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Invesco is an American investment management company, headquartered in Georgia, USA, with branch offices in 20 countries. The firm manages more than $980.9bn in assets on behalf of clients worldwide (as of Sept.2018).
Invesco makes its aims exceedingly clear: "Our single focus is to help clients achieve their investment objectives". ref Nothing else matters.



Total float: 65.8%
Source: MarketScreener.svg, Apr.2020


  • Invesco Ltd, reg. Bermuda ref Flag-Bermuda.svg
    • Invesco Advisers Inc, OC, reg. Delaware Flag-Delaware.svg
    • Invesco UK Ltd, holdco for fund management and other companies in the group. CH See Dec.2017 a/cs p.43+ re subsidiaries and funds.
      • Source Holdings Ltd, (Aug.2017), [CH]
      • Invesco Fund Managers Ltd, corporate director of a series of investment co's with variable capital. CH
      • Invesco Asset Management Ltd, provision of investment management services. CH
        • Invesco Savings Scheme Nominees Ltd, nominee co, dissolved May.2017.
        • Sermon Lane Nominees Ltd, nominee co.
        • Invesco Great Wall Fund Investment Management Company Ltd, 49% joint venture, reg. China Flag-China.svg
          • Investo Great Wall Asset Investment Management (Shenzhen) Company Ltd, 49%, reg. Hong Kong Flag-Hong-Kong.svg
      • Perpetual Ltd, holdco, CH
        • Invesco (Nominees) Ltd, nominee co. wrt securities CH
          • Perpetual Portfolio Management Ltd
          • Perpetual Unit Trust Management (Nominees) Ltd
    • Invesco Holding Company Ltd, original company, holdco. CH
      • Invesco Finance plc, finance co. for the group. CH
      • Invesco Asset Management (Bermuda) Ltd, holdco, [OC], reg. Bermuda Flag-Bermuda.svg
      • Coff Associates (Cayman) Ltd, general partner, [OC], reg. Cayman Islands Flag-Cayman-Islands.svg
      • CPCO Associates (Cayman) Ltd, in liquidation, [OC], reg. Cayman Islands Flag-Cayman-Islands.svg
      • Chancellor Citiventure 96 Partner (Cayman) Ltd, [OC], reg. Cayman Islands Flag-Cayman-Islands.svg
      • Invesco UK Holdings Ltd, holdco, [CH]
      • ... ... (see Dec.2017 a/cs)


The mountain is Ama Dablam, in the Eastern Himalayan mountain range of Nepal. Ama Dablam is more than simply a mountain. It was chosen intentionally as a symbol, a beacon and an aspiration. It represents the virtues and it is embrace as a company: strength, stability and longevity.


ToDo: Invesco Funds.comArchive-org-sm.svg, link, link, link, Investment company Invesco SA, located in Rio, went bankrupt in 1967 resulting from a scandal.ref, link, link, link, link, link, all pics in file.

