New Zealand lamb processor, was acquired from the New Zealand Meat Board in the country's privatisation programme.[75][76] The company's strategic focus was on branded lamb cuts in chilled and frozen form, destined for the UK market. It was subsequently rebranded as "Bernard Matthews of New Zealand Ltd".[77]
  • Mar.1993:
    Sárvári Baromfiipari RT, Hungary's leading poultry producer, was acquired (90%), in the Hungarian privatisation programme.[75][76] The Sarkov plant in Hungary, a very large turkey complex, came as part of the transaction.
  • 1984: Food Service: the company began supplying the industrial, institutional, and restaurant sectors.
  • 1982: A series of new turkey products were launched, including its first breaded poultry product, Crispy Crumb Turkey Steaks, and one of its strongest-selling and longest-lasting brands, Golden Drummers, launched in 1985.
  • Jan.1976: Armour Le Grys Ltd was purchased from Armour & Company, enabling Bernard Matthews to launch its first prepared turkey product, a basted turkey under the "Golden Norfolk" brand. The transaction included a processing factory, hatchery and rearing sheds.

Le Grys Bros (Turkeys) Ltd
  • Apr.1971: Armour Le Grys Ltd: Le Grys Bros was acquired by Armour & Company of Chicago, Illinois.
  • 1960s: Turkey Petite: the Le Grys brothers launched smaller birds weighing between 8–13lb; their larger birds were branded "Turkey Supreme". They also processed and packed birds for Bernard Matthews.
  • Le Grys Bros (Turkeys) Ltd: the brothers incorporated their business. OpenCorporates-sm.svg
  • 1947: Raymond George Le Grys and his younger brother started breeding turkeys.[78]

  • 1974: Turkey Parts: The dramatic growth of large-scale, self-service supermarkets began draining customers from the traditional butchers, local markets and small grocers, with customers increasingly choosing to purchase poultry parts. Bernard Matthews constructed a new processing facility, enabling it to launch a number of packaged turkey products such as Turkey Fillets, and Turkey Breast Roast.
  • 1971: Bernard Matthews plc:OpenCorporates-sm.svg the company was publicly listed.[79]
  • 1960: Guinness Book of World Records: Matthews became the biggest turkey farmer in Europe, claiming a world record as Europe’s largest single turkey farm.ref
  • 1959: Turkey Factory: Matthews bought a redundant airfield nearby, and constructed the company's first fully dedicated turkey factory. Completed in 1960, the new factory allowed the company to move the last of the turkeys out of the mansion, which was then renovated to become the company’s headquarters.
  • 1958: Bernard Matthews Ltd: the company formally incorporated.
  • 1955: Great Witchingham Hall: Matthews bought the derelict mansion with 36 acres of land near Norwich for £3,000. He and his wife lived in 2 rooms, using the other 30 rooms to hatch, rear and kill turkeys in.
  • 1952: Bernard Matthews was now producing 3,000 turkey eggs. He left his insurance job and moved into poultry farming full-time.
  • 1950: The company was founded by Bernard Matthews and his wife, from their home. Matthews bought 20 turkey eggs and an incubator; when 12 hatched, he sold them on for an excellent profit.
Sources: Monck Blog, Old WP mirror,
ToDo: Fandom, BernardMatthewsFarms.comArchive-org-sm.svg, Bernard Matthews HistoryArchive-org-sm.svg,, History, Bernard Matthews Holdings plc,OpenCorporates-sm.svg; Richmond Ltd; Refs todo; On 1 October 2010 Bernard Matthews New Zealand Ltd was renamed as Ovation New Zealand Ltd ( is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated lamb processing and marketing company offering the world's best most tender Free-Range New Zealand lamb. Sold to Hawkes Bay Meat Company Ltd?;;


  • Feb.27.2018: Chief of 2 Sisters Food steps down after meat factory scandal. Ranjit Singh Boparan, the founder of the embattled 2 Sisters Food Group, has stepped down as chief executive after 25 years. The company said that Boparan would become president of Boparan Holdings, and it would begin the search for a new head of the food group. Simon Goodley, The Guardian.
  • Feb.08.2018: Job cuts loom at scandal-hit chicken supplier 2 Sisters. Nine hundred jobs are under threat at three poultry plants belonging to 2 Sisters Food Group, the UK’s largest supplier of supermarket chicken, which has been dogged by a controversy over food standards. The potential closure of two of the firm’s West Midlands factories in Smethwick and Wolverhampton, plus a third in Cambuslang in South Lanarkshire, follow a nightmare year for the company, which has included the closing of a further site in Smethwick as well as a Guardian and ITV undercover investigation that prompted production to be suspended for five weeks last autumn at the group’s West Bromwich plant. Simon Goodley, The Guardian.
  • Jan.21.2008: 2 Sisters Food Group Ltd. purchases Lloyd Maunder Ltd. Lloyd Maunder, based at Willand in mid-Devon, pioneered the production of poultry for the retail market 50 years ago. Lloyd Maunder's chain of 15 butchers shops in Devon and Cornwall is not included in the acquisition, and will continue trading under the ownership and management of Lloyd Maunder Holdings.


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