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Constellis is a privately-held American defense and security company, formed as a partnership, which is not a tax-paying entity for US tax purposes. The firm operates in 40 countries, providing advisory, security, risk management and mission support services to govts, multinational corporations, and international organisations worldwide. Services include background investigations, social intelligence tools, advanced training, logistics and life support, UAV and K9 services, and crisis response mitigation.

Constellis earns the majority of its revenues from the US Federal govt, directly as a prime contractor, or indirectly as a subconstractor, including several significant contracts with the United States Department of DefenseWikipedia-W.svg and United States Department of StateWikipedia-W.svg.

Group Companies

In Jan.2017, Constellis Holdings consolidated Triple Canopy, Olive Group, IDS, Edinburgh International and Strategic Social, with Academi, AMK9, Centerra and Omniplex continuing under their own (but Constellis-linked) brands.ref



Eagle LM5 LLC, a portfolio company of "certain funds affiliated with Apollo Global Management LLC, together with its consolidated subsidiaries and affiliates, along with other investors including Constellis's CEO and President, certain other members of management, and a group of existing co-investors", Forte Capital Advisors, Manhattan Strategic Ventures,ref,ref OC, reg. Delaware Flag-Delaware.svg


  • AP VIII Eagle LM5 Holdings LP, investment vehicle, OC, reg. Delaware Flag-Delaware.svg
    • Constellis Holdings LLC, OC, reg. Delaware Flag-Delaware.svg
      • Constellis Holdings Inc,ref, OC, reg. Delaware Flag-Delaware.svg

  • Apollo Global Management LLC
    • Constellis Holdings LLC

  • Academi LLC, OC, reg. Delaware Flag-Delaware.svg
    • Holdings Inc

  • UP 2016: Constellis Holdings LLC, reg. Virginia
  • UP 2014: Olive Group Capital Ltd, was Olive Security , reg. British Virgin Islands Flag-British-Virgin-Islands.svg
    • Olive Group Holdings Ltd, AR-2017, reg. British Virgin Islands Flag-British-Virgin-Islands.svg
      • Olive Group (UK) Ltd, CH
  • Olive Group Holdings LLC, OC

  • National Strategic Protective Services, OC


  • Erik Prince, founder of § Blackwater, is brother to the Trump Administration's Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVosWikipedia-W.svg. Erik Prince primer (video): Now This. Prince, an advisory Board Member of the controversial nonprofit group We Build The Wall, recently announced he is officially bringing back the private military company Blackwater USA.[1]
  • Former US Attorney General John Ashcroft, who provided the legal pretext for torture during the George W. Bush administration, is a board member of Academi.
  • Leon Black, CEO and founder of Apollo Global, sits on the influential Council on Foreign Relations. His father, Eli Black, was the owner of United Fruit Brands, commonly known as Chiquita Brands International. Eli Black committed suicide in 1975 when he leapt from the 44th floor of the Pan Am building in New York City; It was later revealed that Eli Black was under investigation by federal regulators for bribing Honduran government officials.
  • Joshua Harris, Apollo co-founder and billionaire, made repeated visits to the White House in early 2017, looking for a job within Trump's administration, and met several times with Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner. Apollo provided Jared Kushner a $184m gift in the form of a loan to Kushner Companies to refinance a skyscraper in downtown Chicago.ref


Constellis Holdings Inc

Constellis announced it had entered into a strategic partnership with LifeLine Response.
Omniplex World Services Corporation: Constellis completed its acquisition of § Omniplex from Altamont Capital Partners.ref The acquisition enabled Constellis to offer sophisticated technology and consultative solutions, whilst expanding Constellis’ US intelligence customer base and domestic presence.ref
K9 Detection Services LLC: Constellis acquired AMK9's Govt Services Division from ITC Capital Partners LLC; the VaporWake division was not included as part of the transaction.ref,ref The transaction expanded Constellis’ capability to train and deploy K-9 teams globally, as well as enhancing its ability to provide competitive pricing to its key customers.ref
Centerra Group LLC: Constellis announced it had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Centerra and its subsidiaries from private equity firm A&M Capital Partners LP. The acquisition enhanced Constellis' US domestic presence and strengthened its relationships with key customers, including the US Department of Energy and the United Nations.ref,ref
Jan.2017 Constellis announced that the Triple Canopy, Olive Group, IDS, Edinburgh International and Strategic Social brands would be consolidated under Constellis.ref
Aug.2016 Apollo Global Management LLC: Constellis announced that it had entered into a binding agreement for a management-led buyout by an Apollo-led consortium of investors. It is expected that the consortium will include Forte Capital Advisors, Manhattan Partners LLC and a group of existing co-investors. The transaction was completed in Sept.ref,ref
Olive Group Holdings Ltd: Constellis Holdings purchased 100% of Olive Group's outstanding stock. Olive Group is registered in the British Virgin Islands.ref,ref,ref
Constellis Group Inc was acquired by Constellis Holdings Inc. The transaction brought together Triple Canopy, Constellis Ltd, Strategic Social, Tidewater Global Services, National Strategic Protective Services, Academi Training Center and International Development Solutions.ref,ref

