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HC-One, standing for Health and Care, is a British healthcare management company, ultimately controlled by two USA private equity companies, Safanad Inc and Formation Capital LLP.[1] It is the UK's largest care home operator, with 348 care homes,[2] and specialises in dementia, nursing, residential and specialist care for elderly people.[3]

Tax Policy: HC-One has a complex corporate structure, “with 50 companies, 6 of which are registered offshore either in the Cayman Islands or Jersey and a further 5 in the UK as foreign entities”, which makes tracing the flow of money very difficult.

Although HC-One has declared a loss in every year except one since its creation in 2011, investors received cash dividends of £42.3m in 2017 and £6.2m in 2018. HC-One has paid no corporation tax in that time, but instead received net tax credits of £6.5m since its reorganisation in 2014. HC-One’s chairman is Sir David Behan, a former chief at the Care Quality Commission, the regulator.[2]

HC-One's auditors are infamous offshore tax-avoidance experts Deloitte. HC-One's structure “means investors and executives are likely to have received much greater sums as only one subsidiary, FC Skyfall Upper Midco Ltd, files consolidated accounts”.[4]

Court Cavendish, owned by Dr Chai Patel (90%) and his family trust (10%), has received £25m in management fees.



Corporate Grouping

  • FC Skyfall LP, real estate fund, reg. Cayman Islands Flag-Cayman-Islands.svg
    • FC Skyfall Holdco 3 Ltd, OC, reg. Cayman Islands Flag-Cayman-Islands.svg
      • FC Oval Holdco 1 Ltd, CH, reg. Cayman Islands Flag-Cayman-Islands.svg
        • FC Oval Holdco 3 Ltd, CH, reg. Cayman Islands Flag-Cayman-Islands.svg
          • FC Oval Bidco Ltd, CH, reg. Cayman Islands Flag-Cayman-Islands.svg
            • HC-One Oval Ltd, OC
      • FC Skyfall Upper Midco Ltd, OC
        • HC-One Alium Holdco Ltd, OC
          • HC-One Alium Parentco Ltd, OC
            • Kettlewell House and Operations Ltd, OC
            • Hailsham House and Operations Ltd, OC
        • FC Skyfall Lower Midco Ltd, OC
          • FC Skyfall Intermediate Holdco 1 Ltd, OC
            • FC Skyfall Intermediate Holdco 2 Ltd, OC
              • FC Skyfall Intermediate Holdco 3 Ltd, OC
                • FC Skyfall Bidco Ltd, OC
                  •  ?? ...
                    • NHP Holdco 1 Ltd, OC, reg. Cayman Islands Flag-Cayman-Islands.svg
                      • NHP Holdco 2 Ltd, OC
                        • NHP Holdco 3 Ltd, branch, OC, reg. Cayman Islands Flag-Cayman-Islands.svg
                          • Libra Careco Holdings Ltd, OC
                            • Libra Careco Investments 1 Ltd, OC
                              • Libra Careco Investments 2 Ltd, OC
                                • Libra Careco Ltd, OC
                                  • NHP Ltd, OC
                                    • NHP Securities No.3 Ltd, OC
                  • FC Beamish Bidco Ltd, OC
                    • HC-One Beamish Ltd, was Helen McArdle Care Ltd, OpenCorporates-sm.svg
                    • HC-One Beamish Homecare Ltd, was HMC Homecare Ltd, t/a "at home with Helen McArdle Care", OpenCorporates-sm.svg
                  • Meridian Healthcare (Holdings) Ltd, OC
                    • Meridian Healthcare Ltd, OC
                  • Libra Intermediate Holdco Ltd, OC, reg. Jersey Flag-Jersey.svg
                    • HC-One Ltd, OC
                      • RV Care Homes Ltd, Registration No. 07417290

Subsidiaries whose immediate parent is not disclosed:
  • FC Skyfall Turnaround Holdings Ltd, reg. Cayman Islands Flag-Cayman-Islands.svg
    • FC Skyfall TA Intermediate CayCo 1 Ltd, branch, OC, reg. Cayman Islands Flag-Cayman-Islands.svg
      • FC Skyfall TA Intermediate CayCo 2 Ltd, branch, OC, reg. Cayman Islands Flag-Cayman-Islands.svg
        • FC Skyfall TA Ltd, OC

