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Plastipak Holdings is a privately-held manufacturer of rigid plastic containers for the consumer-products industry, based in Michigan, USA. Through its subsidiaries, Plastipak Holdings designs and manufactures plastic containers for beverage, consumer cleaning, food, industrial and automotive, and personal care productsref The group is a $2.8bn diversified enterprise.ref

Plastipak Holdings operates 47+ production sites in the USA, Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. It holds 1,500+ USA patents for its package designs and manufacturing processes. In addition, Plastipak licenses various packaging technologies around the world.

In North America, Plastipak is the exclusive supplier of plastic containers to Procter & Gamble for heavy-duty, liquid laundry detergents, and the largest supplier of plastic containers to Kraft Foods for their salad dressings, barbecue sauces and grated cheeses.ref



The company is owned by the Young Family.ref,ref,ref



  • Plastipak Holdings, Inc
    • Plastipak UK Ltd
    • Clean Tech UK Ltd
    • Clean Tech Europe Ltd (an inactive company), are the subsidiaries in the UK of .

Plastipak Europe


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Plastipak North America
Plastipak South America

Plastipak Packaging

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Clean Tech, Plastipak’s recycling affiliate, was founded in 1989 to reclaim the plastic in water containers and other post-consumer packaging. Clean Tech recycles over 200 million lbs of plastic per year.
Clean Tech operates the UK’s largest post-consumer bottle reprocessing plant and is the UK’s leading food grade rPET manufacturer. All the products produced have been manufactured in the UK using post-consumer waste. Every PET bottle we recycle is given a 2nd life, saving raw materials and reducing waste thus creating a better environment for us all to live in.

Whiteline Express

Whiteline Express, founded in 1983, is a trucking and logistics management company which logs over 25m miles a year.ref

TABB Solutions

TABB Packaging Solutions operates as a sister company.


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  • 1967: Founded by William and Mary Young.