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Danaher is an American conglomerate, headquartered in Washington, DC. The company sells its products in the USA (37.2%); China (12.9%); Germany (5.6%); and Other (44.3%).

Danaher designs, manufactures and markets professional, medical, industrial and commercial products and services through three divisions:

  • 75.4%: Medical equipment: diagnostic equipment, digital imaging systems, optical instruments, microscopes, consumables, etc.;
  • 13.8%: Professional instruments of analysis: systems of quality control of waters, disinfection, etc.;
  • 10.8%: Identification products.


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holding company of x subsids.


  • Mar.2020:
    Cytiva: GE Healthcare's Life Sciences BioPharma business was acquired,[1] having rebranded itself. The name comes from ‘cyto,’ which means ‘cell’ in Greek, and ‘iva,’ a Latin suffix meaning ‘doing’ and ‘capable of’.[2] The business makes equipment for the research and manufacture of pharmaceuticals.[3][1] CytivaLifeSciences.com, CytivaLifeSciences UK
  • Dec.2019: Envista, Danaher's dental unit, was spun off as an independent publicly-traded company.[2],[3]
  • Oct.2019: Danaher announced it has signed an agreement to sell its biomolecular characterization, chromatography hardware and resins, microcarriers and particle validation standards businesses to Germany's Sartorius AG.[4]
  • Mar.2018: Integrated DNA Technologies was acquired.[5],[6]
  • Oct.2017: ID Business Solutions Ltd, a scientific informatics company, was acquired,[7] becoming part of Danaher's life sciences platform.[8]
  • Oct.2016: Phenomenex was acquired to expand its life sciences operations.[9]
  • Sept.2016: Cepheid was acquired.[10]
  • Jun.2016: Fortive Corporation was spun off and floated as a separate company.ref Formed from ~20 businesses in the areas of field instrumentation, transportation, sensing, product realization, automation, and franchise distribution.[11] Several subsidiaries, including Matco and AMMCO-COATS, formed Fortive.[12]
  • May.2015: Pall: Danaher announced the acquisition,[13] which was completed in August 2015.[14]
  • Jul.2015: NetScout Systems: Danaher combined its communications unit with NetScout.[15],[16]
  • Sept.2014: Nobel Biocare Holding AG: Danaher announced its intention to buy.[17]
  • Dec.2012 Danaher Corporation acquired Navman Wireless, a provider of on-demand fleet and asset management technology.[18]
  • Oct.2012: Apex Tool Group, the joint venture between Danaher and Cooper Industries plc, was sold to private equity firm Bain Capital.[4],[19]
  • 2011: Accu-sort was sold to Datalogic.
  • 2011: § Beckman Coulter Inc was acquired.[20]
  • Jul.2010: Apex Tool Group was formed as a 50/50 joint venture between Danaher Tool Group and Cooper Industries plc's Cooper Hand Tools.[5][6]
  • 2009: Life Technologies Corporation: acquired the remaining 50% ownership position in AB SCIEX, leaving Danaher as outright owner of AB SCIEX and Molecular Devices.[21]
  • 2009: Analytical Technologies, a business unit of Canadian Life Sciences company MDS Inc, was aquired.[22]
  • 2007: Tektronix Inc was acquired.[23],[24]
  • 2007: Vision Systems Ltd, an Australian pathology instrument and engineering company, was acquired.[25]
  • Jul.2005: Leica Microsystems, a German producer of surgical microscopes and other professional instruments, was acquired.[26]
  • 2005: PMA, a German instrumentation manufacturer, was added to the Industrial Controls Group to enhances the range of control and measurement instrumentation.
  • 2005: Kollmorgen Corporation, a motion business based in Radford, Virginia, was acquired from the Warner Electric Company.ref
  • 2004: Danaher acquired ~10 smaller businesses.
  • May.2004: Kaltenbach Voigt GmbH, a leading dental equipment manufacturer, was acquired.
  • 2003: Danaher acquired ~12 smaller businesses.
  • Oct.2002: Thomson Industries was acquired.ref
  • Feb.2002: Two businesses were acquired from Marconi plc.
  • 1999: Hach company, broadening the portfolio of chemical, mainly water and wastewater, analytics also with the German company Lange.
  • 1998: Fluke Corporation, a producer of electronic test tools, was acquired.
  • 1998: Pacific Scientific Company was acquired, to enter the motion industry business.
  • 1996: Acme-Cleveland Corporation, a manufacturer of industrial controls and test equipment used in the telecommunications industry, was acquired.
  • 1995: Joslyn Corporation, a Chicago-based maker of switches and controls, was acquired.
  • 1994: Armstrong, a tool company with brands including Armstrong, Allen, amongst others.
  • Jan.1993: NMTC Inc was formed, which acquired a substantial portion of Matco Tools Corporation's assets, including existing distributorship agreements.
  • Nov.1991: Matco Tools Corporation: Jacobs' was renamed; the other Jacobs' divisions were established as separate operating companies.
  • 1991: Normond CMS, a British manufacturer and marketer of environmental products, was acquired by Vedeer-Root, a Danaher subsidiary, from Micrelec Group, a control and instrument company.ref
  • 1989: Easco Hand Tools Inc was acquired.[27]
  • Oct.1989: Mohawk Rubber Company was sold to Yokohama Rubber Company Ltd.link, link
  • Jun.1987: Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company was sold to Swedish conglomerate Atlas Copco AB,[7] with the Jacobs Manufacturing Co. being retained, along with its Matco Tools division.
  • Oct.1986: Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company, a leader in rock drilling and pneumatics, was acquired by the DH Acquisition Corporation, a Danaher subsidiary.[8] CP had merged in Jul.1984 with a sister company, the Jacobs Manufacturing Company, which had purchased Matco Tools Corporation in Apr.1981. ToDo: link, link, link, History
  • 1986: Qualitrol was acquired and added to the Instrumentation division,[28] which included Gilbarco Veeder-Root's underground fuel storage sensors, Dynapar's motion sensors,[29] and Qualitrol's pressure and temperature measurement instruments, used in the electrical transformer industry.[30]
  • 1986-1988: Expansion: Danaher acquired another 12 companies as part of a strategy to enter the manufacturing business. The 14 subsidiaries were grouped into 4 business units: Automotive/Transportation; Instrumentation; Precision components; and Extruded Products.
  • 1984: Danaher Corporation: the company reformed as a holding company, refocused on manufacturing, reincorporating in Delaware and renaming itself after Danaher Creek, a mountain stream in western Montana.[31] OpenCorporates-sm.svg
  • 198?: Master Shield Inc was acquired, to enter into the manufacture and distribution of vinyl building products.
  • 198?: Mohawk Rubber Company was acquired, to enter the business of tyre manufacturing.
  • 1980: DMB: a new holding company was formed, with Diversified Mortgage Investors Inc becoming a subsidiary, continuing to focus on its real estate operations.
  • 1978: Diversified Mortgage Investors Inc: DMG Inc changed its name, reincorporating in Florida. OpenCorporates-sm.svg
  • 1969: DMG Inc was founded as a Massachusetts real estate investment trust.
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Beckman Coulter Inc

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