  • FC Skyfall SPV Ltd, branch, OC, reg. Cayman Islands Flag-Cayman-Islands.svg
    • FC Skyfall TopCo Ltd, branch, OC, reg. Cayman Islands Flag-Cayman-Islands.svg

  • NHP Propco Holdco Ltd, all dissolved Jul.2016, OC, IP: Loyd's Careco UK Ltd;OC UP: Loyd's Nursing Homes UK Ltd,OC, formed Aug.2005 by X-Pand Ltd reg. British Virgin Islands. Flag-British-Virgin-Islands.svg



May.2018 HC-One was put up for sale with a £1bn price tag.[5]
BUPA Care Homes Ltd: HC-One completed the acquisition of 122 care homes from BUPA's subsidiary FC Oval Bidco Ltd, a Cayman Islands-registered company. The deal made HC-One the biggest UK operator of residential homes.[6] The Competition & Markets Authority cleared the acquisition in Nov.2017.[7] Safanad Inc, along with StepStone Group LP, provided additional capital for the acquisition.[8]
Helen McArdle Care was acquired from HMC Group Ltd, its parent holdco.[9] The acquisition involved 1,343 beds from 20 care homes and another care home currently under construction, as well as the ‘At Home’ business which offered homecare in the Newcastle upon Tyne area. HMCGroupLtd.co.ukArchive-org-sm.svg, HelenMcArdleCare.co.ukArchive-org-sm.svg
Jun.2016 HC-One put ~70 of its 275 care home portfolio up for sale, on a sale-and-leaseback basis. The new £7.20 per hour National Living Wage put the pinch on the care sector, increasing salary costs.[10]
  • Apr.2019: Aspen Hill Village: Copper Hill Care Home in Hunslet, West Yorkshire was sold to Armighorn Capital Ltd, and rebranded. Frontier Development Capital Ltd provided the financing. Copper Hill was one of the 110 BUPA homes transferred to HC-One in Dec.2017.[11]
  • Jun.2020: Abbey Wood Park Nursing Home: Amberleigh House Care Home in Aintree, Liverpool was sold to Armighorn Capital Ltd, and rebranded. Frontier Development Capital Ltd provided the financing.[12]
  • May.2018: St Mark’s, St Mary’s and Westmoor View: St Mark's Care Home in Stockton-on-Tees to Qualia Care Ltd; St Mary's in Linthorpe to SUSASH Middlesbrough Ltd; Westmoor View in Marton to Springfield Care Home Ltd (closed in Feb.2020). All 3 were among the 110 BUPA homes transferred to HC-One in Dec.2017.[13]
Meridian Healthcare Ltd, a 30-home group with 1,500 beds, was acquired by HC-One, again financed by investment from Formation Capital, Safanad, Court Cavendish and HCP Inc.[14] MeridianCare.co.ukArchive-org-sm.svg
Nov.2014 HC-One was acquired by Formation Capital LLP in partnership with US/Dubai investment firm Safanad Inc,[15] and Court Cavendish Healthcare Management Services Ltd.[16] American property giant HCP Inc, specialising in healthcare industry real estate, was the lead investor financing the deal. FormationCapital.comArchive-org-sm.svg
2014 Company structure reorganisation.[1]
Nov.2011 HC-One was officially launched.[17] Formed by #NHP Ltd and Court Cavendish, HC-One took over the running of 241 NHP-owned care homes formerly operated by #Southern Cross Healthcare.[18]


Nursing Home Properties was formed by Richard Ellert in Mar.1993 to develop the American concept of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), separating ownership of nursing homes from their operation. REITs enable investors to participate in specialist sectors of the property market by buying and selling shares in a REIT, rather than buying and selling direct property investments.
Subsequent to NHP Ltd's acquisition by Formation Capital, Safanad and Court Cavendish in Nov.2014, all property interests were sold; company filings do not disclose to whom.

