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Schroders is a publicly-listed multinational asset and wealth management company, headquartered in London, UK. It invests in a range of asset classes across equities, fixed income, multi-asset, alternatives and real estate worldwide. It operates from approximately 40 offices in over 20 different countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
The firm provides its services to financial institutions, high net worth clients, large corporate, local authority, charitable entities, individuals, pension plans, govt funds, insurance companies, and endowments.ref

The company operates through 3 business segments:

  • Asset Management: principally comprises investment management including advisory services, equity products, fixed income securities, multi-asset investments, real estate and other alternative asset classes, such as commodities.
  • Wealth Management: principally comprises investment management, wealth planning and banking services provided to high net worth individuals and charities.
  • Group segment: includes returns on investment capital, income from financial investments, including RWC Partners Ltd.CH

Schroder Investment Management Ltd

Schroder Investment Management is a privately-owned investment manager, investing in the public equity and fixed income markets. The firm launches and manages equity, fixed income, and balanced mutual funds for its clients. It was founded in 1985, and is based in London.ref 1893220

Schroder Charity Trust



Total float (A): 50.6%
Schroeder Family holdings:p.91
  • 26.9% Flag-Bermuda.svg Vincitas Ltd,[a] OC, reg. Bermuda
  • 16.3% Flag-Bermuda.svg Veritas Ltd,[b] OC, reg. Bermuda

Total float (B): 94.4%
Source: MarketScreener.svg, Mar.2020

[a] Flavida Ltd (reg. Jersey), has an interest in shares reg. in the name of Flavida (Bermuda) Ltd, which holds shares as nominee for Vincitas Ltd as trustee of trusts for Schroder family members.[3][4]
[b] Fervida Ltd (reg. Jersey), has an interest in shares reg. in the name of Fervida (Bermuda) Ltd, which holds shares as nominee for Veritas Ltd as trustee of trusts for Schroder family members.[5][6]

Corporate Grouping

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  • Schroders plc
    • Schroder Wealth Ltd Holding, London[7]
      • Schroder & Co Bank AG


  • Schroders Plc and Lloyds Banking Group in talks over wealth management alliance,
  • Sept.2020: Sandaire, a London-based family office, was acquired as part of Schroders' strategy to grow its wealth management business for ultra high net worth clients. Sandaire was hived up into Cazenove Capital. Sandaire was founded by the Scott family in 1996, when Provincial Insurance, the family business originally founded by Sir James William Scott in 1903, was sold. Subsidiaries Lord North Street LtdArchive-org-sm.svg (ref,ref), Sandaire Real Estate, (ref) and Sandaire Private Equity (ref) were included in the transaction.[1] Sand Aire LtdOpenCorporates-sm.svg, Lord North Street LtdOpenCorporates-sm.svg,
  • Apr.2017: new logo.
  • Feb.2017: C Hoare & Co: Cazenove Capital acquired the private bank's wealth management business.ref,
  • 2016: Acquired Brookfield Investment Management Inc's asset-backed and mortgage-backed securities team. Made a strategic investment in Benchmark Capital, a UK technology-led adviser support business. Entered into a strategic relationship with Hartford Funds, a USA-based asset management company.
  • 2014: Schroders acquired an 11.9% stake in Nutmeg Saving and Investment Ltd, a UK online investment manager.
  • Jul.2013: Completed the acquisition of Cazenove Capital Holdings (the capital management arm) a wealth management and investment funds business.ref,ref The business commenced trading in 2014 as "Cazenove Capital Management". Schroders acquired STW Fixed Income Management LLC in the US. Schroders acquired 20% of the share capital of Secquaero Advisors, a Swiss insurance linked investment manager.
  • 2012: Acquired 25% of the share capital of Axis Asset Management Company, the Indian asset management business of Axis Bank Ltd.
  • June.2010: RWC Partners Ltd: acquired 49% of the firm's share capital.ref,AR-Dec.2010,
  • 2010: Schroders agreed to sell its 3rd party private equity administration services businesses, operated by Schroder Administrative Services (Bermuda) Ltd and Schroder Administrative Services (CI) Ltd to JP Morgan International Finance Ltd.
  • 2010: Cazenove Capital acquired the private wealth management company Thornhill Holdings Ltd.
  • 2008: Schroders acquired Swiss Re Asset Management Funds (Switzerland) AG, the Swiss 3rd party fund management business of Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd (Swiss Re).
    Schroders acquired the Singapore-based private client advisory unit of Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
  • 2007: Schroders acquired Aareal Asset Management GmbH, a pan-European property asset manager based in Germany. Schroders expanded its presence in the Middle East with the opening of an office in Dubai.
  • 2006: Schroders completed the acquisition of NewFinance Capital, a London-based manager of funds of hedge funds. Schroders established a joint venture fund management company in China with Bank of Communications Co. Ltd.
  • 2005: Cazenove demerged from the Cazenove Group to create an independent wealth management business. This followed the joint venture between Cazenove and JP Morgan on their UK investment banking activities.
  • 2001: Schroders acquired Beaumont, an absolute return asset management business focusing on high net worth individuals, family offices and professional investors.
  • 2001: Cazenove became incorporated, raising equity and debt finance from some of the leading institutional investors in the UK.
  •  ??.2000: Following the sale of the investment banking arm to Citigroup, Schroders became solely focused on asset and wealth management.
  •  ??.2000: Liberty International Pensions Ltd was acquired, and the company was renamed Schroder Pensions.
  • May.2000: Schroders sold its worldwide investment banking business (including ex-Wertheim & Company Inc) to Salomon Smith Barney, a sbusidiary of Citigroup.ref Asset management and related business now comprised the whole of Schroders plc's business.
  • 1994: Wertheim & Co Inc: the remaining 50% was acquired. Renamed to Schroder Wertheim & Company Inc; later as Schroder & Company Inc. See Wertheim & Co.Wikipedia-W.svg.
  • 1986: Schroders acquired a 50% interest in Wertheim & Co Inc, a New York investment bank and securities firm.
  • 1962: Schroders merged with Helbert, Wagg & Company, a stockbroking firm founded in 1823, which specialised in issues for domestic clients and developed an important investment advisory side to its business. See West Downs School § Helbert familyWikipedia-W.svg.
  • 1960s-1970s: Schroders developed a presence in each of the major financial markets of the world. Subsidiary and associated companies were established to undertake investment banking activities in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland and other Continental European countries.
  • 1959: Listed on the London Stock Exchange.
  • 1957: The name of J Henry Schröder & Co. was anglicised and the partnership was converted into a private company.
  • 1926: J Henry Schröder & Co. developed the investment management activities of the firm and an investment department was created.
  • 1910: Bruno Schröder inherited the London firm on the death of Johann Heinrich Schröder.
  • 1895: Baron (Rudolph) Bruno Schröder, nephew of Johann Heinrich, became a partner.
  • 1818: Johann Heinrich established J Henry Schröder & Co, the original merchant banking entity.
  • 1804: Johann Heinrich Schröder, having arrived from Hamburg, joined his brother's merchant house in London. (1997-2017)

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