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Primo Water, formerly Cott Corporation, provides multi-gallon purified bottled water, self-service refill water and water dispensers, sold through 46,000+ retail outlets in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Primo operates through two segments:

  • Primo Water: sale of multi-gallon purified bottled water (Exchange) and its self-service filtered drinking water (Refill).
  • Primo Dispensers: sells water dispensers that are designed to dispense Primo and other dispenser-compatible bottled water.

Exchange and Refill provide consumers the ability of either exchanging empty bottles and purchasing full bottles or refilling the empty bottles at any participating retailer. The company sources 3- and 5-gallon water bottles from various independent vendors for use in Exchange.Craft Machine Inc

In Mar.2020, Cott acquired Primo Water Corporation, and renamed itself. It is based in Tampa, Florida.

Primo Water Corporation provides home and office bottled water delivery and water filtration services in North America and Europe. It offers ...; and coffee and tea, and sparkling water beverages from Sparkling Ice, as well as other premium water products. The company serves residences, businesses, and retailers through its platform, sales and distribution facilities, and fleets, as well as through wholesalers and distributors.

Primo Water is headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.Craft Machine Inc

Cott Corporation is an American beverage and food service company based in the USA. Cott's platform across North America and Europe is supported by sales and distribution facilities and fleets, as well as wholesalers and distributors, servicing residences, businesses, restaurant chains, hotels and motels, small and large retailers, and healthcare facilities. In bottled water, Cott offers brands including Sparkletts, Hinckley Springs, Kentwood Springs, Canadian Springs, Labrador, and Eden Springs. In office coffee services, Cott offers products under brands including Keurig, Mars Alterra, Starbucks Coffee, Caribou Coffee, Peet's Coffee & Tea, Javarama, and Lavazza. In coffee roasting and tea blending, Cott sells the majority of its manufactured coffee and tea products under retailer or food service brands to customers who own the trademarks associated with those products.ref


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Total float: 96.9%
Source: MarketScreener.svg, Apr.2020


Cott Corporation

Cott Corporation is a Canadian supplier of private label carbonated soft drinks distributing to the United States, Canada, Mexico, the UK, and Europe. In addition to producing private-label beverages for retailers, Cott also has its own portfolio of brands, including Cott, RC (excluding the USA where RC is part of Dr Pepper Snapple Group), Stars & Stripes, Vintage and Vess soft drinks, ready-to-drink teas, sparkling and flavoured waters, sports and energy drinks, juice drinks and smoothies. Newer Cott brands include Orient Emporium, GL-7, Red Rain Energy and After Shock Energy.ref
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Mey Eden or Mei or May ? Website. logo in progresss: May-Eden-ink.svg

The company is a leading supplier of premium quality retailer brand carbonated soft drinks. The Company's product line also includes clear, sparkling flavored beverages, juices and juice-based products, bottled water, organic and high energy beverages and iced teas. The Company's products are principally sold under customer controlled private labels, but also under the Company's own control brands and licensed brand names. The Company operates its United States business through its indirect, wholly-owned significant subsidiary BCB USA Corp.; its Canadian business through its Cott Beverages Canada division; and its United Kingdom business through its wholly-owned significant subsidiary Cott Beverages Ltd.[1]


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  • date?: Crystal Rock Holdings Inc, a 100 year old direct-to-consumer home and office water, coffee, filtration and office supply service delivery business serving customers throughout New York and New England, was acquired.ref,[2] Website
  • Aug.2016: Hydra Dutch Holdings 1 BV, parent company of Eden Springs Europe BV, was sold by Rhône Capital LLC to Cott Corporation.Cott-AR-2016,p.F20
  • Aug.2016: Eden Springs UK Ltd's holdco was Hydra Dutch Holdings 2 BV,[1] was sold by Rhône Capital LLC to Cott Corporation.ref,AR-Dec.2015
  • Feb.2016: Nestlé Waters Direct sold 5 water cooler businesses to Eden Springs: Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Russia and Poland.[3]
  • Jun.2013: Hydra Dutch Holdings 2, an acquisition vehicle established by American private equity firm Rhône Capital LLC, bought 100% of Eden Springs Europe BV from ??.OpenCorporates-sm.svg ref,ref,AR-Dec.2013

