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Transparency Rating: Who Funds You?  [1]

Bright Blue is an independent think tank and pressure group for liberal conservatism. It was first formed in 2010 by Ryan Shorthouse and a group of policymakers and campaigners who were passionate about applying liberal conservative ideas and insights to tackle the major economic and social problems of the modern day. Today, they are a respected and leading think tank - as well as a membership organisation - which delivers an extensive programme of research, publications and events.[1]

Part of / works with the Conservative Environment Network.


  • Apr.30.2018: Corbyn’s capital: the story of how London became a Labour city Ryan Shorthouse, head of liberal conservative think tank Bright Blue, warned that the Tories risked misdiagnosing their malady: “It’s a cultural problem that young people have with the Tories, not an economic problem with capitalism,” he told me. “If you look at most social attitudes surveys, there isn’t a clamour for socialism among the young, they’re quite sceptical of state welfare, they’re very entrepreneurial. They believe heavily in individual and personal responsibility.” The Tories’ greatest defect, Shorthouse said, was “Theresa May’s post-liberalism”: “There’s a feeling, which has got worse, that the party is not very socially liberal, it’s not modern, it’s quite sceptical of immigration, it’s sceptical of human rights.” George Eaton, The New Statesman.


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