  • Mar.2004: Stein Roe Investment Counsel LLC, a registered investment advisor, was acquired, expanding the Private Wealth Management division in the USA.[AR-Dec.2004] up=Atlantic Trust Group Inc, parent=Stein Roe Investment Counsel Inc.
  • Mar.2004: CIBC Atlantic Trust: AT Investment Advisers Inc/Geneva Advisors, formerly known as “Stein Roe Investment Counsel Inc,” became a subsidiary of Atlantic Trust Group LLC. Indirectly wholly owned by Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.
  • Mar.2004: Stein Roe Investment Counsel LLC was bought from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and merged into its subsidiary Atlantic Trust. Amvescap paid $$s 60%, plus 40% in Amvescap's ordinary shares.ref,
<tr id="AmvescapPlc"> →
  • AR-Dec.2004: acquisition of Stein Roe Investment Counsel LLC in Mar.2004, expanding the footprint of our Private Wealth Management Division in the USA. Sold the UK and Jersey businesses of Atlantic Wealth Management in Mar.2004.
  • AR-Dec.2003: acq'd 75.1% of Hypo-und-Vereinsbank's institutioinal real estate asset management business, completed in Dec.2003. private wealth management business expanded US footprint with the acquisition of Whitehall Asset Managementin Feb.2003.
  • AR-Dec.2001: Private Wealth Management division launched with the acquisition of Pell Rudman in 2001.
  • AR-Dec.2000: acq'd County Investment Management in Australia in Jan.2001. National Asset Management Company in Louisville, Kentucky. acq'd Trimark Financial Corporation in Aug.2000.
  • AR-Dec.1997: acqd the Asset Management Division of Liechtenstein Global Trust (GT Global) in May.1998. Pooling resources: the acquisition added to Amvescap's global network, particularly in Asia and Europe; Amvescap is providing GT Global with expanded distribution. GT name is recognised as a leading brand in several markets, including Canada, Germany and Asia Pacific.
  • AR-1996: merger with AIM Management Group Inc, one of the largest independent managers of mutual funds in the USA, was completed Feb.1997. Name changed to Amvesco from Invesco plc in Mar.1997. The name Amvesco was challenged by another company with a similar name, so changed it again to Amescap plc to avoid potential legal issues. Acquired the remaining minority interest in Invesco Investment Trust Management Company Ltd..Bought the business interests of ADMAX International Management, a Canadian mutual fund management company.
  • AR-Dec.1995: Aetna Investment Management (Hong Kong) Ltd. substantial part of the business of Private fund Managers Ltd from Edinburgh Fund Managers plc. The fund management business of Cresvale Securities Ltd.
  • AR-Dec.1994: The GIC Group business from Wyatt Asset Services Inc (note 30). Part of the private client business of Brown Shipley Asset Management Ltd.
  • AR-Dec.1992: sold MIM Property Services to PIC Holdings Ltd, whose ultimate holdco is the Prudential Insurance Company of America. Also Invesco Ventures Ltd sold to.
  • AR-1990: Invesco Mim: based in Atlanta, Georgia, is a leading independent manager of pension plan assets in the USA. A registered investment adviser since 1971, it has been managing portfolios for US institutions and individuals for two deciades. Its business is broadly diversified by geography, client type and asset type.
  • AR-1990: established an investment trust management company in Japan, 68.9% owned by the group. In Dec.1990, acquired PRIMCO Capital Management Inc, a Kentucky-based fund management company which specialises in the management of guaranteed income contracts. Acquired Invesco Realty Advisors Inc in Apr.1990, which provides advisory services in the US real estate markets for Invesco MIM's clients worldwide.
  • AR-Dec.1989: in Jan.1990, changed name from Britannia Arrow Holdings plc to Invesco Mim plc. Jul.1990, sold National Employers Life Assurance Holdings Ltd, holdco for the insurance activities, to UNUM Corporation, USA. sold becos the risk nature of NEL was incompatible with developing the group into a global fund management business.
  • AR-Dec.1988: in Dec.1988 purchased the 55% of Invesco Capital Management LP which we did not already own.
  • AR-Dec.1987: County Unit Trust Managers Ltd, the unit trust subsid of National Westminster Bank plc, acqd Sept 1987. Bought out NEL's 60% sake in City & Provincial Home Loans Ltd.
