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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, with a $40bn endowment — made up of Gates' fortune and a large chunk from his long-time friend, the arch-investor Warren Buffett — is the largest philanthropic operation in the world.
Since he and Buffett launched the “giving pledge” to give away at least half their fortunes, 173 others — including 10 Brits — have signed up.

See also: Gavi, makes sure all the kids of the world get vaccines; the The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Genetically Modified Organisms

Cascade Investment LLC

Although Bill Gates gave the Foundation ~$36bn between 1995-2017,[1] the vast bulk of his ~$91.3bn fortune[2] is held within his very own, secretive, private equity holdco, Cascade Investment LLC.[3]

Cascade Investment LLC is a highly secretive trust[4] that invests in stocks like railways, waste removal, and agricultural equipment companies.ref It also has real estate holdings, often shielded by subsidiaries such as Mt. Lemmon Holdings LLC.OC[5]  Cascade InvestmentWikipedia-W.svg
See also Strategic Property Partners LLC, "Belmont Partners", [6],[7],[8]
"Belmont Partners", Belmont LKY 20K Ltd, OpenCorporates-sm.svgBiz is a member of LKY-CC Management LLC.OpenCorporates-sm.svg Can't find any record of Belmont itself being incorporated/registered.[9] "Belmont Partners features prominent names in Arizona real estate and development, including Larry Yount and Robyn Calihan of LKY Development Co. Inc, Mike Cowley of Cowley Cos, Broc Hiatt and Craig Cardon of Cardon Hiatt Cos, Brent Bowden and Elijah Cardon of Cardon Bowden Investments, and Greg Vogel of Land Advisors Organization".[10]


  • Apr.15.2018: My way to shed all those billions. Gates wants to use genetic engineering to rid the world of malaria. Malaria cases rose in 2016 for the first time in 15 years, partly due to growing mosquito resistance to long-used insecticides. This week, Gates is flying to London to sound the alarm and assemble the world’s top executives, researchers and public health leaders at a malaria summit. The Foundation spends about $5bn p.a. funding mass immunisations, investing in companies and bankrolling high-risk research as well as more basic programmes. To wipe malaria from the globe, however, will require a leap. The biggest involves creating mutant mosquitoes through a process called “gene drive”, so they either produce only male offspring — the females transmit malaria — or it is harder for them to carry the parasite. The approach is controversial. The Civil Society Working Group on Gene Drives - an international collaboration between environmental organisations, eg. Friends of the Earth and Biofuelwatch -- has warned that scrambling insects’ cellular make-up could “entirely re-engineer ecosystems, create fast-spreading extinctions, and intervene in living systems at a scale far beyond anything ever imagined”. Gates' Foundation is the world’s largest funder of gene drive technology, ploughing $75m into a global initiative based at Imperial College London. It has also backed Oxitec, an Oxford University spinout that is also working on genetically re-engineering what Gates once called “the deadliest animal in the world”. 30 years ago, polio was in 125 countries; today it exists in just 3. Gates has played a central role in polio’s near-extinction, ploughing $3bn into a mass-immunisation effort over the past decade. Danny Fortson, The Times.