Constellis Group Inc


Constellis Group Inc was formed as an intermediate holding company, to facilitate the amalgamation of a number of defence and security companies under one umbrella. By Jun.2014, it held the following businesses: Triple Canopy, Strategic Social, Tidewater Global Services, Pontaris, NSPS, Edinburgh International, Constellis Consulting (an Edinburgh International spin-off), and Constellis Services. Website.arch

Constellis Group and its affiliate companies were acquired by Constellis Holdings Inc.ref, ref, ref,ref
Constellis Group Inc: Owners Forte Capital Advisors LLC and Manhattan Strategic Ventures merged the § Academi business with that of § Triple Canopy to form Constellis Group Inc.ref,ref
Strategic Social Holdings LLC was acquired.ref The firm develops communication and engagement campaigns across Africa, the Middle East, the Maghreb, and Afghanistan, across print, radio, television and online.ref The company was founded by Matt Bigge in 2003, and is headquartered in Washington, DC. ref Website.arch
Tidewater Global Services LLC was acquired, to provide supply chain solutions from the point of origin to the point of final destination.ref
Dec.2013 Employee Stock Ownership Plan: The owners of Constellis had decided to sell the company to an ESOP in order to generate liquidity and boost employees' benefits. They hired Wilmington Trust NA to act as trustee for the employees, who negotiated a $201.5m sale price. Just 7 months after the ESOP was consummated, it was sold to Academi LLC for $281.1m.ref,ref Sued for improperly enriching the corporation’s owners at the expense of its employees to the tune of ~$30m.ref
Constellis Inc was established as a holding company, with Triple Canopy then becoming one of its subsidiaries. ref, OC

Triple Canopy


Triple Canopy was a private security company which provided integrated security, mission support and risk management services to corporate, govt and nonprofit clients. The firm was founded in May.2003; in Jun.2014, it was merged with another security firm § Academi (formerly § Blackwater), to form § Constellis Group Inc. SourceWatch, Website.arch

Mar.2015KBR-Triple Canopy LLC, a joint venture between Triple Canopy and KBR Inc, was formed to provide Base Operations and Security Support Services to the US Army in Kuwait. ref OC, Website
Constellis Group: Triple Canopy merged with rival security contracting firm, Academi, to form Constellis Group.ref
Jan.2013 National Strategic Protective Services won a 5-year contract to guard US Dept of Energy sites.ref G4S Government Solutions had previously held the contract; the majority of its employees went to work for NSPS.ref
Clayton International: Clayton Consultants resurfaced as "Clayton International", ref complete with a shiny new website,ref — which disappeared shortly thereafter.
Aug.2011Constellis Inc was established as a holding company by Triple Canopy's owners, which then became its largest subsidiary.ref OC
National Strategic Protective Services LLC, a joint venture between Triple Canopy and Securiguard Inc, was founded "to protect strategic, critical national infrastructure".ref OC Work was subcontracted out to Santa Fe Protective Services Inc, a woman-owned small business.ref
Sept.2010Triple Canopy moved its corporate office to Reston, Virginia "to accommodate our continuing expansion and diversification". In pof, Reston became Constellis' US govt division, while its commercial operations were based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.ref
Edinburgh International Corporation: Triple Canopy acquired the Dubai-based security and risk management company with locations in the UK, Afghanistan, Iraq and the UAE. Edinburgh International operated out of a suite of offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands, registered for a time through the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, of Panama Papers fame.ref Website.arch
Clayton Consultants Inc: Triple Canopy acquired Clayton's, a crisis management security consultancy firm offering incident response services and security consulting for "kidnaps for ransom, extortion, malicious product tampering, wrongful detention, maritime security, workplace violence and client risk".ref, ref
Rebrand: the company launched a "new look" and a corporate rebrand. ref
Triple Canopy Inc was formed after the US invasion of Iraq by US Army Special Forces veterans, including former Delta operators.ref Website.arch The name was chosen to refer to the layered canopy jungle where some of the key founding members received their training; it also refers to the distinction among US Army personnel of wearing the Airborne, Ranger, and Special Forces tabs when assigned to Special Forces units.ref The firm's earliest web snapshot states: "Triple Canopy's services cater to 3 markets: the military, law enforcement, and corporate security."
ToDo: See also link, link