  • AR-Dec.1986: In Dec.1986 acqd a 45% interest in a limited partnership with Invesco Capital Management Inc based in Atlanta Georgia. MIM Ltd acqd May.1986. Immediately following, Britannia Investment Services changed its name to MIM Britannia Ltd, 2 major subsids = MIM Ltd which absorbed Britannia Asset Management, and MIM Britannia Unit Trust Managers. In 1986, formed City & Provincial Home Loans Ltd, a residential mortgage loan company, as a JV with NEL (60%) and Singer & Friedlander (40%).
  • AR-Dec.1985: MIM Ltd, agreement to acquire. In Nov, signed JV with Okasan Securities Company Ltd to market international products in Japan and the UK.
  • AR.Dec.1984: Heseltine Moss, regional firm of stockbrokers, 299% interest acqd Nov.1984.
  • AR-Dec.1983: National Employers Life Assurance Company Ltd (NEL) acqd Jul.1983. Singer & Friedlander Ltd, merchant bank, acqd 87.5% interest in Ancomass Ltd, Singer's holdco, in Apr.1984. Gardner and Preston Moss Inc of Boston Mass specialising in the management of institution funds acqd Jul.1983 specialises in the investment management of corporate pension funds and private accounts.
  • AR-Dec.1982: General and Commercial Investment Trust plc, an authorised investment trust, acq. May.1982; subsequent sale of invesment portfolio. Financial Programs Inc, mutual fund management company, of Denver, Colorado acqd Aug.1982. All publishing + distrib activities transferred to subsid. Seymour Press Group Ltd.[2] [3]
  • AR-Dec.1981: King & Shaxson Fund Managers Ltd acq Mar.1982.
  • Mar.1982: re-reg as a plc.
  • AR-Dec.1980: Schlesinger Investment Management Ltd acqd Jul.1980.
  • AR-Dec.1979: Siemssen, Hunter Ltd acqd Oct.1979 (holdco for the group's interests in publishing and distribution). J Frankau & Company Ltd sold Sept.1979.
  • Apr.1978: insurance group was sold.
  • AR.Dec.1975: sold 3 subsidiary banks and closed all regional offices; realised much of the property portfolio; employees reduced by 135. Decided to concentrate on the investment management business.
  • Mar.1975: to reduce the group's gearing, the bank sold its instalment credit subsidiary, Slater, Walker Finance Corporation Ltd to First Fortune (Holdings) Ltd, a UK subsidiary of Commercial Credit Company of Baltimore. Sold many European properties. Disengaged from overseas operations in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the USA.[AR-Dec.1974, pp.9,10]
  • Mar.1974: the sale of two insurance companies was agreed, Blackburn Assurance Company Ltd and The Pioneer Life Assurance Company Ltd, to Stamford Mutual Insurance Company Ltd.[AR-Dec.1973]
  • 1964-1974: substantial growth: commercial banking group Slater, Walker, Ltd; investment management company Slater, Walker Investments Ltd; life assurance and general insurance business Slater, Walker Insurance Company Ltd; property management company Slater, Walker Properties Ltd with a property portfolio of ~£80m. Subsidiaries in Australia, Canada, Belgium, Holland, Spain, West Germany, Hong Kong, South Africa, USA, Switzerland, ...
Oppenheimer Funds Inc, a global asset manager with over $229bn in assets,[1] was purchased from Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company.[2][3] WebsiteArchive-org-sm.svg, OppenheimerFundsWikipedia-W.svg
IntelliFlo Ltd,OpenCorporates-sm.svg a UK-based technology platform for financial advisors, was acquired from Hg Capital LLC.[4] Formed in Dec.2004, Hg Capital became the firm's majority shareholder in Jul.2013.[5][6] Website
Apr.2018 Guggenheim Investments' ETF (exchange-traded funds) business was acquired, and reorganised into corresponding newly-created PowerShares ETFs.[2][3] Guggenheim has regulatory approval to self-index, meaning it has permission from the Securities and Exchange Commission to launch products based on indexes it creates itself, leading to easier, and more lucrative, product creation.[7],
Mar.2018 Perpetual, Source, Trimark, PowerShares and Gugenheim brands were retired in all markets, with all products being rebranded as "Invesco".[8][9]
acquired 100% of the outstanding shares of Source Exchange Traded Investments LLC, a dedicated Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) provider based in Europe, was purchased from venture capital/private equity firm Warburg Pincus LLC and a conglomerate of investment banks, including JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. Source joined PowerShares, Invesco's existing ETF business.[10][11][11]:32 Source.archArchive-org-sm.svg
