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  • Apr.11.2018: Guido Fawked - Hoaxed By Nick Griffin. “Nick Griffin Endorses Corbyn” gurgled the Fawkes minions happily, after seeing that the former BNP leader had tweeted "IF he sticks to his guns then for 1st time in my life I will vote #Labour". Fawkes teaboy Alex "Billy Liar" Wickham was in his element. It did not raise any suspicion that Griffin had cited a Daily Mail article, with its typically slanted journalism and distinctly anti-Labour stance. Neither Fawkes nor Dale has reported Griffin’s reaction, so I will. "Another rises to the bait! This is one of the Guardian's regulars, but the story of me 'endorsing' #JeremyCorbyn for his sensible stance on #Syria & refusal to be bullied into supporting the (proposed war) also ran in the New Statesman, Mail, the Independent, Spectator etc. etc. Even got the Sun to reproduce a tweet of mine with a link to a great anti-globalist article by the brilliant pro-Russian blogger TheSaker. Of them all, though, only EvolvePolitics hit the nail near the head … The way the #fakenews MSM used my 'endorsement' as a stick with which to beat #Corbyn and to try to enforce a cross-party three-line whip for the War Party tells us far more about them than either Corbyn or me". Tim Fenton, Zelo Street.
  • Apr.10.2018: Nick Griffin declares his support for Jeremy Corbyn. The former leader of the British National Party, self-declared “lifelong white rights fighter” and all-round grotesque has-been Nick Griffin has found a new political project to funnel his bile into. The Labour Party. he has threatened to vote Labour for the first time in his life, because somewhere along our bizarre political spectrum, Jeremy Corbyn’s reticence about condemning the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad for a chemical attack killing dozens of his own people has chimed with Griffin’s own worldview. Media Mole, The New Statesman.