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  •  ??.2007: Eden Springs Europe BV: the holdco name was changed.[AR-Dec.2007] ?Did Eden buy out Danone?
  • Dec.2004: Eden Springs UK Ltd: the company changed its name from Chateau d'Eau UK Ltd.
  • Apr.2003: Danone Springs of Eden BV was established as a JV between Danone (53.2%) and Eden Springs.ref
  • Oct.2002: Danone bought Château d'Eau from Suez SA.ref,AR-Dec.2002
  • Sept.2000: Chateau d'Eau UK Ltd,OpenCorporates-sm.svg wholly-owned by Chateau d'Eau International SA,OpenCorporates-sm.svg itself ultimately owned by Suez SA, was established.AR-2001 Chateau d'EauArchive-org-sm.svg
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Mayanot Eden's controlling shareholders are Ron and Yehuda Naftali, followed by New York-based hedge-fund and asset-management firm Och-Ziff.

Cott Reports

2468 ltd > aqua filter holdings ltd

Eden Springs

Eden Springs is a European provider of workplace drinks, offering a one-stop service to meet water and coffee needs. Eden supplies integrated water and coffee service solutions to 800,000+ customers in 18 countries. Including a broad range of bottle-fed water coolers, plumbed-in water coolers and small pack bottles as well as hot beverages solutions including coffee machines, high quality coffee, tea and other accessories. Eden Springs has been a part of Cott Corporation since 2016.(Jan.2020) By extracting water from the Golan for decades, the company is exploiting Syrian resources and strengthening Israel’s control over the occupied Syrian Golan.ref, todo

  • Jan.03.2020: Watercooler Gigant, a business of Leylines BV, was acquired by Eden Springs. Watercooler Gigant was an e-commerce platform in the Netherlands, supplying bottled water coolers and filtration solutions to the commercial and residential markets.[4]
  • Nov.2019: Viteau International BV was acquired by Eden Springs. Viteau was a supplier of bottled water and point-of-use filtration services in the Netherlands. The deal strengthened Eden Springs’ density in the region to include 6,500 machines on location, 4,000 of which are bottled water coolers and 2,500 are point-of-use filtration.[5]
  • Jun.2016: todo, todo
  • Aug.2011: Mey Eden buys British coffee company Shakespeare and Co.todo

1950s Cott Bottling Company: Cott rapidly expanded in the 1950's when it was based in Manchester, NH. early 1950s x

