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Beatrice Companies Inc > Beatrice Foods Company: American food processing company

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  • 1999:
    Nauvoo Blue Cheese was bought from St Louis cream cheese maker Raskas Company, and renamed "Beatrice Cheese-Nauvoo". In May.2003, Nauvoo was sold to Saputo Inc.
  • Mar.1988: Tropicana was sold by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts to Seagram's, a Canadian alcoholic beverage maker. In Aug.1998: Seagram's wanted to expand into the entertainment industry, and sold Tropicana to PepsiCo.
  • Apr.1986: Beatrice Foods was bought by private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, and asset-stripped to reduce debt.
  • Feb.1985: Beatrice Companies Inc sold their Beatrice Chemical division to Imperial Chemical Industries. The business units that formed Beatrice Chemical were: Stahl Finish, Paule Chemical, Polyvinyl Chemical Industries, Converters Ink Company, and Thoro System Products.ref
  • Mar.1982: Callard & Bowser, Nuttall was purchased from Guinness, who wanted to focus on their core brewing operations.[1]
  • Jan.1982: Tannoy Ltd: the six British directors bought out the company from Beatrice Foods.[2] TannoyWikipedia-W.svg
  • Aug.1978: Tropicana was bought by Beatrice Companies Inc from its 77 year-old owner, Anthony Rossi, who wanted to retire.
  • ^ Callard & Bowser sold. The Times Archive, Mar.16.1982.
  • ^ Tannoy is back in Britain. The Times Archive, Jan.26.1982.