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WISE is an anti-nuclear group founded in 1978 to be an information and networking center for citizens and organizations concerned about nuclear power, radioactive waste, radiation and sustainable energy issues. The organization advocates the implementation of safe, sustainable solutions such as energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The WISE factsheet Nuclear Power and the Climate: Why Nukes Can't Save The Planet dispels many of the commonly-held myths pushed by the Nuclear Industry in an effort to promote nuclear power. For eg. "Nuclear Power is Low-Carbon": ... the nuclear fuel chain produces significant greenhouse emissions. Besides re- actor operation, the chain includes uranium mining, milling, processing, enrichment, fuel fabrication, and long-term radioactive waste storage, all of which are essential components of nuclear power. At each of these steps, transport, construction and operation of nuclear facilities results in greenhouse gas emissions. Taken together, the fuel chain greenhouse emissions are more than double solar power emissions and some six times higher than wind power — not to mention emissions-free energy efficiency technologies". Read the factsheet here.

WISE was founded in 1978, to keep the global anti-nuclear movement updated on developments, arguments and campaigns. It has become much more than a newsletter-publishing organisation; has actively campaigned to close Dutch nuclear reactors; participated in just about every major European action on nuclear power in the past 25 years; successfully worked with NIRS, to keep nuclear power out of the Kyoto Climate Change Protocol; organized a drive to encourage green power in the Netherlands; and much more. WISE "Relay" offices became established across the globe. WISE is the originator of the famous "smiling sun" on the "Nuclear Power, No Thanks" buttons and stickers that are produced in nearly every language in the world.

WISE publishes the Nuclear Monitor ref. Produced 20 times per year, it gives an anti-nuclear perspective on what is happening in the nuclear power industry and the resistance against it. ref In 2000, WISE's News Communique merged with NIRS' Nuclear Monitor; the Monitor is still published 20 times per year.




  • Oct.17.2018: Will nuclear power save the climate? Actual CO2 emissions: the sum of the CO2 emissions of the nuclear process chain could be estimated at 88-146 gCO2/kWh. In view of the large specific consumption of materials by the nuclear system of more than 200 g/kWh, compared with 5-6 g/kWh of an equivalent wind power system, it seems inconceivable that the nuclear system would emit less CO2, as stated by the nuclear industry. The energy cliff will force those emissions higher, due to rising extraction costs. Other greenhouse gases: the literature contains no data on this; however, assessment of the chemical processes required to produce enriched uranium and to fabricate fuel elements for the reactor indicates that substantial emissions of fluorinated and chlorinated gases are unavoidable; some of these gases may be potent greenhouse gases, with global warming potentials thousands of times greater than CO2. Krypton-85, another climate changing gas. Questionable comparison of nuclear GHG emission figures with renewables: the industry does not publish "pure" data. Additionally, the CO2 emissions of construction, operation, maintenance, refurbishment and dismantling, jointly responsible for 70% of nuclear CO2 emissions, are not taken into account. Energy debt and delayed GHG emissions. Stating that nuclear power is a low-carbon energy system, even lower than renewables such as wind power and solar photovoltaics, seems strange in view of the fact that the CO2 debt built up during the past six decades of nuclear power is still to be paid off. WISE.