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Anglian Water Group's principal business is #Anglian Water, the group's regulated water and sewerage company, which supplies water and water recycling services to more than 6m customers in the east of England and Hartlepool.
#Anglian Venture Holdings Ltd is the investment and management vehicle responsible for the group’s commercial businesses across the UK and Ireland. These businesses have a combined turnover in excess of £500m and offer customers expertise in the water industry and infrastructure related sectors. Anglian Venture Holdings works to add value through water conservation, innovative engineering and competitive pricing.ref



The Osprey consortium:[1]

Anglian Water


About, Structure

  • 2016/2017:
    • Dividends paid: £22.5m (2016: £61.2m). In addition, a 1st interim dividend of £16.3m for 2017/2018 was paid in Jun.2017.
    • Mar.2017: the net pension deficit for the group was £98.2m (2016: £3.0m).
    • WaterAid.svg
      Donated £40,000 to WaterAid. Employee volunteers, partners and suppliers across the business, and the WaterAid Volunteers’ Committee fundraised an extra £766,474 for WaterAid (2016: £624,984).
  • Anglian Water employs 94% of the group’s employees.
  • 92% of the apprentices and 91% of graduates employed since 2012 are still with Anglian Water.
  • Debt:

Set up a fund for genuinely "cannot afford to pay" people

Anglian Venture Holdings Ltd

Anglian Venture Holdings is the investment and management vehicle responsible for the Anglian Water Group’s commercial businesses across the UK and Ireland, with over £100m invested to date. These businesses have a combined turnover in excess of £600 million and offer customers a wealth of expertise in the water industry and infrastructure related sectors. Drawing on this experience, Anglian Venture Holdings works to add value through water conservation, innovative engineering and competitive pricing.ref


Wave is a water retail company, and is a 50%/50% joint venture between Anglia Venture Holdings and Northumbrian Water Group Business (NWGB). Northumbian Water Group is the 2nd largest UK water retailer in the UK. Wave offers competitive pricing that reduces water bills, offering a service-driven approach that helps businesses make savings.

Anglian Water Business (National) LtdCH, NWGB About, See also NWGB Water Market

Celtic Anglian Water Ltd

CAW is based in Ireland, and works on a number of treatment plants for Irish Water throughout the Republic of Ireland. CAW is looking to secure new private customers within the food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing sectors, alongside working with Irish Water on further municipal treatment plants. Website, About

Alpheus Environmental Ltd

The Waste Services within Alpheus provides liquid waste disposal at 4 strategically located sites in Milton Keynes, Lincoln, Basildon and Norwich. The facilities have Environment Agency permits, and can accept a wide range of liquid wastes, such as food, leachate, sewage and waste contaminated with oils. Alpheus is a specialist in wastewater asset management, working for global and national customers in the private and municipal sectors. The firm can deliver hands-on operation and maintenance contracts for customers’ on-site wastewater treatment plants, as well as specialist expertise in designing and building innovative technologies for treatment plants. CH, About

AWG Utilities

AWG Utilities, the insets service, offers residential developers an option to choose a different water company beyond the incumbent water supplier operating within the region they are developing in. AWG Utilities can offer bespoke solutions on a site-by-site basis, reducing developer costs and timescales. AWG Utilities can provide bespoke water and wastewater infrastructure designs to residential developers, adopting all onsite drainage from the residential developer for sewers, drinking water pipes and pumps, which takes the burden away from developers not having to manage onsite drainage before the incumbent water company adopts the sewers and pumps.ref

AWG Property Ltd

AWG Property is the property and development subsidiary of the Anglian Water Group, based in Edinburgh. The company consists of a specialist team of property professionals who develop, invest and manage the assets of residential and commercial properties.
Founded in 1979 and initially operating from Tain, then Inverness in the Scottish Highlands, Morrison Developments expanded & relocated into Edinburgh in 1988. It was part of the Morrison Construction Group which was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1994, and was subsequently acquired by AWG plc in 2000, at which point it was rebranded as AWG Property Ltd.ref,ref

TIDE Services Ltd

TIDE Services is a team of commercially-focused individuals with great ideas, drive and ambition, supported by first class I.T. services and a team of highly skilled software developers.
Current brands and commercial activities are centred around 3 core markets: property conveyancing, residential insurances and the provision of web hosted information solutions for utilities. The team at TIDE Services manage the Anglian Water Direct, digdat and Geodesys businesses on behalf of Anglian Water Services. CH

Anglian Water Direct

Anglian Water Services Ltd, t/a Anglian Water Direct, promotes home emergency insurance and water efficiency products to homeowners. Anglian Water Direct works in partnership with industrial partners to provide high quality products and services to homeowners, helping them fix, maintain and look after their homes whilst saving water.