Jul.2011 HC-One Ltd, a new subsidiary of the group, was formed as a new care home operator.[19] In Oct.2011 HC-One took over operation of 242 care homes from Southern Cross Healthcare Group Ltd. The group now controls both the property and operations of the care homes and can therefore ensure that HC-One is able to operate without the burden of uneconomic rent obligations.
Jul.2011 Southern Cross Healthcare collapsed, and control of its 750 care homes was taken over by their landlords.[20] NHP Ltd, Southern Cross's largest landlord with 250 homes, hired Dr Chai Patel, founder of healthcare investment group Court Cavendish and former CEO of the Priory Group, to form a new company to operate its 249 care homes.[21]
Sept.2008 NHP breached onerous financing agreements carrying usorious interest charges, due to a fall in property values. As a consequence, a standstill agreement was put into place until Apr.2009 (extended to Apr.2012) to allow the group to negotiate a solution.
NHP Ltd was sold to investment fund Three Delta,[22] backed by the Qatar Investment Authority. NHP took Southern Cross's leases with it. Blackstone negotiated lease deals with the QIA, which committed the company to annual rent increases of 2.5% per year for 35 years.[23][24]
Royal Bank of Scotland plc bought NHP Ltd from the Blackstone Group, via Cayman Islands-registered Libra No.3 Ltd, which acquired TBG CareCo Offshore SuperHoldCo Ltd's holdings in TBG CareCo Ltd.[24]
Property Portfolio Sale: Blackstone made £1bn from the deal.
Property Portfolio Sale: TBG Careco UK Ltd and TBG Propco Ltd, together owning interests in 63 properties, were sold to Loyd's Nursing Homes UK Ltd,OpenCorporates-sm.svg owned by Israeli company Arazim Investments Ltd; AR-Sept.2005 M Gurvitz owns 73.46% of Arazim Investments.
Property Portfolio Sale: Blackstone completed the “sale and leaseback” of Southern Cross's 21 freehold properties to ??. The transaction brought Blackstone £100m.[25]
Apr.2005 Merger: Blackstone merged Highfield Care Group with Southern Cross Healthcare.[26] Southern Cross then acted as an "operating company" that carried out the care, while NHP was a pure property company owning the leaseholds to the homes. Southern Cross rented care homes from a number of landlord companies, including NHP which became its largest landlord. Blackstone's Southern Cross Bidco Ltd acquired Highfield Care's portfolio of 186 care homes.[27]:39 AR-Sept.2005
Apr.2005 NHP plc was delisted from the London Stock Exchange. Highfield Care Group was sold to TBG CareCo Holdings Ltd. In Oct.2005, TBG CareCo Offshore SuperHoldCo Ltd, reg. Cayman Islands, became the ultimate controlling party.
NHP plc was acquired by the Blackstone Group via TBG CareCo Ltd.[28] The acquisition prompted an investigation by the European Commission,[29] but the Office of Fair Trading requested the matter be handed over to them.[30] By this point, NHP owned 357 care homes,[31] as well as Highfield Care, the 3rd-largest care home operator in the UK.[22]
Southern Cross Healthcare Ltd was acquired by the Blackstone Group from West Private Equity.[32]
Mar.2004 NHP Healthcare Partnerships, NHP's specialist care business, was sold to management, financed by US private equity firm GI Partners.[33] NHPHP went on to become the Cambian Group plc.[34][35]
2004 Expansion: Apr.2004: Abbeycourt Care Ltd was acquired for £1 by Highfield Home Properties Ltd.OC May.2004: Ultima Holdings Ltd was acquired for £1 by NHP Securities No.3 Ltd.
2003 Expansion: NHP's property business derived ~90% of its rental income from 4 tenants, one of which was Highfield Care, with 159 operated companies and 207 investment properties. Highfield operated homes leased primarily from NHP. Apr.2003: Eastwood Care Homes (Northampton) Ltd went into receivership; all 9 homes were assigned to Southern Cross. Oct.2003: Puretruce Care Ltd (14 NHP homes) went into receivership; NHP took on the management of the homes. (AR-Sept.2003)
2002 Expansion: Jan.2002: Harmony Care Homes Ltd (16 NHP homes) went into receivership. Sept.2002: 6 subsidiaries of Union Healthcare Group Ltd (41 homes) went into receivership. Sept.2002: Healthcare Investments (No.2) Ltd went into receivership. NHP took on the management of all homes for the Receiver. (AR-Sept.2002)
2002 Highfield Care was launched.[36] Somerford Leased Homes Ltd, Palladium Healthcare Ltd and Highfield Holdings Ltd were consolidated into one national management team under the Highfield banner. (AR-Sept.2001) Highfield Care.arch
Highfield Holdings Ltd: a 49% interest was acquired from Apax Partners with a view to transferring more leases into it to create an in-house care homes operator. The remaining 51% interest was acquired from management for £1 in Dec. Highfield Holdings was the parent company of Highfield Home Properties Ltd,OC 3rd-largest operator of NHP-owned homes with 69 homes, 45 of which were owned by NHP.† Highfield Group.arch
1999‑2001 Expansion: NHP sold 5 care homes to Ashbourne plc. Oct.1999: 26 care homes managed by Advantage Healthcare Group Ltd went into receivership. Feb.2000: 19 care homes managed by Westwood Care Ltd went into receivership. Acquired an investment in Ultima Holdings Ltd, parent company of Ultima Healthcare Ltd, an NHP tenant. Sept.2001: acq'd Palladium Healthcare Ltd, parent company of Palladium Leased Homes Ltd, an NHP tenant. Feb.2001: acq'd Somerford Leased Homes Ltd from Somerford Health Care Ltd and First Choice Health Care Ltd. Oct.2001: Cherish Healthcare Ltd and Loughbray Ltd, both NHP tenants, went into receivership. The Cherish homes were acquired by Highfield Care. (AR-Sept.2000)
1995 Expansion: Jan.1995 bought 2 development sites in Clapham and London from ANS plc; Jan.+Jun.1995: 5 nursing homes in Northern Ireland from Tamaris plc; Feb.+Sept.1995: 3 homes in Scotland from Grampian Care Ltd; Jul.1995: Stanton Lodge Nursing Home from Speciality Care plc.
NHP raised ££s via a Placing; it was then floated on the London Stock Exchange in Apr; and on the AIM in Aug.
Nursing Home Properties plc was incorporated to purchase freehold and long leasehold interests in modern nursing homes, which would then be leased back to the nursing home operators.
Additional Sources: NHP Ltd. OpenCorporates-sm.svg, Companies House. Accessed Aug.2019.
† Highfield Group LtdOpenCorporates-sm.svg was formed in 1986 by Martin, Anthony and Meriel Joyce. It grew to be one of the largest healthcare operators in the UK, with 70+ nursing and residential homes.
‡ NHP Healthcare Partnerships, NHP's specialist care business, was sold to management, financed by US private equity firm GI Partners.[33] NHPHP went on to become Cambian Group plc,[34][35] Pitchbook, CambianGroup.com now owned by CareTech Holdings plc.

