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Association Familiale Mulliez

Creadev SAS[1] is a French private equity/venture capital firm company controlled by the Mulliez family's holding company, Association Familiale Mulliez. Creadev was launched in Apr.2002.OpenCorporates-sm.svg The Mulliez family is not only one of the wealthiest in Europe but is also one of the largest. The family‘s holding company, Association Familiale Mulliez (AFM), is co-owned by more than 1,000 family members, 600 of which are all millionaires. The primary source of the family’s wealth can be traced back to 1961, when Gérard Mulliez opened his first Auchan shop in his hometown of Roubaix. Today, the company has grown into a multinational corporation which focuses primarily on retail. The Mulliez entrepreneurial history dates back to when Gérard Mulliez’s father, Gérard Sr. opened a retail store. Gérard learned the ins and outs of the business, eventually making his way t the position of chairman before branching out on his own at the age of 29. Gérard Mulliez and his wife have 13 children; however, none the children succeeded him when he stepped down from his CEO position in 2006. It was his nephew Vianney Mulliez who stepped in to fill the void. Vianney previously served the company as Director of Business Development – Auchan Hypermarkets at Auchan Holding SA. Gerard Mulliez’s personal net worth is estimated to be $30 billion.ref Gérard MulliezWikipedia-W.svg

The Mulliez family owns one of the largest retail empires in the world. From its origins in northern France, its members have launched more than 20 different retail enterprises including Auchan (supermarkets), Boulanger (electronic devices), Decathlon (sports stores), Phildar (hosiery and yarn) and many other well-known brands. With more than 700 family members currently, they have nurtured a unique business model whereby new generations receive an in-house education and incentives are provided through innovative ownership design. The case identifies the contributions of the Mulliez family that underpin the conglomerate´s successful business strategy. It also analyses the challenges facing the family and its use of special governance structures to mitigate them.ref,ref,ref,link,ref,[2],link,link,link,link,link,link, ... DDG

Mobilis (family office of the Mulliez family), link, Mobilis is based in Roubaix, near the border with Belgium. Mulliez Family Office (Mulliez Family Office) is a Family Office located in Lyon, France, Europe. Ten family businesses with family offices, link

Blog on the Mulliez empire, link Blog on the Mulliez empire (newer version), link Both these blogs promote Bertrand Gobin's book, + contain lots of excerpts.

Auchan Holding, link


  • Groupe Acticall SA, OpenCorporates-sm.svg, reg. Luxembourg
    • Sitel Worldwide Corporation, OpenCorporates-sm.svg, reg. Delaware
      • Sitel International Holdings Inc, OpenCorporates-sm.svg, reg. Delaware
        • Sitel Europe Ltd, OpenCorporates-sm.svg

Groupe Acticall SA, founded in 1994 in France by Laurent Uberti and Olivier Camino, evolved from a pure contact center outsourcing company to an integrated services group in the customer relationship management sector. Acticall’s primary shareholder is Creadev, the Mulliez FamilyWikipedia-W.svg's investment arm. The Mulliez family, in northern France, is one of the wealthiest families in France.[1] OpenCorporates-sm.svg (reg. France)

Acticall is an integrated services group specializing in client relations management. Groupe Acticall’s portfolio includes 5 subsidiaries:

  • consultancy Extens Consulting; created 2013
  • Customer Relationship Training Learning CRMArchive-org-sm.svg >> Learning Tribes, created 2004
  • contact centers [Acticall Centres de Contacts]
  • Digital-CRM and Social Media agency The Social ClientArchive-org-sm.svg, created 2011
  • technology solutions [Novagile]; created 2013; became innso Interactions solutions May 2019.ref
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Sitel Worldwide Corporation

2017: The group is owned by Creadev, an international investment firm based in Paris, France. Creadev is owned by the Mulliez family, reportedly the richest family in France, which made much of its money in retail businesses. Acticall, based in Paris, was established in 1994 and was later taken over by Creadev. Laurent Uberti, co-founder of Acticall; Olivier Camino, co-founder, and Arnaud de Lacoste, co-founder.,

Acticall Group,

Groupe Acticall SA was bought out by Creadev (55%) on Jul 1, 2009, with the remaining share capital held by the founding managers.

  • 2016:
    Sitel Group was established after Group Acticall - the French startup he founded in 1994 - acquired U.S.-based Sitel.

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2020 subsids: gone, subsumed into Sitel 2015: subsidiaries: (see link re pdf press releases on these)

Creadev has held a 55% stake in the Acticall Group since 2009, with the remaining share capital held by the founding managers.