Academi Holdings LLC

Academi contracts security services to the US Federal Govt; it also provides services to the Central Intelligence AgencyWikipedia-W.svg.ref Additionally, offers private training at its 4,000-acre site in North Caroline.ref AcademiWikipedia-W.svg,, See also Right Web

Constellis Group Inc: Owners Forte Capital Advisors LLC and Manhattan Strategic Ventures merged the Academi business with that of § Triple Canopy to form Constellis Group Inc.ref,ref
International Development Solutions LLC: Kaseman LLC, a portfolio company of DC Capital Partners LLC, sold its controlling interest in IDS to Academi Training Center Inc.ref IDS provides security training and management services, and offers program management, administration and support, security training, guard force training, emergency medical services and canine explosive detection. IDS was founded in 2004, and is headquartered in McLean, Virginia.ref
Academi LLC: Xe Services was rebranded,ref in yet another attempt to distance itself from its Blackwater/XE dire reputation.ref, ref, ref The name was deliberately chosen to sound "boring".ref

Xe Services LLC

Formed in Feb.2009, XE Services was an unsuccessful and short-lived attempt by Blackwater to leave its terrible reputation behind. See also Xe Services LLCPowerbase-graphic.svg, SourceWatch. Website.arch

Dec.2010 USTC Holdings LLC: Erik Prince sold his stake in Xe Services to an investor consortium led by private equity firms Forte Capital Advisors and Manhattan Partners LLC, both of whom had close ties to him. The deal came after the State Department threatened to stop awarding contracts to the company as long as it was owned by Prince.ref,ref,ref OC
Xe Services LLC was formed as a rebranding of Blackwater Worldwide, to distance itself from the deadly shootout in Iraq in Sept.2007, which tarnished the brand. SourceWatch, ref,ref,ref Website.arch


Blackwater Worldwide: Blackwater USA began the process of changing its name to Blackwater Worldwide, and unveiled a new, "more corporate", logo.ref
Sept.2007Blackwater guns-for-hire killed 17 unarmed Iraqi civilians in Baghdad's Nissour Square. Four of its employees were later indicted for charges. Nisour Square massacreWikipedia-W.svg.
Blackwater USA was founded by former Navy Seal Erik PrinceWikipedia-W.svg and Al ClarkWikipedia-W.svg in North Carolina. Website.arch See also Academi § Security consultingWikipedia-W.svg
Additional Sources: Academi. SourceWatch. Accessed Jun.2019. ♦ Xe. SourceWatch. Accessed Jun.2019. ♦ U.S. Training Center Original archived on Feb.02.2011.

  • Sept.18.2018: Donald Trump ‘wants to privatise US troops in Afghanistan’. Erik Prince said Trump regretted the decision not to privatise the war when the Pentagon reviewed its Afghan strategy in 2017. Prince's plan envisages withdrawing 15,000 US troops from Afghanistan to replace them with a private force of 8,000 alongside Afghan forces with privatised air support. Catherine Philp, The Times.

Centerra Group LLC


Centerra's Nuclear Security Protection Program is responsible for safeguarding the US Federal Govt's most critical assets and facilities, including the Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration, National Aeronautical and Space Administration and other National strategic assets and resources. Website

Constellis Holdings LLC completed its acquisition of Centerra Group LLC and its subsidiaries from Alvarez & Marsal Capital.ref, ref
Mar.2017 Constellis announced the acquisition of Centerra from private equity firm Alvarez & Marsal Capital. ref,ref
The Development Initiative was acquired by Centerra. TDI provides landmine clearance, unexploded ordnance disposal, training and remote logistics solutions. Centerra said Bermuda-registered TDI would operate as a subsidiary, and continue to operate semi-autonomously out of its headquarters in Zimbabwe. ref,ref Website
Centerra Group LLC: G4S Government Solutions Inc was sold to private equity firm Alvarez & Marsal Capital Partners, who rebranded it.ref,ref, ref
Mar.2012 G4S announced that it would sell the "struggling" G4S Government Solutions business (the former Wackenhut and All Star business) to exit the US govt services.ref
G4S Government Solutions Inc: WSI was renamed, as were all its subsidiaries.ref, ref, network diagram
Group 4 Securicor plc: Group 4 Falck's security business merged with Securicor to create Group 4 Securicor, commonly known as G4S.ref,ref Website.arch
Separation: Wackenhut Corporation was acquired by Group 4 Falck A/S, a Danish owned security conglomerate,ref which meant that Wackenhut Services Inc came under Foreign Ownership Control. Accordingly, WSI was spun off in May.2002 as a separate entity to continue providing security services to the US govt.ref
Wackenhut Services Inc: Wackenhut Corporation formed a wholly-owned subsidiary specifically to handle its govt contract business.ref,ref See also link, link