Southern Cross Healthcare

Southern Cross Healthcare Group plc was, at its height, the largest provider of 750+ care homes across the country for 37,000+ elderly residents, and a major provider of specialist services for people with physical and/or learning disabilities.[37] Southern Cross HealthcareWikipedia-W.svg
Sept.2016 Southern Cross was wound up and dissolved.[38] Blackstone denied any responsibility.[39]
Southern Cross collapsed, and control of its 750 care homes was taken over by their landlords.[20]
§ NHP Ltd, its largest landlord with 250 homes, hired Dr Chai Patel, founder of heatlhcare investment group Court Cavendish and former CEO of the Priory Group clinics, to form a new company HC-One Ltd to operate its 249 care homes.[21]
Four Seasons Health Care founder Robert Kilgour, formed a partnership with the owners of 11 homes.[40]
May.2010 The tough economic conditions meant councils were referring fewer people, plus insisting on lower fees for residents. Furthermore, Southern Cross was now locked into rising rents being demanded by its leaseholder, NHP Ltd (amongst others).[41]
2009 Deteriorating standards of care were seeping into media reports; the Care Quality Commission was serving improvement orders.
Summer.2008 The financial crisis struck. Southern Cross had been buying properties then selling them on again, whilst keeping a long-term lease - but the crash meant buyers weren't interested. Major shareholders were investment banks and other financial institutions: Credit Suisse, JO Hambro, Deutsche Bank, UBS AG, and Channel Islands investment trust Wintrust (Guernsey).
Blackstone sold its final 43% stake in Southern Cross making a profit of £1.1bn in ~3 years.[42]
Blackstone floated Southern Cross on the London Stock Exchange.[27]
Baroness Sally Morgan of Huyton became a Director, to give Southern Cross "an insight into govt healthcare plans".[23] She also sat on the Remuneration Committee, and chaired the Quality Assurance Committee. Morgan served as Tony Blair's political secretary, and was then chairman of OfSted.[43][44]
Ashbourne Healthcare, operator of 193 care homes, was acquired by Southern Cross Bidco Ltd from management and Cannon Capital, owned by Bank of Scotland Corporate.[45][46][47] The acquisition boosted Southern Cross's portfolio from 15,000 beds to 25,000.[48]
2005-2006 Acquisitions: see [27]:46
Sept.2004 Secondary Buy-out: management, financed by the USA's Blackstone Capital Partners, bought out West Private Equity and Healthcare Investments Ltd.[49][50]
May.2004 Intercare Group, a provider of residential care facilities, was purchased by Active Care Partnerships Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary.[51]
Oct.2003 Eastwood Care, with 9 specialist homes, was acquired.[27]
Management Buy-out: management, financed by Germany's West Private Equity (WestLB AG [3]) and Healthcare Investments Ltd, acquired Southern Cross.[52][27][53]
Feb.2002 Trinity Care, with 26 homes, was acquired.[52][27]
Apr.2001 Ultima Care's parent company Ultima Holdings LtdOC contracted with Southern Cross for management and operation of its 39 care homes, and assigned 39 of its 44 leases for £1 each.[52][27]
Southern Cross Healthcare was founded by John Moreton.[53]

