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BlackRock, the world’s top investor in deforestation and coal, announced it would exit investments that “present a high sustainability-related risk” by divesting $500m from coal-related businesses - 0.007% of its holdings. No mention was made of the larger and far more polluting oil and gas industries.[1]

BlackRock is a global investment management corporation based in New York City; it is the world's largest asset manager as of Dec.2017.
BlackRock has become a vast holding company that is a major shareholder in companies around the world. Due to its power, and the sheer size and scope of its financial assets and activities, BlackRock has been called the world's largest shadow bank.ref

BlackRock operates virtually unregulated, often in the background, but there is scarcely a company or region of the planet that it does not touch or influence. BlackRock's clients are banks, corporations, insurance companies, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, central banks and foundations.

Inviting the Fox into the Henhouse: BlackRock's power is expressed not merely in terms of its equity (shareholdings) and bonds (debt ownership), but in its role as an adviser to govts and institutions. When the 2008 Financial Crisis struck, the US Treasury and Federal Reserve asked BlackRock to advise the US govt on rescues and bailouts. BlackRock was hired as a consultant and adviser in Europe multiple times throughout the European debt crisis; it has worked with the Irish central bank, the Greek central bank, and the European Central Bank, advising on their quantitative easing programs.[1]



Total float: 86.8%
Source: MarketScreener.svg, Mar.2020

PNC Bank NA (National Association), PNC Financial Services Group Inc's banking subsidiary, has held a substantial interest in BlackRock since Jun.1994, when it acquired Blackrock Financial Management.ref,ref In 2018, BlackRock contributed 15% of PNC's net income.AR-2018, pp.26+50


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BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd

  • BlackRock Inc, reg. Delaware Flag-Delaware.svg
    • ... ...
    • BlackRock Cayman 1 LP, General Partner is BlackRock Holdco 3 LLC, [OC], reg. Cayman Islands Flag-Cayman-Islands.svg
      • Blackrock Finco UK Ltd, CH
    • BR Jersey International Holdings LP, OC, reg. Jersey Flag-Jersey.svg
      • BlackRock Group Ltd, holdco, was: Merrill Lynch Investment Managers Group Ltd; Mercury Asset Management Group Ltd; Mercury Asset Management plc; Mercury Warburg Investment Management Ltd; Warburg Investment Management Ltd, CH
        • BlackRock Alternative Fund Managers Ltd, investment management services, dissolved, CH
        • BlackRock Europe Development Management Ltd, development management services, reg. Cyprus Flag-Cyprus.svg
        • BlackRock Finance Europe Ltd, finance, CH
          • BlackRock Advisors (UK) Ltd, investment management services,
          • BlackRock Asset Management Investor Services Ltd, central group services,
          • BlackRock Asset Management (UK) Ltd, finance,
          • Grosvenor Ventures Ltd, investment company,
          • BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Ltd, investment management services, CH
            • BlackRock Fund Managers Ltd, CH
          • Grosvenor Alternate Partner Ltd, general partner, providing investment management services,
          • BlackRock Company Secretarial Services (UK) Ltd
          • BlackRock (Netherlands) BV, investment management services, reg. Netherlands Flag-Netherlands.svg
        • BlackRock Fund Management Company SA, unit trust management, reg. Luxembourg Flag-Luxembourg.svg
        • BlackRock International Ltd, investment management services,
        • BlackRock Luxembourg Sarl, holdco, reg. Luxembourg Flag-Luxembourg.svg
        • BlackRock Property Lux Sarl, admin. and advisory services, reg. Luxembourg Flag-Luxembourg.svg
        • BlackRock Property France Sarl, admin. and advisory services, reg. France
        • Mercury Carry Company Ltd, founder partner, reg. Isle of Man Flag-Isle-of-Man.svg
        • Mercury Price Equity MUST 3 (Jersey) Ltd, general partner, reg. Jersey Flag-Jersey.svg
        • ... more: indirect + o/s UK, see Dec.2017 a/cs, p.28


  • BlackRock Fund Advisors, privately-held investment manager,ref OC, reg. California
  • BlackRock International Holdings Inc, general partner of BR Jersey International Holdings LP, OC, reg. Delaware Flag-Delaware.svg
  • BlackRock Holdco 3 LLC, general partner of BlackRock Cayman 1 LP, OC, reg. Delaware Flag-Delaware.svg
  • BlackRock Cayman Finco Ltd, CH, reg. Cayman Islands Flag-Cayman-Islands.svg
  • BlackRock UK 1 LP, dissolved Aug.2018, CH
  • BlackRock Asset Management Deutschland AG, OC


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Mercury Asset Management Group plc

Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, Merrill Lynch & Company's investment management business, was transferred to BlackRock Inc in exchange for a 49.8% stake and a 45% voting interest.[2] The asset swap lowered PNC's stake in BlackRock from 70% to 34%.[3][4]
Majedie Asset Management Ltd: a team from Mercury Asset Management founded a new firm. Website
Mercury Private Equity's management team negotiated independence from Merrill Lynch,[5] and established itself as an independent partnership wholly-owned by its partners and employees.[6] Mercury Private Equity continued managing its existing investments for Merrill Lynch. HgCapitalArchive-org-sm.svg
Merrill Lynch Investment Managers Group Ltd: Merrill Lynch rebranded Mercury Asset Management.[7]
Merrill Lynch & Company Inc acquired Mercury Asset Management Group plc,[8] including the Mercury Private Equity business.[9][10] The acquisition made Merrill one of the biggest asset managers in the world.[11]
Feb.1997 Mercury Bank AG, a Swiss banking subsidiary, was sold by Mercury Asset Management to RNB Republic National Bank of New York (Suisse) SA. [AR-Mar.1997],ref
Jul.1995 Mercury Asset Management became fully independent, separating from SG Warburg Group plc following its decision to sell its investment banking business to Swiss Bank Corporation. Through a scheme of arrangement, the residue of SG Warburg & Company became a subsidiary of Mercury Asset Management, and SG Warburg & Company's shareholders became shareholders in Mercury Asset Management.[12][13] OpenCorporates-sm.svg
Jun.1995 Swiss Bank Corporation purchased SG Warburg's investment banking operations. The deal excluded Warburg's 75% interest in Mercury Asset Management.[14]
Mercury Asset Management Group plc: Warburg Investment Management Ltd changed its name, and 25% of the business was floated on the London Stock Exchange.[15]
1985 Mercury Private Equity was established as the private equity arm of Mercury Asset Management.
Mar.1969Warburg Investment Management Ltd was set up to execute a contract won by London-based investment bank SG Warburg & Company. OpenCorporates-sm.svg


  • Sept.17.2019: Wall Street investment giants voting against key climate resolutions. BlackRock Inc, the world’s largest asset manager, and Vanguard, have voted overwhelmingly against the key climate resolutions at energy companies. Had BlackRock and Vanguard not torpedoed these investor efforts, at least 16 climate-critical shareholder resolutions at S&P 500 companies would have received majority support in 2019, representing a significant corporate shift on climate. Both BlackRock and Vanguard have trotted out a plethora of Greenwash, claiming commitments to sustainable investing. Edward Helmore, The Guardian.


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