  • Feb.2020: S&D Coffee and Tea was sold to Westrock Coffee Company LLC.[6] A private equity consortium of BBH Capital Partners (a Brown Brothers Harriman & Company vehicle), the Stephens Group LLC, and Meaningful Partners LLC provided acquisition capital, along with Westrock Coffee's existing investors.ref
  • Jan.2020: Clearwater Kereskedelmi, a Hungarian water supplier, was acquired by Eden Springs. The acquisition enabled Eden Springs to enter the Hungarian market, adding ~14,000 machines on location. Eden Springs also acquired the intellectual property for a carbonation technology patent that provides customers with carbonated water through water filtration dispensers and bottled water coolers.ref
  • Jan.2020: Roaring Spring Water, a supplier of water delivery services to homes and offices in Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia, was acquired by DS Services of America Inc.ref
  • Nov.18.2019: WG America Company, t/a The Water Guy, was acquired by DS Services of America Inc. The Water Guy was a provider of water solutions and office coffee service to residential and commercial customers. Website
  • Oct.2018: Mountain Valley Water Company, an American brand of spring and sparkling water, was acquired by DS Services of America Inc from Kansas City-based private equity firm Great Range Capital.[7] logo-pic
  • Jan.2018: Cott Beverages LLC, Cott's soft drink concentrate production facility, and its RCI International division were sold to Refresco Group NV, a bottler of soft drinks and fruit juices for retailers.ref The transaction marked the final step in Cott's divestiture of all its carbonated soft drinks business lines under its former traditional business. The transaction included Cott's North America, UK, and Mexico businesses (excluding the RCI International division and its associated concentrate facility as well as the Aimia Foods division).[8][9]
  • Jun.2017: Decantae Mineral Water Ltd, a North Wales-based premium bottled water brand in the UK and Europe, was acquired by Aimia. Decantae is the UK's largest producer of mineral water cups for the airline industry. Website
  • Aug.2016: Eden Springs, Europe's largest direct-to-consumer home and office delivery water and office coffee services provider with operations in 17 European countries and Israel,[10] was acquired from private equity firm Rhône Capital LLC.[11][12], todo, todo
  • Aug.2016: S&D Coffee & Tea, a custom coffee roaster and distributor of coffee and tea-based beverage solutions to the USA foodservice industry, was acquired. S&D provides custom coffee roasting, and iced tea blending, for food service and convenience stores in the USA.Website logo-pic
  • Jan.2016: Aquaterra, a large Canadian distributor of bottled water and coffee direct-to-consumer home and office delivery services provider, was acquired.[13]
  • Dec.2014: DS Services, a direct-to-consumer services provider across home and office delivery water, office coffee and filtration services in the USA, was acquired.
  • Dec.2014: Cott announced it had agreed to a deal to acquire U.S. direct-to-consumer bottled water and coffee distributor DSS Group Inc, parent company of DS Services of America Inc, was acquired from New York-based private equity firm Crestview Partners.[14][15]
  • May.2014: Aimia Foods (Holdings) Ltd, a Merseyside, UK producer and provider of hot chocolate, coffee and powdered beverages to the foodservice and catering channels, was acquired.[16]
  •  ??.2012: Sangs Soft Drinks, based in Macduff, Scotland, was acquired.
  • Jan.2012: SUSO, a brand of sparkling and still soft drinks primarily sold through the education sector, was acquired.[ref],ref,ref SusoWikipedia-W.svg
  • Aug.2010: Cliffstar Corporation, a USA privately-held supplier of private-label juice beverages, was acquired. Cliffstar operated 11 facilities in the United States, including 5 bottling and distribution operations, 3 fruit processing facilities, 2 fruit receiving stations and a storage facility.[17] WebsiteArchive-org-sm.svg
  • 2007: Acquisitions: acquired certain of the assets of The Cardinal Companies of Elizabethtown LLC;

certain of the assets of Metro Beverage Company; the business assets of El Riego, a Mexican water bottler; and the retailer brand business of Quality Beverage Brands LLC.[18]

  • Apr.2006: Macaw (Holdings) Ltd, parent company of Macaw (Soft Drinks) Ltd, was purchased by Cott Beverages Ltd, Cott's UK subsidiary, from its founder, Andrew Cawthray.[19] Macaw is the largest privately-owned manufacturer of retailer-brand carbonated soft drinks in the United Kingdom. Its assets include six production lines -- four carbonated soft drink, one dilute-to-taste, and one aseptic -- in two manufacturing plants located in Nelson, Lancashire.[20] Despite the combined companies controlling 57% of the UK's private label soft drinks market, the Competition Commission sanctioned the deal.[21]
  • 2005: Benjamin Shaw & Sons Ltd / Ben Shaw (Pontefract) Ltd's assets were acquired from ??.ref,[20]
  • Apr.2004: Thomas H Lee Partners LP divested its stake in the company.[22]
  • Jul.2001: Royal Crown Cola: Cadbury Schweppes plc agreed to sell the international arm of its Royal Crown Cola business to Cott Corporation. The sale included RC Cola's operations in ~60 countries.[23] Royal Crown International (non-USA businesses).
  • Oct.2000: Concord Beverage Company, a retailer brand soft drink manufacturing operation in the northeast USA, with its Vintage brand seltzer water, was acquired from Honickman Affiliates Ltd,ref,ref a privately-owned beverage bottling and distribution company.[24],ref
  • Oct.2000: the Company's UK PET preform manufacturing business was sold.
  • Apr.2000: the Company's polyethylene terephthalate preform manufacturing plant in Leland, North Carolina and the PET bottle blowing equipment in three of the Company's CSD manufacturing plants in the USA, were sold to Schmalbach-Lubeca Plastic Containers USA Inc. In conjunction with this sale, the Company entered into a long-term supply agreement with Schmalbach for the supply of PET bottles in the USA.[1]
  • Jan.2000: the Company amalgamated with 3699455 Canada Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, and continued as Cott Corporation.[1]
  • May.1999: the Company's Featherstone CSD manufacturing plant and related business in the UK were sold.
  • May.1999: the Company's frozen food business was sold; separately, the packaging design business was sold
  • Apr.1999: the Company's Australian beverage operations were sold.
  • Jan.1999: Cott Beverages USA Inc: the company's principal USA beverage operating company, Cott Beverages USA Inc, merged with its subsidiaries. In Jan.2000, that entity changed its name to BCB USA Corporation. The company now operates its United States business as "Cott Beverages USA, a division of BCB USA Corp".[1]
  • Jan.1999: the company amalgamated with Atlantic Beverages Ltd, Cott Beverages Inc, Cott Beverages West Ltd, Bessey Juices Inc and 3566170 Canada Ltd (each being wholly-owned by the Company), and continued as Cott Corporation.[1]
  • 1999: Divestitures: non-core businesses were sold: Watt Design Group, a packaging design

