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  • Mar.18.2018: Tim Fischer warns 'NRA-inspired' firearms lobby targeting Australia's gun laws. Tim Fischer, the former deputy prime minister and leader of the National party, is one of the architects of Australia’s strict gun control laws. He says he is “deeply concerned” about the emergence of what he described as a US-inspired firearms lobby. Fischer said he believed “NRA-inspired” lobbying coupled with the increased influence of rightwing parties such as One Nation in Canberra and the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers party in New South Wales had influenced a “pushback” against Australia’s gun laws, and called on politicians to stand up to pressure. “Waves of NRA-originated ideology do descend on Australia and have done since 1996,” he said. “I think we are seeing another wave of the NRA’s indirect influence descending on Australia at the federal and state levels [and] that’s deeply concerning to me.” Michael McGowan, The Guardian.

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Climate Change / CO2

  • Australia's emissions are rising. It's time for this government to quit pretending, Guardian


  • Feb.23.2018: Australia has become China's puppet state, says Clive Hamilton in Silent Invasion. Thousands of Chinese agents have secretly infiltrated the worlds of academia, business, politics and the religious establishment in Australia as part of a long-term espionage strategy, it has been alleged. The level of infiltration and influence peddling is so extensive that it has eroded the country’s sovereignty. In "Silent Invasion: How China is Turning Australia into a Puppet State", Clive Hamilton says that the agents arrived in waves of Chinese migration to Australia and stretch across various strata of society. They include "billionaires with shady histories and tight links to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), media owners creating Beijing mouthpieces, 'patriotic' students brainwashed from birth, and professionals marshalled into pro-Beijing associations set up by the Chinese embassy". The Times, Bernard Lagan