??.2016 Invesco Asset Management (India) Private Ltd, an Indian asset management company, was acquired.[11][11]:39
Jemstep Inc, a provider of advisor-focused professionally-selected investment options across mutual funds and ETFs.[12] WebsiteArchive-org-sm.svg, Website
Atlantic Trust Private Wealth Management was sold to the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Canada's 5th-largest bank.[13][14]
Religare Asset Management: Invesco entered India through a Joint Venture with Religare Securities Ltd (51%), with an option to increase its stake. In Dec.2015, Invesco acquired the outstanding 51% of Religare Invesco Asset Management Company Ltd from Religare Securities Ltd.[15] ReligareWikipedia-W.svg, Website
Morgan Stanley's retail asset management business, including Van Kampen Investments Inc, was acquired.[16][17] Post-acquisition, branding in the USA was reviewed, with Invesco Aim and Aim funds being rebranded as Invesco.
Invesco Holding Company Ltd: Invesco plc was de-listed, and changed its name again; re-registered as a private limited company, and became a subsidiary of Invesco Ltd via a share swap, thereby domiciling itself in Bermuda.[18]:4
May.2007 Invesco plc: yet another name change.[19] In Nov., a new global brand identity was launched, and headquarters was moved from London to Atlanta; the primary listing was moved to the New York Stock Exchange in Dec. WebsiteArchive-org-sm.svg
WL Ross & Company LLC, a private equity firm specialising in alternative assets for institutional investors, was acquired,[20] and took over the direct private equity business. In 2018, it was rebranded as "Invesco Private Capital".[9] The firm was founded in 1976 as a team within Rothschild Inc, advising various constituencies for bankruptcies and workouts around the world. In Apr.2000, the business was purchased from Rothschild Inc via an MBO, creating WL Ross & Company LLC.[21] WL Ross & CoWikipedia-W.svg, WebsiteArchive-org-sm.svg
PowerShares Capital Management LLC was acquired, expanding Invesco's business into exchange-traded funds (ETFs).[20]:10 Subseqently renamed to Invesco PowerShares Capital Management LLC. Invesco PowerSharesWikipedia-W.svg, Webpage
Dec.2005 Outsourcing: The banking operations in Germany were outsourced and, in Jan.2006, the German banking license was sold.[22]
Amvescap Retirement Inc, based in Atlanta George, was sold to Merrill Lynch. Amvescap Retirement, a subsidiary of Amvescap plc, was a full-service retirement plan provider in the US defined contribution market, providing administrative, record-keeping, brokerage, trust and custodial services for retirement plants, individual retirement accounts, and education savings programs and accounts. The transaction included its registered broker/dealer subsidiary.[23] Amvescap RetirementArchive-org-sm.svg
2005 First foreign firm allowed to expand stake in China JV to 49%.
2003 Formed a Joint Venture with Great Wall Securities in China.
mid.2003 Trading abuse charges brought against Invesco, tarnishing the brand name.
2002 Expansion: the business was expanded globally with purchase of London-based Parkes & Company (London); Hypo-Vereinsbank's real estate unit (Munich); high-net-worth manager Whitehall Asset Management.
Atlantic Trust Private Wealth Management was formed to serve high-net-worth individuals and their families. Atlantic Trust was built by the successive acquisitions of Pell Rudman & Company Inc/Pell Rudman Trust Company (Boston), acq'd Aug.2001; Whitehall Asset Management (New York); and Stein Roe Investment Counsel.
2001 Expansion: County Investment Management in Australia (acq'd from National Australia Bank in Jan.2001), and Grand Pacific in Taiwan, were acquired.
Apr.2001 National Asset Management, a USA concern, was added to enhance institutional product offerings.
Trimark Financial Corporation, Canada's 6th largest mutual fund company, was acquired.[24][25][26] TrimarkArchive-org-sm.svg, AIM TrimarkArchive-org-sm.svg, Invesco TrimarkArchive-org-sm.svg, Website