  • Mar.2017:
    Acticall Sitel Group: Acticall Sitel dismissed over 150 management personnel to streamline the way the company does business
  • Sept.2015: [[File:Groupe-Acticall.svg|105x35px|right}} Groupe Acticall SA, a French customer relationship management (CMS) vendor, completed the acquisition of Onex Corporation's 86% majority stake in Sitel, plus the remaining 14% from other shareholders.[2] The acquisition was a reverse takeover, with the well-established Sitel name being retained.[3]
  • 2013: Sitel restructured to support a focus on higher margin activities such as its SaaS offerings, transformational CMS contracts (such as the win with TDC in September 2014), WAHA, multi-channel and social media support.
  • Feb.2007:
    Sitel unveiled a new brand. As part of the rebranding strategy, the company announced it would adopt the name "Sitel".[4]
  • Jan.2007:
    Sitel Worldwide Corporation: ClientLogic Corporation, the operating company of Canadian private equity firm Onex Corporation, delisted Sitel from the NYSE and merged with it.[3] In Apr.2008, Onex bought Sitel's preferred shares; then an additional $69m shares; by Dec.2008, it held an 86% stake.[5]
  • 2001: Financial problems prompted layoffs and restructuring.
  • Feb.1996-May.1998: SITEL went on a worldwide acquisition binge,[6][7][8] gobbling up a dozen companies and piling up debt.[9] OpenCorporates-sm.svg
  • Dec.1996: SITEL Corporation began trading on the New York Stock Exchange.[10]
  • Jun.1995: SITEL Corporation completed an initial public offering on the Nasdaq Stock Market.[6] OpenCorporates-sm.svg
  • 1992: May Telemarketing Inc was acquired, providing SITEL with entry into the telecommunications and publishing industries.[11]
  • 1985:
    SITEL Corporation: James F Lynch, president of HQ800 Inc, an Omaha, Nebraska telemarketing firm owned by United Technologies Corporation, bought HQ800 Inc's assets and changed its name to SITEL (Systems International TELemarketing).[12]
Additional Sources: Key Events in SITEL’s History (1995 – present). SITEL Corporation. Original archived on Jun.19.2000.


  • In 2019, Sitel Group launched MAX - My Associate Experience. MAX is a business-wide mindset for transforming the associate experience, together.ref
  • May 2019: Novagile becomes Innso
  • ?date: Sitel Group, was Acticall Sitel Group
  • sister companies: Abilways, Sculpteo, Agorize, DigiSchool, Voltalia
  • May 2019: Acticall France became Sitel France
  • 2018 (?):
    The Social Client relaunched as "TSC".
  • 2013: Novagile launched.
  • 2013:
    Extens Consulting SAS launched.ref, Extens Consulting SAS, OpenCorporates-sm.svg
  • 2011:
    The Social Client, Sitel’s digital customer experience agency, was launched. TheSocialClient.comArchive-org-sm.svg,
  • Sept.2007: The company was founded on September 11, 2007 with the status of a simplified joint stock company.
  • Creation date of Learning Tribes: 2004
  • ?date?: contact centers (Acticall Centres de Contacts)
  •  ??.2016: Acticall Sitel Group was established, and began to expand its domestic and international reach.
  • Jan.2016:
    Learning Tribes: Learming CRM was rebranded and renamed, becoming an international training group.[13] Learning-Tribes.comArchive-org-sm.svg,
  • Sept.2015: Sitel Worldwide Corporation (Systems International TELemarketing), a Nashville, USA-based call center company was acquired from private equity firm Onex Corporation (86%) and other shareholders..[14][15]
  • 2014: The Social Client acquired Sociabliz, thereby strengthening its resources in engineering and development of multi-connected applications and acquiring a creation studio
  • 2013: Extens Consulting, a new consulting subsidiary, was launched.
  • 2013: Novagile, a technology solutions subsidiary, was launched.
  • 2013: Expansion: opening of new sites in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and São Paulo (Brazil).
  • 2010: The Social Client, together with its “Digital-CRM” offer, entirely dedicated to digital customer relationship management, was launched.
  • 2009: Sale of MBO and X-Ange shares to Creadev SAS (Mulliez family), ie 45% of the capital of the Acticall Group; the remainder of the capital being held by the founding directors of the Group.
  • Mar.2007:
    Learning CRM, a French firm specialising in distance training, was acquired by Groupe Acticall. Learning CRM was founded in 2004 by communication and multimedia production agency TionArchive-org-sm.svg, as a training company for the customer service industry. Learning-CRM.comArchive-org-sm.svg
  • Jun.2006: Vitalicom was acquired.
  • 2003: Leveraged buyout and opening of capital to two private equity firms: MBO Partenaires and Siparex Groupe's X-Ange, then owned by Le Groupe La Poste.[16]
  • 2000: Opening of the capital to the LVMH group.
  • 1996: The Acticall Group was founded by the three current managers: Laurent Uberti, .
  • 1985: the current Sitel subsidiary was created
Sources: History of the Acticall Group. . Original archived on Jul.18.2014.


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