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Genus is an animal genetics company based in Basingstoke, UK, which provides farmers with genetics, enabling them to produce animal protein in the form of meat and milk. Genus sells embryos through its subsidiary, In Vitro Brasil SA. The porcine business has a network of 600+ breeding herds in ~40 countries. The company's segments include:[1]

  • Genus PIC: porcine sales business, excluding Asia, and serves porcine customers in North America, Latin America and Europe.
  • Genus ABS: bovine sales business, excluding Asia, and serves dairy and beef customers in North America, Latin America and Europe.
  • Genus Asia: porcine and bovine business in Asia, and serves porcine, dairy and beef customers in Asian markets. In the porcine market, it sells boars and sows. In the dairy and beef markets, its primary product is bull semen.
  • Research and Development;



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Genus plc

  • 2005: Sygen International plc was acquired, bringing PIC into the fold.[2]
  • Oct.1999: ABS Global Inc, the world's largest cattle breeding company, was acquired.[3] The company was founded by JR Prentice in the USA as the American Breeders Service (est. 1941) selling cattle semen.[4]
  • Jun.1999: VDC (Veterinary Drug Company), a specialist distributor to health care professionals in the veterinary and dentistry market, was acquired. VDC was established in 1959 by a group of veterinary surgeons whose sole aim was to simplify the process of acquiring vet drugs.[5]
  • Dec.1997: Genus shares began trading on OFEX (Off Exchange Trading Facility).[6]

Sygen International plc

  • 2005: Genus plc, a matching business in the bovine sector, acquired Sygen International plc.[7]
  • 2005: merged with a matching (bovine) business Genus plc for a market valuation in the same league as Dalgety had attained in the 1990s.
  • 2002: Sygen International plc: PIC International Group plc was renamed.[The Times, Thursday, Sept.12.2002; pg..26; Issue 67554] Sygen was formed as a holdco for PIC international and new enterprise SyAqua, which provided breeding stock to shrimp farmers. SyAqua had operations in Thailand, Mexico and Brazil.[The Times, Saturday, Oct.29.2005; pg..61; Issue 68531] From headquarters in Oxfordshire Sygen operated in 30 countries on five continents. It maintained laboratories in Cambridge England and Kentucky.

PIC International Group plc

Renamed PIC International after its own biotech subsidiary. pic.comArchive-org-sm.svg
  • History
  • Jun.1998: PIC International Group plc: Dalgety plc changed its name, reflecting its position solely in pig breeding.
  • May.1998: Agroceres PIC: PIC increased its share of the Brazilian joint venture from 12.3% to 49%.
  • Apr.1998: Pig Improvement Canada Ltd was acquired, and subsequently renamed as "PIC-Canada Ltd".
  • 1997: PIC initiated operations in China and Vietnam.