Anglian Water Direct works in association with HomeServe to provide customers with a range of home emergency insurance products. A partnership with water conservation company Aqualogic offers customers a range of garden eco-products. Aqualogic have been providing innovative, durable and environmentally friendly water saving solutions for 30+ years.
Anglian Water Services Ltd is an appointed representative of HomeServe Membership Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, for its general insurance activities. HomeServe is a trading name of HomeServe Membership Ltd, regno. 2770612.ref About


digdat delivers web hosted solutions with viewing tools, primarily for the utility sector. The firm provides 24/7 instant access to service information, and enables proactive and two-way customer communication delivered to any device anywhere.

digdat is a commercial business unit, and a trading name of Anglian Water Services. digdat provides access to asset and service information in a flexible and scalable way using powerful viewing tools.ref About


Geodesys The company provides land and property search information for legal professionals and developers, offering a broad range of products for residential and commercial property transactions.

Geodesys provides a full range of conveyancing searches for residential and commercial properties throughout England and Wales. Geodesys is an executive member of CoPSO (Council of Property Search Organisations), a trade association working towards a more efficient and effective market for searches.ref


  • Feb.2018: 3i Infrastructure plc sold its stake to the private equity consortium of Dalmore Capital Ltd and GLIL Infrastructure LLP.[2]
  • Dec.2006: AWG plc, which supplies water to 5.4m customers in southeastern England, was acquired by a consortium of pension funds from Australia and Canada, and UK private equity company 3i Group plc. AWG also has a property division and a construction unit, Morrison.[3]
  • Sept.2000: Morrison Construction, a Scottish support services and construction company, was acquired.[4] morrisonplc.comArchive-org-sm.svg
    • Mar.2006: Morrison Construction: the construction division was sold to Galliford Try, a UK-based construction company.[5] The remainder of the business was split into two divisions, Morrison Facilities Services and Morrison Utilities Services.
    • Mar.2008: Morrison Utility Services division was sold to two private equity firms, Cognetas LLP and Englefield Capital.[6]
    • Nov.2012: Morrison Facilities Services division was sold to the Mears Group, a housing services and management company.[7]
  • 1993:
    Argentina's Water was privatised by Carlos MenemWikipedia-W.svg's free-market govt, egged on by the World Bank.[8] In Buenos Aires, a 30-year contract was sold to Aguas Argentinas, a consortium of four corporations: Anglian Water, Vivendi SA, Lyonnaise des Eaux SA and Aguas de Barcelona, a Spanish company.[9] Water privatization in ArgentinaWikipedia-W.svg
    • 2001: Financial Crisis: Argentina went through a severe financial crisis. The Argentinian govt froze the rates companies could charge, in order to support access to essential services. Many lawsuits were brought against Aguas Argentinas for poor service, which retaliated by threats to suspend certain water services.[8]
    • Apr.2003: Lawsuit: Aguas Argentinas sued the Argentinian govt, arguing that they had a right to expect that the terms of the contract by which the water services were privatised in 1993, would continue unchanged for the 30 years of the contract. The freezing of tariffs broke their expectations.
    • 2006: AYSA: The Argentinian govt revoked Aguas Argentinas’ contract, supported by 83% of the public. The water services were brought back into public hands, to be run by Agua y Saneamientos Argentinos SA (AYSA), a state owned water company.
    • Apr.2015:
      The World Bank Group's International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes ruled that the Argentinian govt unfairly refused to allow the private companies to raise tariffs, and that they were entitled to damages. The ISDS tribunal did not agree that human rights obligations (access to water) should take precedence over the investment treaty. The tribunal found in favour of Anglian Water and the other investors, and ordered Argentina to pay a total of £251m to the four corporations, of which £13m was for Anglian Water.
  • awg.comArchive-org-sm.svg
  • See Reports list on Talk page.


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