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  • Hanging off Govt tits: "The market is in the £billions and we're at a point where many technologies used in govt are at end of life, but for a non-digital age," Dominic Campbell (director of FutureGov) said. "Combine that with continued austerity of some kind under the current govt, and there’s an opportunity to really try to use digital to drive our costs from govt while rapidly improving the user experience".

Daniel Korski CBE, writes regularly for The Spectator, and has appeared in The Guardian,[2] Süddeutsche Zeitung, New York Times[3] and European Voice. Co-founder and CEO of PUBLIC, a venture capitalist firm focused on helping technology startups transform public services. Co-founder and CEO of Public. Daniel KorskiWikipedia-W.svg


Public is a fund will be used to support entrepreneur-led businesses that are driving innovation. It is backed by investors, including Robin and Saul Klein (venture capitalists, LocalGlobe), private equity boss Jon Moulton, Mark Austen (LV chairman), Sir Thomas Agnew (businessman and MoJ non-executive board member), and Stefan Glaenzer (Passion Capital partner).
Co-founder and CEO Alexander de Carvalho (investor) jumped on board at some point.
The firm is beginning with a startup scheme GovStart, a 6-month programme which will teach up to 10 firms how best to work with the Public Sector, including Central Govt, the NHS, Local Govt and Charities, providing technology such as cyber-security, cloud services, machine learning, analytics and APIs, in return for a 3% equity stake.
Mark Lazar, former managing director of Barclays Techstars accelerator, will head the programme.
The Advisory Board includes: Mustafa Suleyman (Google DeepMind); former govt chief commercial officer Bill Crothers; Estonia's chief technology officer Siim Sikkut; Lord Paddy Ashdown; and former Chief of Defence staff under Cameron, Sir General David Richards.
Startup Mentors are: Eileen Burbidge (Passion Capital), former govt chief technology officer Andy Beale, Mike Bracken (Co-op Group digital chief), head of GDS, the govt digital service Kevin Cunnington, and Brian Forde (former White House adviser). Fund Managers include former UKTI chief of staff and Tech City UK director of strategy Caroline Makepeace, alongside the VC backers.


  • Mar.28.2017: David Cameron Reportedly Lobbied for Uber While He Was Still PM. ...However, the Mail says Transport for London, the body that runs public transport and regulates the taxi industry in the UK capital, had released e-mails showing that Daniel Korski, then deputy head of Cameron’s policy unit, had had extensive e-mail contact with City Hall about the regulation, pressuring it to water down the new rules. The Mail said Korski had been told to ensure that Boris Johnson didn’t upset Uber. Geoffrey Sith, Fortune.


Apr.2017Launched Public, a £50m fund to back digital innovation in Public Services / a venture capitalist firm focused on helping technology startups transform public services.[1]
Jun.2016Quit No.10 Downing Street.
2015Cameron awarded him a 16% pay increase, up from £80,000 to £93,000. This caused some controversy, as a Public Sector Pay Cap of 1% was in force; plus Cameron overruled strongly-worded Civil Service (UK) advice.[2]
Apr.2014Worked for the British member of the European Commission, Catherine Ashton.[3]
2008Korski helped establish the bi-partisan think tank the European Council on Foreign Relations, where he ran the Middle East programme.
2007Ran the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Basra in Iraq, overseeing the post-conflict reconstruction of Basra province during the height of the conflict.
2005Deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan, to advise President Hamid Karzai's govt.
??Before working for the British govt, Korski worked in Parliament as a policy adviser to the House of Commons Defence Select Committee.
??He also undertook a secondment to the US State Department under US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
??In between these postings, Korski helped establish and was the deputy head of the cross-departmental Stabilisation Unit.
??As a British official, Korski worked in a number of positions in London, Washington DC, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan.
??Head of political and military affairs for Edward Llewellyn during his time as chief of staff to Lord Paddy Ashdown, the then-UN High Representative of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
??He has worked as an adviser to Andrew Mitchell MP, the former Conservative Chief Whip
??Former special adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron, and Deputy Head of the PM's Policy Unit. Korski was one of David Cameron’s most trusted business advisors, and a key figure in Downing Street’s ill-fated campaign to keep the UK in the European Union. He was awarded a CBE in Cameron’s controversial resignation honours list.[4]
??He previously worked as an adviser to Andrew Mitchell MP, then Conservative Chief Whip.


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