Dalgety plc
  • 1996-1997: after Dalgety had sold off 75% of its entire business, its remaining principal investment was in porcine biotechnology, plus the cattle feed, fertiliser and seeds divisions.[The Times Feb.05.1998]
  • 1998: agricultural supply business sold through a management-led buyout.
  • 1998: Martin-Brower was sold to Reyes Holdings Inc, an Illinois-based McDonald's supplier and foodservice wholesaler.
  • 1998: Food ingredients and Spillers flour milling operations sold to Associated British Foods plc.
  • 1998: Spillers Petfoods business was sold to Nestlé SA, including the Winalot and Felix brands, after Nestlé made an offer which couldn't be refused.ref
  • Feb.1998: Dalgety Food Ingredients, the food ingredients (DFI Ingredients Group) and milling (Dalgety Milling Group) businesses were sold to Kerry Group plc of Ireland.[Times, Tuesday, Jan.27.1998; pg.25; Issue 66109] The sale included manufacturing operations in the Netherlands, Hungary, France, Germany and Italy.ref DFI Ingredients Group comprised Lucas Ingredients (3,000+ seasonings, flavours and curing agents,ref; the European Seasonings Business (seasonings, curing agents, functional blends and flavours sold to meat processing and food service markets throughout Europe; the Coatings Group (food coating and batter systems); and DFI Nederland (dehydrated meats, vegetables and fruit for snacks, soups, breakfast cereals, infant foods and confectionery). Dalgety Milling Group consisted of Spillers Milling (3rd-largest flour milling business in the UK); Spillers Premier Products (manufactured technical ingredients for bakers and food manufacturers); and Spillers Consumer Foods (pre-packed flour and bakery mixes: Homepride, Green's, own-label.ref
  • 1998: research activities and intellectual property related to wheat-based food ingredients sold to EI DuPont de Nemours & Company.
  • 1997: The pet foods division included Whiskas, Winalot and Felix brands.[The Times Feb. 11, 1997]
  • Oct.1995: Golden Wonder was sold to management, financed by Legal & General Ventures, who were the lead investor.ref
  • 1995: Felix Pet Foods, Quaker Oats' European pet foods arm, was acquired and integrated into the Spillers operations,[The Times July 30, 1996] creating the 2nd largest petfood business in Europe.
  • 1995: Homepride Foods (cooking sauces and baking mixes) was sold to the Campbell Soup Company.
  • 1995: Pot Noodles business, which was under-performing, was sold to ??.[The Times July 5, 1995]
  • 1993-1997: BSE: a blow between the eyes.[8]
  • 1993: Paragon Petcare was purchased from British Petroleum, giving Dalgety ~12% of the European pet food market.
  • 1993: Purchased two companies from Unigate that bolstered its food ingredients and agribusiness sectors. Morton Foods, a supplier of batter and crumb coatings to the food industry, was added in the food ingredients area, while Oldacre, which managed eight animal feed mills, joined the agribusiness sector.
  • 1991: Deans Farm Eggs Ltd was returned to private, family ownership via a management buyout from Dalgety plc. Dalgety had identified Deans as being non-core after the salmonella scare of the late 1980s.[1]
  • 1990 Swap Deal with Grand Metropolitan: exchanged Memory Lane Cakes for Green baking mixes, and Hammonds sauces.[The Times Apr. 5, 1990]
  • Oct.1989: Gill & Duffus was sold to reduce debt.
  • 1989: Hunters' Foods, another UK snack food company, was acquired.
  • 1988: Continental Savouries, a UK company that manufactured frozen pizza, was acquired.
  • Oct.1986: Golden Wonder, potato crisp manufacturers, was purchased from Imperial Group Ltd, along with the Ross potato distribution business and Flavourite.ref,[Golden Wonder deal nets £87m for Hanson. The Times, Saturday, October 11, 1986; pg. 21; Issue 62586]
  • 1987: Debt had piled up due to previous acquisitions, and Dalgety initiated a vigorous rationalization program to reduce it and concentrate on its core food business. A number of subsidiaries were sold, including Balfour Guthrie and Associated British Maltsters.
  • 1986: Romix Foods acquired, making the group the largest maker of cake mixes in the country.[The Times Feb. 18, 1986]
  • Dec.1984: Fresh Meat Division: the entire fresh meat business was sold to Anglo-Irish Beef Processors, buying them entry into the British meat market. It included facilities in York, Blisworth, Wellingborough and Reading, as well as distribution depots in Jersey and Berkshire.ref
  • 1980x: James Fleming of England and Modern Maid Food Products of America, ingredients firms, were acquired. The companies produced flavorings, coatings, and glazes for baked goods and frozen foods.
  • 1985: Gill & Duffus, an Anglo-American cocoa trader, was acquired.
  • Feb.1980: Dalgety Frozen Foods Ltd was sold to Cordon Bleu Freezer-Food Centres Ltd; subsequently renamed as "Cordon Bleu (1980) Freezer-Food Centres Ltd".
  • 1979: Martin-Brower, one of the world's largest distributors of fast food and supplier to McDonald's restaurants in the USA and Canada, was acquired.
  • 1979: Spillers Bakeries: shortly after Spillers Ltd had been acquired,[9] the bakery business was spun off and sold to Allied Bakeries.[10]
  • 1979: Spillers Ltd, a flour milling, grocery and pet food business, was acquired following a hostile take-over battle. Enabled the diversification into the grocery product manufacture sector. Formation of new division, Dalgety Spillers.

Dalgety & Company Ltd

  • Dec.1977: Federated Chemical Holdings was acquired.[2]
  • 1972: Associated British Maltsters, Britain's largest malting firm, was acquired.
  • 1970: Pig Improvement Company, a pig-breeding concern, was acquired, ... Milk Marketing Board's Breeding & Production division...
  • 1969: Deans Farm Eggs Ltd was acquired, which had built a significant presence in the egg sector, supplying the growing high street multiple retailers. Under Dalgety’s ownership, the former Sainsbury-Spiller egg packing and production operation was consolidated. Dalgety LtdOpenCorporates-sm.svg
  • 1969: Grossmith Agricultural Industries, a UK feed company, was acquired.
  • 1966: Balfour Guthrie, a lumber and poultry business in North America, was acquired. The operations consisted of a Canadian trading company, with a major interest in western Canada's lumber industry; and a poultry business in the USA.
  • 1962: New Zealand Loan & Mercantile Agency was acquired, making Dalgety the largest wool broker in the world.
  • 1950s: due to falling profits, Dalgety entered on an acquisition strategy to narrow its field of competition.
  • Aug.1884: Dalgety & Company Ltd was listed on the London Stock Exchange.[11]
  • Jul.1884: Dalgety & Company Ltd was formed from the operations of Dalgety, Du Croz & Company.[12]
  • 1854: Dalgety, Du Croz & Company: Frederick Dalgety established a London office, from where he managed his business.[13]
  • 1851: Gold: the Australian wool market collapsed in the late 1840s, but gold was discovered in 1851. Dalgety & Company supplied prospectors with food and digging equipment. The company also bought gold from the miners and then sold it abroad for a substantial profit.
  • 1846: Dalgety & Company: Frederick Dalgety established a business outfitting sheep ranchers with supplies, and financed them in anticipation of yearly wool sales. The firm shipped the wool to England, where it was sold to the textile industry.
  • 1833: Frederick Dalgety, a Scotsman, emigrated to Australia.

Pig Improvement Company

  • Apr.1995: National Pig Development Company was acquired, increasing PIC's dominance of the industry. CH-00971458; no documents available until Jun.1994.
  • 1970: Dalgety & Company Ltd acquired the Pig Improvement Company.
  • 1962: Pig Improvement Company was founded by six pork producers in the UK.[14],[15]
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