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The CMD is a nonprofit watchdog and advocacy organisation, founded in 1993, and based in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. CMD publishes PR Watch, SourceWatch,, and

PR Watch is CMD's main investigative reporting website. CMD is a nationally-recognized watchdog that leads in-depth, award-winning investigations into the corruption that undermines our democracy, environment, and economic prosperity. The Koch brothers and their network of billionaires are operating with a reach and resources that exceed those of political parties and they are using that power to erode the integrity of our elections and sap taxpayer dollars away from investments in public infrastructure, education, and healthcare to benefit narrow special interests and global corporations.

CMD puts a spotlight on hidden and unreported activities, forcing those trying to maneuver around the edges of laws and ethics out of the shadows. Our original research digs deeper than the 24-hour news cycle to answer and understand why and how special interests and dark money are reshaping American politics and elections. Our team focuses on documenting the facts and revealing the effects on communities and people in areas ranging from climate change and education to workplace standards and freedom of speech.[1]


CMD accepts contributions from individuals and non-profit organisations. CMD does not accept funding from for-profit corporations or grants from govt agencies, with the exception of CREDO, which makes donations to nonprofits based on votes by its activists and customers.[2]

CMD's exposés are featured on, with a particular focus on the [Bradley Files], Climate, Democracy, Economy, Education, the Koch Brothers, the Trump Swamp, and the State Policy Network. Pretty much covers everything!


SourceWatch aims to produce a specialised encyclopedia of the people, public relations firms, think tanks, industry-funded organisations and industry-friendly experts shaping the public agenda. SourceWatch profiles the activities of front groups, PR spinners, industry-friendly experts, industry-funded organizations, and think tanks trying to manipulate public opinion on behalf of corporations or govt. It also highlights key public policies they are trying to affect, and provide ways to get involved. SourceWatch also contains information about others who help document information about PR spin, such as reporters, academics, and watchdog groups.[3]

CMD hosts the ALEC Exposed website, which is a wiki focusing on the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the political activities of the Koch Brothers.[4] ALEC bills, which largely benefit the organisation’s corporate members, have been introduced in legislatures in every state — but without disclosing to the public that corporations previously drafted or voted on them through ALEC. Copies of the bills were obtained after one of the thousands of people with access shared them, and a whistleblower provided a copy to the CMD. We share them to help the public identify the legislation in their state and the wide extent of the agenda to rewrite our rights by the corporations that bankroll ALEC.