Perpetual plc,OpenCorporates-sm.svg a UK retail fund manager, was acquired, creating a leading position in the UK. Founded in 1974 in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire by Martyn ArbibWikipedia-W.svg, Perpetual grew to become one of the UK's largest fund managers. After ~2 years,[27] Mr Arbib finally found a buyer in Amvesco. [28]PerpetualArchive-org-sm.svg
May.1998 Invesco Global Asset Management Ltd was formed by the acquisition of Bermuda-registered LGT Asset Management,[29] a division of Liechenstein Global Trust AG. The firm was renamed, maintaining its Bermuda domicile.[30]:a The purchase included pension fund manager Chancellor LGT Asset Management, a New York institutional money management company, and GT Global Inc, an international mutual-fund company based in San Francisco. GT Global had operations in Hong Kong, Japan, Canada and Germany, where it operated the 2nd-largest foreign-owned asset manager.[29]
May.1997 Amvescap plc: another name change, because it seemed like a better fit than "Amvesco". WebsiteArchive-org-sm.svg
Mar.1997 Amvesco plc: AIM Management Group Inc/AIM Advisors Inc, a large USA mutual fund group, was acquired and combined with Denver-based Invesco Funds Group, a direct subsidiary,[31] creating one of the largest independent investment management businesses in the world. The company's name was changed to reflect the merger.[29][19][30]:b
Nov.1996 Invesco AIM plc: Invesco and AIM Management Group Inc merged.[31]
1995-1996 Expansion: expanded the US investor base via an American Depositary Receipt listing on NYSE. Invesco expanded globally with the addition of Hong Kong and Canadian businesses.
Jun.1993 Invesco plc: another name change, this time because "the use of INVESCO MIM has tended to cause confusion".[19][30]:c
Jan.1990 INVESCO MIM plc: Britannia Arrow changed its name so as to more closely identify the parent company with the name of its major operating subsidiary.[19][30]:d
Dec.1988 Britannia Arrow Holdings plc acquired the outstanding 55% stake in Invesco Capital Management.[19][30]:e
Singer & Friedlander Ltd: the 91% interest in the merchant bank subsidiary, acquired in Apr.1984, was sold to entrepreneur Nigel Wray and former chairman Tony Solomon.[32][AR-Dec.1987 ref]
Dec.1986 Britannia Arrow Holdings plc acquired a 45% stake in a limited partnership with Invesco Capital Management Inc.[30]:f
1986 With Robert Maxwell's help, David Stevens (Lord Stevens of Ludgate) engineered a reverse takeover of Britannia Arrow, which left him in control of the new outfit, Invesco, and freed from MIM's owners.[33] (Background: in 1974, Midland Bank bought Drayton Group, and merged it with its merchant bank subsidiary, Samuel Montagu, forming a new investment division, Drayton Montagu Portfolio Management. By 1981, the division had been renamed Montagu Investment Management (MIM).)[34]
Mar.1982 Britannia Arrow Holdings plc: Britannia Arrow Holdings Ltd was re-registered as a public company.[19][30]:g
?date? Montagu Investment Management was acquired.[35],ref
Sept.1977 Britannia Arrow Holdings Ltd: the company was renamed + what remained of the group's investment management and insurance divisions. Britannia Financial Services Ltd and Arrow Life Assurance Company Ltd. [30]:h[36]
Sept.1977 The Bank of England took over the company, together with various assets. In Sept.1977, the Bank sold the entirely of Salter, Walker's issued share capita, plus various other assets, for 18.3m to ??.[AR-Dec.1978, p.9] The Bank of England took over Slater, Walker Securities's banking arm to save it from insolvency.
1974 Slater, Walker Securities got into financial difficulties, partly due to a worldwide recession, and partly when companies to which it had made large loans became victims of the 1973–74 stock market crashWikipedia-W.svg. In Dec.1975, the Bank of England stepped in to support the company by guaranteeing and indemnifying it for up to £40m.[37][38]
Sept.1964 Slater, Walker Securities Ltd: the firm was renamed after Tory MP Peter WalkerWikipedia-W.svg and investor Jim SlaterWikipedia-W.svg acquired control of H Lotery & Co Ltd.OpenCorporates-sm.svg The firm was notorious for corporate raidsWikipedia-W.svg, using its clients' money to acquire control of companies and asset-stripping them.[37] Slater WalkerWikipedia-W.svg
Dec.1935 H Lotery & Company Ltd, a property company, was incorporated in the UK.

