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Carlyle Group LP is an American diversified, multi-product, multinational, private equity, alternative asset management firm. One of the world's largest. The company operates through 4 business segments:

  • Corporate Private Equity: advises its buyout and growth capital funds, which pursue various corporate investments of different sizes and growth potentials;
  • Real Assets: advises its 26 active funds focused on real estate, infrastructure and energy and natural resources, including power.(Dec.2016)
  • Global Market Strategies: advises a group of 57 active funds that pursue investment strategies, including leveraged loans and structured credit, energy credit, middle market lending and distressed debt.(Dec.2016)
  • Investment Solutions: provides investment opportunities and resources in alternative investment strategies in private equity and real estate.

Political Contributions: the Carlyle Group ranked 134 out of 19,246 contributors to the 2018 US Election Cycle.ref


Crony Capitalism and the Iron Triangle: the so-called iron-triangle refers to industry, govt and the military. The Carlyle Group is infamous for the number of ex-Govt and high-ranking political leaders who work for them.ref,ref Perhaps the most high-profile UK individual is John MajorWikipedia-W.svg,ref former UK Prime Minister, who was Chairman of Carlyle Europe between May.2001-Aug.2004.ref In Feb.2003, Carlyle acquired a 31% share in then govt-owned British defence firm QinetiQ, whose Chairman was Baroness Pauline Neville-JonesWikipedia-W.svg. QinetiQ was privatised in Jan.2006, netting the Carlyle Group a profit of over £300m.ref

Corruption: The Carlyle Group manages the financial assets of the Saudi Binladen Corporation, headed up by the Osama bin Laden family, who played a major role in helping George W Bush win petroleum concessions from Bahrain when he was head of Texan oil company, Harken Energy CorporationWikipedia-W.svg - a deal that made the Bush family $millions.ref Dutch National TV's video Exposed: The Carlyle Group, eplains how the US govt, military, and business collude to pad the pockets of the ruling elite.



Total float: 95.5%
Source: MarketScreener.svg, Mar.2020
Five Overseas Investment LLC is a United Arab Emirates limited liability company registered in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.ref
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Portfolio Companies (UK)

ToDo: Vogue (a Johnson & Johnson compamy), link; McDonald's (China), link;

Akari Care Group Ltd

Akari Care provides residential and nursing home care to ~1,400 residents in 32 homes across the UK through its trading brand "Akari Care" and "Akari Care Cymru". Management of the care homes is outsourced to Healthcare Management Solutions Ltd. The Carlyle Group, a global alternative asset manager, acquired Akari Care in Jul.2016.[1]


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