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GEOAmey provide safe and secure transportation and custody suite services for prisoners and young people in custody across England and Wales, on behalf of the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and the Youth Custody Service (YCS).

  • Jun.07.2018: MoJ to review use of pain-inducing restraint on young offenders. The Ministry of Justice is launching a review of the use of pain-inducing restraint across all child prisons and escorting procedures after Article 39, a children’s charity, threatened legal action. MoJ figures show there were 97 incidents last year in which young offenders showed signs of asphyxiation or other danger signs after being restrained, and four serious physical injuries that resulted in hospitalisation. The charity threatened legal action over authorisation for escort officers from the contractor GEOAmey to use pain-inflicting restraint techniques on children as young as 10 when escorting them to and from secure children’s homes. Article 39, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, the Children’s Commissioner for Wales and others have urged the MoJ to banish pain-inducing techniques across the children’s secure estate. ... Emma Lewell-Buck, Phillip Lee. In 2012 the govt introduced new guidelines on minimising and managing physical restraint (MMPR) for both children and adults. In 2015 the Guardian revealed that an internal risk assessment of restraint techniques had found that certain procedures approved for use against non-compliant children in custody carried a 40-60% chance of causing injuries affecting the child’s breathing or circulation, the consequences of which could be “catastrophic”. A third of the approved MMPR methods are pain-inducing. Publicly available copies of the instructor training manual depicting the techniques contain 182 redactions. Article 39 has been engaged in a protracted legal dispute with the MoJ to bring this material into the public domain. Organisations charged with investigating claims of abuse arising from the use of restraint, such as the prisons and probation ombudsman, would not be given access to the MMPR manual. Eric Allison, Simon Hattenstone, The Guardian.


  • Feb.23.2018: Contract buyout by Carillion rival Amey saves 700 rail network jobs. More than 700 jobs in Carillion's rail business have been saved by transferring them to the rival construction company Amey. Carillion was Network Rail's second largest contractor when it went bust last month. Amey, the UK subsidiary of Ferrovial, the Spanish infrastructure group, said it was taking over key Carillion contracts including its work on the East Coast and Midland main lines, electrification around Manchester and finishing Crossrail in London. "This will mean that our rail business will grow significantly," Andy Milner, its chief executive, said. The Times, Robert Lea