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  • Jul.2004: Freshbake Foods went into receivership with the loss of 300+ of its 990 jobs at its Salford and Hartlepool factories. No job cuts were planned at the company's Glasgow site.ref,ref

  • 2002: Freshbake Foods entered into a management buy-out.ref
  • 1988: Campbells Soup Company acquired Freshbake Foods Group plc.ref
  • Mar.1985: Alexander McKellar Watt sold his business McKellar Watt Ltd to Freshbake Foods Group plc.ref Eric McKellar WattWikipedia-W.svg, todo
  • early.1980s: John Taylor sold his company, Freshbake Foods, to Borthwicks, the food and drink flavouring supplier. When Borthwicks ran into financial difficulties,ref Taylor bought back the company for £1, and built it up again. After floating the company on the stock market and making a number of acquisitions, he finally sold it to Campbell Soups.ref

OpenCorporates-sm.svg Sensient Technologies Corporation > Sensient Technologies Ltd, Website, previously known as Universal Foods Corporation.History, Sensient TechnologiesWikipedia-W.svg, xWikipedia-W.svg

  • Universal Foods Ltd, Sept.1994-May.2001
  • Universal Foods Moorgate Ltd, Aug.1994-Sept.1994
  • Campbell Foods plc, Dec.1988-Aug.1994
  • Freshbake Foods Group plc, Aug.1983-Dec.1988
  • Drivegold Ltd, Feb.1981-Aug.1983