Ashbourne Care Homes

Southern Cross: Bank of Scotland Corporate's Cannon Capital sold the operating business to Blackstone-owned Southern Cross.[45],[54] The acquisition boosted Southern Cross's portfolio from 15,000 beds to 25,000.[48],[55][56]
Property Portfolio Sale: Bank of Scotland Corporate's Cannon Capital sold the remainder of Ashbourne' property portfolio to privately-held real estate and leisure investment firm London & Regional Properties.OpenCorporates-sm.svg (todo)
Property Portfolio Sale: Bank of Scotland Corporate's Cannon Capital sold interests in 63 of Ashbourne's properties to Loyd's Nursing Homes UK Ltd,OpenCorporates-sm.svg owned by Israeli company Arazim Investments Ltd.[57] (AR-Sept.2005) M Gurvitz owns 73.46% of Arazim Investments.
Apr.2005 Ridgmont Care, owner and operator of 19 care homes for the elderly and the UK’s 12th largest care homes operator, was bought from Graphite Capital Management LLP.[58][4][5] (In 1995, Roger Storey set up Ridgmont with financial backing from private equity group Cinven. In 2001, Cinven sold its majority stake to venture capital firm Graphite Capital.[47])
Feb.2005 Management Buy-out: James Flaherty, financed by HBOS plc, led an MBO to acquire Ashbourne from Electra Partners in a secondary buy-out.[59]Electra Partners Europe made ~£110m in less than a year when it unloaded Ashbourne Healthcare to Bank of Scotland Corporate Banking's Cannon Capital.
Nov.2004 Highclear Homes, owner and manager of 27 nursing homes, was bought from its founders. the Patel brothers.[60] The deal made Ashbourne the 4th largest operator of care homes for the elderly.[61]
Management buy-in: Electra Partners Europe backed the joint venture between existing management and HBOS.[46]
May.1995 Ashbourne Homes: Electra Partners backed an MBO.[62][50]


  • Aug.15.2017: Fears over debt mountain at BUPA care homes bidder HC-One. Accounts for the year to Sept.2016 show that, of its 210 homes, 51 were “non-compliant” with the regulator’s requirements. HC-One’s number of care staff fell by 800 to 10,979 in the year. Jim Armitage, Evening Standard.
  • Jul.16.2011: Southern Cross's incurably flawed business model let down the vulnerable. The collapse of Southern Cross has re-ignited the debate over the role of private finance in the care-home sector. Peter Hay, president of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services, disagreed. But Emily Thornberry, shadow health minister, said: "Social care cannot be left to uncontrolled market forces". Health minister Paul Burstow says the new NHS regulator, Monitor, could ensure private care companies avoid risky business models of the kind that sank Southern Cross. Much more needs to be done, because one thing is sure: without tighter regulation and better policing, there will be more Southern Crosses. Richard Wachman, The Guardian.
  • Apr.24.2008: Neglect case: home's 'recruitment crisis'. Gladys Thomas, 84, died five weeks after arriving at the home in Sept.2005. There was pressure “from above” to stick to budgets set on the basis of employing the fewest staff allowed. Ashbourne, operator of 130 care homes, did not insist on formal qualifications or experience for its care assistants. WalesOnline.


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