Olive Group


Olive Group provides security and technology solutions in the energy, national security, and critical infrastructure sectors, as well as Kidnap & Ransom insurance services. ref. The company works for corporations, international organisations, and govts in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia; and is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirate.ref Website.arch

Constellis Holdings purchased 100% of Olive Group Holdings Ltd's outstanding stock.ref
Dec.2014Olive Group acquired Kenyan firm Newport Africa Ltd, to be better placed to take advantage of the security contracts in the East African oil and gas search sector.ref,ref,ref
Nov.2012Swopsies: Olive Group Ltd changed its name to Restrata Ltd; and a shiny new company "Olive Group (UK) Ltd" was incorporated.CH
Jun.2006Olive Group Ltd: the company changed its name.
Dec.2005Olive Group (UK) Ltd: the company changed its name. Parent company, Olive Security Ltd, also changed its name to Olive Group Capital Ltd. Olive Group (UK) Ltd got a nice new website.
May.2001Olive Security (UK) Ltd was founded.CH, Website.arch
Sources: Olive Group (UK) Ltd. Companies House. Accessed Jun.2019. ♦ Restrata Ltd, formerly Olive Group Ltd. Companies House. Accessed Jun.2019.

American K9 Detection Services LLC


AMK9 offers K-9 security services, sales, and training to law enforcement, govt agencies, commercial customers, and K-9 training. The company selects, trains, and deploys working dogs, while also offering handler courses, and specialised K-9 Security Teams, as well as K-9 utilisation and integration training and management programs.ref OC, Website, Website.arch

Dec.2018 Cargo Screening K9 Alliance: the limited liability company consists of Vapor Wake K9, Vohne Liche Kennels, Southern Coast K9 and K9 Employment.ref
Constellis acquired AMK9's Govt Services Division from ITC Capital Partners; the VaporWake division was not included as part of the transaction.ref,ref
Jan.2014 American K-9 Detection Services, LLC: ITC Capital Partners LLC merged K-9 Detection Services LLC with iK9 Holding Company LLC.ref,ref.
  Dec.2012-May.2013: Completely disappeared from the
2003 All American K-9 Detection Services Inc was founded to offer contract working dog detection services to govts, international organisations, businesses and other private entities around the world. OC, B'berg



Omniplex World Services Corporation provides protective services and background investigations to the US Federal Govt and Intelligence Community. It is managed under two operating groups: the Protective Services Group, and the Investigative Services Group. Website, Website.arch

Altamont Capital Partners sold its stake to § Constellis Holdings Inc.ref,ref,ref
Dec.2012 Altamont Capital Partners, a private equity firm, acquired a majority stake.ref
Aug.1990 The company was founded in Virginia, USA,ref as a provider of risk management, humanitarian, social intelligence, training and operational support services to govt and commercial agencies worldwide.ref

Tidewater Global Services

  • Nov.2015: The company was dissolved. OC
  • Feb.2015: The website page footer shows "Constellis Group Inc". ref
  • Apr.2012: Tidewater Global Services LLC: The company was rebranded. It had grown to encompass Tidewater Packaging Services, TPS Cargo and TPS Medical, providing supply chain solutions from the point of origin to the point of final destination.ref
  • Apr.2004: Tidewater Packaging Services LLC was founded as a domestic packaging, warehousing, freight and crating operation. ref, OC

Lifeline Response


LifeLine Response, a smartphone app, is developed by Clandestine Development LLC.[1] The application sends alerts to the command portal the moment an incident occurs, identifying details about the user, their location, and the nature of the threat.ref Several govt agencies, large universities and Fortune 500 companies currently use the product.ref Website, Website.arch

  • Jul.2018: Constellis announced a strategic partnership with Lifeline Response.ref


  • Oct.16.2017: Government Contractor Pays $2.6M to Settle False Claims Act Suit. Triple Canopy Inc agreed to pay $2.6m to settle civil False Claims Act allegations that the company submitted false claims for payment to the Department of Defense for unqualified security guards stationed in Iraq. US Attorney's Office, District of Virginia.
  • ^ Erik Prince Addresses His Role With “We Build The Wall” & The Arrest Of Steve Bannon. Brian Kilmeade, Fox News Radio, Aug.28.2020.