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Alliance Global is a Philippines-based holding company for a group of 7 conglomerates controlled by the family of its chairman and CEO Andrew TanWikipedia-W.svg, who featured in the Panama Papers[1]. It is one of the Philippines' largest conglomerates, with interests in the food and beverage industry, gambling, tourism, real estate development, and fast food restaurants. Through its subsidiaries, associates and other investments, the Company operates a diversified range of businesses.

Tax Policy: 20 #Whyte & Mackay Ltd paid £172,000 income tax on profits of over £24m.[2]


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Total float: 37.6%
Source: MarketScreener.svg, Mar.2020 ♦ Shareholding Structure of Emperador Inc. Emperador Inc, Mar.31.2018.


Brief Timeline + Org. Structure

Sources: About Us: Conglomerate Structure. . Accessed Mar.18.2019.; [1] .



  • 2017: Emperador acquired the iconic Domecq brandies and wines through Bodega Las Copas.
  • 2017: the Group completed the asset acquisitions (see Note 2.11) of the Domecq brand portfolio and related assets and the Grupo Garvey brands and certain assets.
  • Feb.2016: BFS, a subsidiary of GES, acquired the Spanish brandy and sherry business (Business Unit or Bodegas Fundador) of Beam Suntory Spain, S.L.
  • 2014: from the Group’s acquisition of WMG Group, the trademarks “Jura” and “The Dalmore” were also recorded. In 2016, the Group’s acquisition of Bodegas Fundador in Jerez resulted in the recognition of four new trademarks, which amounted to P6.7 billion, to the Group’s brand portfolio, namely “Fundador Brandy”, “Terry Centenario Brandy”, “Tres Cepas Brandy”, and “Harveys” sherry wine [see Note 1.2(b)]. In 2017, the Group acquired various trademarks amounting to P3.2 billion which included “Domecq” brands of Mexican and Spanish brandies, “Garvey Brandy”, “Fino San Patricio”, and other well-known sherries and liquors brands [see Note 1.2(a)].

  • Dec.2015: Acquired Beam Suntory's Spanish brandy and sherry business. Brands: Fundador Pedro Domecq; Terry Centenario; Tres Cepas; and Harveys Bristol Cream. Other assets: Bodegas Fundador, Spain’s largest and oldest brandy cellars est. 1730; production facilities, ageing cellars, vineyards and the newest blending and bottling facilities in Jerez, Spain; a distillery in Tomelloso, Spain. ref See Suntory Holdings Ltd#Beam Inc.
  • May.2014: Acquired Whyte & Mackay whisky business from India's United Spirits Ltd. ref
  • Apr.2014: Beam Suntory: The acquisition was completed, at which point Beam became a subsidiary of Suntory.ref, ref
  • Jan.2014: Suntory announced a deal to buy Beam Inc.ref
  • Oct.2011: Beam Inc: Fortune Brands, an American holdco, spun off its stable of spirits and liquors. The new company was then floated on the New York Stock Exchange.

Whyte & Mackay Ltd

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  • Nov.2014: Emperador Distillers Inc, a subsidiary of Alliance Global Group Inc, bought Whyte & Mackay from United Spirits (Great Britain) Ltd, a subsidiary of United Spirits Ltd.ref
  • Oct.2014: Diageo plc took a controlling interest in United Spirits Ltd, resulting in the Competition & Markets Authority insisted on a sell-off. United Spirits' owner Vijay MallyaWikipedia-W.svg sold the company at a huge loss to Emperador Distillers Inc, controlled by Chinese Filipino billionaire Andrew TanWikipedia-W.svg.
  • 2008: Complete rebrand, including new packaging.
  • May.2007: United Breweries Holdings Ltd's subsidiary, United Spirits Ltd, purchased Whyte & Mackay.ref,ref
  • Mar.2006: New branding.ref
  • 2005: Imerman and Robert Tchenguiz took control of Whyte & Mackay after concluding a deal with German bank WestLB AG, which had financed the original buyout.ref
  • Aug.2003: Kyndal Spirits changed its name to that of its biggest-selling brand, Whyte & Mackay, as part of a major restructuring. Kyndal Spirits was formed after a management buyout of Jim Beam Brands' UK-based business in Oct.2000.ref
  • 2003: Imerman increased his stake from 35% to 60% by controversially buying out the shareholding employees.ref
  • Oct.2001: Gallaher Group plc sold Whyte & Mackay to management, financed by Kyndal International, a vehicle consisting of 9 managers (25%); German bank WestLB AGWikipedia-W.svg; together with Rotch Property Group Ltd (75%), Robert and Vincent Tchenquiz's investment vehicle.ref
  •  ??.2000: The Tomintoul distillery was sold to Angus Dundee Distillers by from JBB (Greater Europe).ref
  • 2000: Vivian Imerman met brothers Robert Tchenguiz and Vincent Tchenguiz in London; they partnered and purchased a minority interest in the distiller Kyndal, financed by German investment bank WestLB. (Robert Tchenquiz later became Imerman's brother-in-law._
  • Dec.1996: de-listed - by?
  • 1993: Invergordon Distillers was purchased, which brought in 4 further malt whisky distilleries, and the Invergordon grain distillery.
  • Jun.1991: Whyte & Mackay Group plc - floated by?
  • Feb.1990: Gallagher Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Brands Ltd, bought the company. (American Brands was renamed as "Fortune Brands" in 1997).
  • 1988: Brent WalkerWikipedia-W.svg bought Whyte & Mackay.
  • 1978?/1981?: Lonhro (London and Rhodesian Mining and Land Company Ltd), at the time steered by corporate raider Tiny RowlandWikipedia-W.svg, took over Scottish and Universal Investments, thereby acquiring Whyte & Mackay.ref,ref
  • 1980s: The rights to a number of major DCL brands, including Haig (since repatriated to United Distillers) and The Buchanan Blend were acquired. William Muir (Bond 9) Ltd of Leith, an established blending and bottling company, was acquired.
  • 1972: Scottish & Universal Investments Ltd (SUITs), an investment holdco used by Hugh FraserWikipedia-W.svg,ref purchased Whyte & Mackay.
  • 1972: Tomintoul-Glenlivet Distillery Co was acquired, bringing two more distilleries, Fettercairn in Kincardineshire and Tomintoul,ref into Whyte & Mackay's portfolio.
  • 1963: Jarvis Halliday & Co. of Aylesbury was acquired to expand sales of Whyte & Mackay Special in England and Wales.
  • 1960: A merger with Mackenzie Bros of Dalmore gave the company its first distillery, Dalmore at Alness in Ross-shire.
  • 1882: Charles Mackay and James Whyte, who traded as whisky merchants and bonded warehousemen in Glasgow, launched their own blended Scotch under the name Whyte & Mackay Special.
  • 1844: James Whyte founded his company Allan & Poynter.
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