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A pressure group for pro-Israel interests in Westminster. between two-thirds and four-fifths of all Conservative MPs are believed to be members. In the interests of balance, therefore, it should be pointed out here that Labour Friends of Israel is a similar operation to CFI.[1]





  • David Meller, Director Jun.2012-Nov.2014
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  • Oct.26.2016: Who are Conservative Friends of Israel? A profile of the Conservative Party’s most populous grouping. Conservative Friends of Israel is an influential affiliate group of the Conservative Party which contains perhaps the largest number of Conservative MPs of any group in Parliament. It exists to promote understanding of and support for the State of Israel in the Conservative Party, and its membership reaches the highest echelons of power, including the Foreign Secretary, William Hague. In this profile, I examine its origins, membership, role, and activities. Conservative Friends of Israel (CFoI) is the oldest group of Conservative MPs I have profiled so far: it was founded by Michael Fidler, who was the Conservative Member of Parliament for Bury and Radcliffe between 1970 and the Oct.1974 election. After losing his seat, he decided to focus on building a pro-Israel group within the Conservative Party – there had been a Labour Friends of Israel group since 1957 – so Fidler launched CFoI in 1974, and served as its National Director. ... ... Matthew Barrett, ConservativeHome.


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