company; Destination Products International, a frozen food business; a plant and related business in Featherstone (UK) and its subsidiary, BCB Beverages Australia Pty Ltd.[[25]

  • Jun.1998: Thomas H Lee Partners LP agreed to acquire the Pencer family's 30% interest in Cott Corporation.[26] The Pencer family had been looking to sell its controlling interest for over a year, but an acceptable buyer failed to materialise.[27] Thomas H Lee installed a new CEO, Frank Weise, who set about returning Cott's focus to its core beverage business, selling off the design, frozen-food, and pet food divisions, as well as nonessential soft drink operations in Australia and Norway.ref
  • Autumn.1997: Hero Drinks Group (UK) Ltd was acquired by Cott UK Ltd from Swiss parent company Hero AG,ref bringing its state of the art manufacturing facilities, including an established customer base.[1]
  • Mar.1997: Texas Beverage Packers Inc, a carbonated soft drink manufacturer with a plant located in San Antonio, Texas, was acquired.[1]
  • Jan.1997: Premium Beverage Packers Inc: acquired the rights to the private label carbonated soft drinks business. Cott already had a long-term packing agreement with Premium.[1]
  • Nov.1996: Brio Beverages Inc: acquired the the private label carbonated soft drinks and spring water businesses, including a beverage manufacturing plant and equipment in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.[1]
  • Jun.1994: Vess Beverages Inc, a Maryland-based soft drink manufacturer and distributor, was acquired.[28]
  • Jan.1994: Royal Crown Company Inc entered into a 21-year worldwide concentrate supply contract with Cott. The agreement provided for RCC will supply private label concentrates exclusively to Cott, and for Cott to purchase all of its requirements for cola concentrates and at least 75% of its total requirements for cola and non-cola concentrates from RCC, for use by the Company in its private label and proprietary label CSD.[1]
  • 1991: Cott Corporation: the company's name was changed again.[1]
  • 1989: Cott bought out its chief competitor in Ontario, Tricopack Beverages.
  • 1986: Stock Exchange: Cott became a publicly-traded company with listings on the Toronto and Montreal stock exchanges, when the family took the company public under the Quebec Stock Savings Plan.
  • 1976-1991: Cott expanded its distribution throughout Canada and back into the USA and into Europe.
  • Oct.1972: American Maize Products Company announced it had agreed in principle to acquire National Industries Inc's 75% interest in the Cott Corporation.[29]
  • May.1969: Cott Beverages Ltd: the company's name was changed.[1]
  • 1969: Clicquot Club Beverages, one of the largest USA beverage companies in its heyday, was acquired. Clicquot was starting to decline, and Cott slowly sold off all product surplus before shutting it down.[30] Clicquot Club CompanyWikipedia-W.svg
  • 1968: Cott label: Harry Cott's heirs sold the USA rights to the Cott label to a predecessor of Cadbury's. Cott Corporation owns the trademark rights to the "Cott" name in Canada. It first acquired these rights from Cadbury's predecessor.ref In the 1960s, one of Cadbury Beverages Inc's predecessors assigned its rights to the “Cott” mark in Canada to a company that was a predecessor to the defendant Cott Corp.ref
  • Feb.1966: Cott Beverages (Canada) Ltd was amalgamated with Stewart Bottling Company Ltd.[1]
  • Sept.1963: ?name?: was formed by the merger of Cott Beverage Company and Cott Bottling Company of New England.[31]
  • Jul.1955: Cott Beverages (Canada) Ltd was formed by Harry Pencer to bottle the Cott line of sodas in Quebec, Canada, using the Stewart facility. Pencer licensed the Canadian rights to the Cott label.[1]
  •  ??.1955: Stewart Bottling Company was acquired by Harry Pencer.
  • 1952: Harry Pencer, a clothier from Montreal, Québec, Canada, began importing Cott sodas into Quebec, Canada.
  • 1923: Cott Beverage Corporation: Solomon Cott, a Polish immigrant, with his sons Harry, Barney, Jack and Albert, established the company in Port Chester, New York.

