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3G Capital is a private equity firm specializing in buyouts of brands and businesses in the retail and consumer sectors.ref
The firm was founded in late 2004 by Brazilian billionaires Alex BehringWikipedia-W.svg, Jorge Paulo LemannWikipedia-W.svg, Marcel Herrmann TellesWikipedia-W.svg, Carlos Alberto SicupiraWikipedia-W.svg and Roberto Thompson Motta. It operates out of New York City and Leblon, Brazil,ref and frequently partners with Berkshire Hathaway for acquisitions.

3G Capital is notorious for its "lean, mean" approach: widespread layoffs, lower budgets, new levels of austerity, and “zero-based budgeting”. Then, for shareholders: profit.[1]


Holdings/Portfolio: Nasdaq (3G Capital Partners LP), StockZOA (3G Capital Partners Ltd), DDG "3G Capital", DDG


Feb.2017 Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen was acquired by Restaurant Brands International Inc.ref
Kraft Heinz Company: the two companies completed their merger, becoming the 5th largest food company in the world.ref In June, Berkshire Hathaway became a majority owner of Heinz after exercising an option to acquire 46m shares of common stock, resulting in its stake increasing to 52.5%.ref
Kraft Foods Group Inc announced its merger with Heinz, with Heinz buying 51% of Kraft. The Kraft/Heinz deal was arranged and financed by Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital.ref
Dec.2014 Restaurant Brands International: After 3G and Berkshire Hathaway completed the acquisition of Tim Hortons, they merged it with Burger King to form Restaurant Brands International Inc.ref,ref 3G held a 51% majority stake, Tim Hortons shareholders owning 22%, Burger King shareholders 27%. Berkshire Hathaway partially funded the purchase by buying $3bn worth of preferred shares.
Heinz: 3G Capital, together with Berkshire Hathaway, completed their 50/50 acquisition of 51% of HJ Heinz Company. They immediately took the company private.ref,ref
Jun.2012Burger King: 3G re-listed Burger King as a publicly traded company via a deal with Justice Holdings, retaining a 71% stake in the company.ref
Nov.2010 Burger King: 3G acquired Burger King Holdings Inc, and took the company private.ref Burger King then introduced a reworked menu and marketing strategies.ref
Anheuser-Busch InBev: the beer behemoth was born out of a hostile takeover orchestrated by 3G.ref

3G Capital Partners LP is an adviser to the fund "3G Restaurant Brands Holdings LP".ref
On Sept.24.2015, 3G Special Situations Fund II LP completed an internal restructuring of its holdings. In connection with the Internal Restructuring, 3G Special Situations Fund II formed 3G Restaurant Brands Holdings LP ("3G RBH") and transferred to it all of its interests in Restaurant Brands International LP ("RBI LP"). 3G RBH was formed for the purpose of continuing to hold 3G Special Situations Fund II's interests in RBI LP for the benefit of 3G Special Situations Fund II's former limited partners and general partner. In consideration for the transfer, 3G Special Situations Fund II received limited partnership interests in 3G RBH. The transferred 243,858,915 Exchangeable Units are the sole assets of 3G RBH.
3G RBH directly owns the reported securities. As a result, 3G Restaurant Brands Holdings General Partner Ltd, as the general partner of 3G RBH, may be deemed to have voting and dispositive power with respect to the reported securities. Each of 3G RBH and 3G Restaurant Brands Holdings General Partner Ltd disclaim beneficial ownership of the reported securities except to the extent of its pecuniary interest therein.ref