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Cargill is an American global corporation, based in Minnesota. Founded in 1865, it is the largest privately-held corporation in the USA in terms of revenue.ref Cargill provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services to farmers, customers, govts and communities. The company operates across ~70 countries.

The business operates in 4 areas:ref

  1. § Agriculture: purchases, processes and distributes grain, oilseeds and other commodities to makers of food and animal nutrition products. Also provides crop and livestock producers with products and services.
  2. § Foods: provides food and beverage manufacturers, foodservice companies and retailers with ingredients, meat and poultry products, and health-promoting ingredients and ingredient systems.
  3. § Financial: provides agricultural, food, financial and energy customers with risk management and financial solutions.
  4. § Industrial: serves industrial users of energy, salt, starch and steel products. Also develops and markets products made from agricultural feedstocks.


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Cargill has been active in the UK since 1955. It has 3 joint ventures: an agriculture JV with Associated British Foods plc § Allied Grain under the name § Frontier Agriculture Ltd, a poultry JV with Faccenda Foods under the name Avara Foods Ltd, and § Truvia, a JV with the Coca-Cola Company.


The Cargill familyWikipedia-W.svg, one of the wealthiest families in the world, owns 90% of Cargill.ref, ref, ref Since its founding in 1865 by William W. Cargill, the company has maintained its status as a private company mainly owned by family heirs.ref,ref


  • Cargill, Incorporated, reg. Delaware Flag-Delaware.svg
  • Cargill Holdings, holding co. for the UK financial business. CH
    • Cargill Global Funding plc, funds entities within the Group. CH
    • Cargill UK Holdings Ltd, CH
      • Cargill plc, CH
      • Cargill Global Trading (UK) Ltd, CH
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  • Cargill Financial Markets Ltd
  • Cargill Global Funding plc
  • Cargill Investments Holdings Ltd
  • Green Hercules Trading Ltd

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  • Truvía Company LLC, a JV with the Coca-Cola Company. TruviaWikipedia-W.svg, Website, About. "Truvia" is a brand name for rebiana, a part of the stevia leaf. Launched in the UK in Jan.2012.ref Stevia is a plant (a member of the chrysanthemum family) native to portions of north-eastern Paraguay. Truvia is made from rebiana, erythritol and natural flavors. Erythritol is an all-natural, non-caloric sweetener, present in fruits such as pears, melons and grapes. It is added to foods and beverages to provide sweetness, as well as to enhance taste and texture. ViaTech product line of stevia-based sweeteners.ref,ref Sued in 2014; the plaintiffs alleged Cargill misled consumers by advertising Truvia as a natural sweetener, when Truvia is largely synthetic and produced chemically. Cargill agreed to pay $6.1m and modify the labeling.ref
  • EverSweet: Cargill developed a new zero-calorie product in 2015, using a new fermentation process that produces certain molecules in the stevia plant. The process, developed along with Swiss biotech company Evolva Holding SA, could potentially provide major beverage producers with a low-cost natural sweetener. Webpage


CarVal Investors LLC

Vulture-left.svg CarVal Investors, a private equity subsidiary, was founded by Cargill in 1987. It is a global alternative investment manager which seeks opportunities in in distressed credit markets and distressed assets.

The firm pursues situations where it can readily identify value creation in a predictable timeframe. The credit strategy includes Corporate Securities, Liquidations, Loan Portfolios and Structured Credit in developed and emerging markets. CarVal Investors has approximately $10bn in assets under management in both credit and real estate sectors. ref, ref




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  • Sept.09.2016: Cargill's Plans to Sell CarVal Investors Fizzle. Cargill Inc has had difficulties selling off its investment branch. CarVal Investors was initially put on the market in 2015. However, a bitter fight between Cargill and CarVal's former president has begun, and the possibilities of an easy sale seem to have disappeared. CarVal's compensation system for employees at the management level was anything but standard. Cargill set up its fund such that Brice and others in management level positions would receive a whopping 90% of carried interest and half of the management fee from each investor. Many funds are not eager to take on a company with a history of such lucrative compensation. Investopedia, Nathan Reiff.