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Additional Sources: Who We are: Our History. Cott Corporation. Original archived on Nov.09.2007. ♦ .

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Powwow Water


  • Primo Water Corporation: Cott Corporation changed its name after its acquisition of Primo Water Corporation.ref
  • Aug.2016: Cott Corporation: Rhône Capital LLC and Eden Springs management entered into an agreement for Eden to be acquired by American water giant Cott Corporation. The acquisition accelerated Cott's diversification outside of carbonated soft drinks and juices into the home and office delivery of water, office coffee services, and filtration, as well as extending Cott's geographic presence into Eden’s 18 markets across Europe.ref,ref
  • Jun.2013:
    Rhône Capital LLC, an American private equity firm, bought 100% of Eden Springs Europe BV.ref,ref, todo, todo, todo
  • Mar.2010: Eden Springs UK Ltd bought ~20,000 Home & Office Delivery and Point of Use coolers from Powwow's administrators.AR-Dec.2009,AR-Dec.2010
  •  ??.2010: Wild About Water UK Ltd,OpenCorporates-sm.svg the precursor company to 2468 Group Ltd,ref negotiated a deal to buy Powow's assets. They retained the Point Of Use watercooler customer base, and sold the bottled watercooler customer base to Eden Springs UK. WildAboutWaterArchive-org-sm.svg, 2468 GroupArchive-org-sm.svg
  • Apr.2010: Powwow Water Company Ltd went into administration,ref,ref and was immediately shut down while a purchaser was sought for the business and assets.ref According to disgruntled customer reviews, the firm was driven into bankruptcy by the incompetent and greedy James Park.
  • Jan.2009: Lomond Hills Water Company Ltd bought Powwow from Nestlé Waters.[32] In Feb.2009, Lomond Hills changed its name to "Powwow Water Company Ltd".OpenCorporates-sm.svg
  • Jun.2003:
    Nestlé Waters bought Powwow Water from AS Watson. By this time, Powwow was one of the leading players in the Home & Office Delivery water business in Europe.[33][34] At the time, water was being taken from deep underground aquifers in Ayrshire, the Cotswolds, the Chilterns, Warwickshire, Yorkshire and Carmarthenshire.[35]
  • Oct.1998: Expansion (UK): AS Watson expanded and diversified its manufacturing operations with the acquisition of two water companies in the UK, Braebourne Spring WaterOpenCorporates-sm.svg and Crystal Natural Mineral Water which, combined, had ~17% market share of the home and office water delivery market.[36]
  • 1990:
    Powwow Water: The brand was created by Hutchison Whampoa Ltd, enabling Watson's Water to establish itself as the leading 5-gallon water supplier in the UK, with acquired companies united under the "Powwow" brand.[37] The spring water originated and was bottled in Fillongley, Warwickshire. There was also a production site in Chesham. The Group’s Powwow brand became the UK’s largest water cooler company in just two and a half years in the business.[38]

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