Invesco Mk.I

Dec.1988 Charles Brady sold the rest of Invesco to Britannia Arrow.ref
mid-1980s Britannia Arrow Corporation, a UK-based, listed company, acquired 45% of the company. Britannia also owned Montagu Investment Management (MIM).ref
1978 Invesco: Citizens and Southern Investment Counseling Company was bought out by Charles W Brady and 8 other employees, and renamed.[39]
1971 Citizens and Southern Investment Counseling Company was created by the trust department of Atlanta's Citizens and Southern National Bank.ref,ref

AIM Management Group Inc

  • Feb.1997: Invesco plc acquired AIM Management Group, forming #Amvescap plc.[40] The two fund shops continued operating independently of one another for some time, with AIM in Houston, and Invesco's USA operations in Denver.
  • 1993: 63 AIM insiders gained 70% control of the company in a leveraged buyout financed by Boston private equity firm TA Associates Management LP.
  • 1992: CIGNA Funds Group was acquired.
  • Dec.1990: Primco Capital Management Inc, a Louisville, Kentucky-based firm specialising in managing stable return investments, principally on behalf of Section 401(k) retirement plans, was acquired.[41] Separately, "a Dallas-based real estate company" was purchased.
  • 1986: The Weingarten Fund, Constellation Fund, and Charter Fund were purchased, which formed AIM's core product line.ref
  • 1976: AIM Management Group Inc was formed by Charles T Bauer, a WWII Navy pilot, Gary T Crum, Robert H Graham and and two former American General Insurance Company managers. The group held 38% of the company, with two outside investors holding the rest. When AIM started up, the company had a table, two chairs, and a telephone.ref WebsiteArchive-org-sm.svg

Sources: Our History, Feb.2014, Little Sis, Company Histories

Van Kampen Investments

  • 1996: acquired by Morgan Stanley.[16][17]
  • 1994: Van Kampen Investments: Van Kampen Merritt and American Capital (formerly Channing Corporation) merged.
  • 1974: Insured unit investment trusts were pioneered by Robert Van Kampen.
  • late.1950s: Channing Corporation launched its first mutual funds in North America.

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  • Mar.15.2018: Invesco retiring Trimark and PowerShares investment brands. Investment manager Invesco Ltd. will be putting an end to popular key investment brands Trimark and PowerShares in an effort to build a stronger single global brand that will be more easy to identify among investors. Last month, the company announced internally that it will be retiring "sub-brands" PowerShares, Trimark and U.K-based Perpetual in all markets, including Canada and the United Kingdom. The shift to a single brand will be done throughout the remainder of 2018. Trimark was founded in 1981 and has been a well-recognized brand among Canadian mutual fund investors. In 2008, U.S. parent firm Invesco Ltd. renamed AIM Trimark Investments to Invesco Trimark Ltd. But as Invesco began to streamline its branding, Trimark was later dropped in 2011 from the name of the Canadian business, while being retained for 31 investment funds offered to Canadian investors. A fourth Invesco entity, WL Ross & Co., a well-known brand in the private equity market, will be re-branded under the Invesco Private Capital name. Clare O'Hara, The Global and Mail.


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