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Deutsche Bank is a German investment bank and financial services company headquartered in Frankfurt. It has a presence in 58 countries, with a large presence in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Deutsche Bank is the 17th largest bank in the world by total assets.(Dec.2017)

The bank is structured into 3 divisions, based around their 3 types of clients: private, fiduciaries & institutions, and corporates.

  1. Private & Commercial Bank: the market leader in Germany as measured by number of clients. Postbank, Deutsche Bank’s international Private & Commercial Clients business, and the global Wealth Management business, are part of this division.
  2. Corporate & Investment Bank: comprises Corporate Finance, Equities, Fixed Income & Currencies, and Global Transaction Banking businesses, aiming primarily at a corporate-client led business. ref Website
  3. Asset Management

Tax Policy: The Dummy Company at the Heart of Deutsche Bank Money Laundering Probe. The records of Deutsche Bank's former subsidiary Regula Ltd shine a light on how one of the world’s largest banks helped shield the identities and machinations of the world’s rich and powerful. Deutsche Bank helped clients maintain hundreds of offshore companies. International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, May.28.2019.

BankTrack-Fossil-Bank.svg Financing Fossil Fuels:[1]
 Tar Sands: $136m    Arctic Oil: $239m   Offshore: $806m   Fracking: $655m   LNG Export: $45m   Coal Mining: $289m   Coal Power: $297m 



Total float: 89.0%
† Hainan Traffic is 50% owned by Sheng Tang Development (Yangpu) Co. Ltd, a PRC company. Sheng Tang is majority-owned by Hainan Province Cihang Foundation,ref,ref,ref a PRC non-profit organisation.ref,HNA Group
Source: MarketScreener.svg, Mar.2020

Deutsche Bank UK


Deutsche Bank employs 8,000+ people in the UK, and is one of the largest employers in the City.ref (that's all she wrote)

Asset Management

DWS Group GmbH & Co. KGaA

DWS Group GmbH & Co. KGaA, trading as DWS KGaA, is a partnership limited by shares, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. It is a financial holding company, and parent company of the DWS group. The DWS group comprises domestic and foreign companies that provide asset management services. Its General Partner is DWS Management GmbH.ref Deutsche Bank AG holds a 79.5% shareholding as of MarketScreener-sm.svgMar.2020:

  • Mar.2018: Formerly Deutsche Asset Management, DWS was separated from the bank and publicly listed.ref,ref Deutsche Bank holds a majority stake of 77.8% (Jan.2019). MarketScreener-sm.svg
  • 1999: Deutsche Asset Management: use of the Morgan Grenfell name was discontinued.ref
  • 1995: Deutsche Morgan Grenfell: As Deutsche Bank started to exert more explicit control following the discovery of irregularities in the asset management business resulting in a £2m fine and board resignations, the firm was renamed.
  • 1990: Morgan Grenfell was acquired by 4.9% shareholder Deutsche Bank who had ambitious expansion plans but no significant investment banking operation in London apart from bond trading. Morgan Grenfell agreed terms after ending talks with Barclays Bank.ref

See also MarketScreener,, Morgan, Grenfell & Co.Wikipedia-W.svg, DDG

DWS Investment GmbH
DWS Investments is the USA retail brand of Deutsche Bank’s global asset management division. With a global network in 16 countries, DWS Investments makes investment strategies and solutions, traditionally reserved for institutions and high net worth individuals, available to USA retail investors. DWS Investments manages retail and retirement assets in mutual funds and variable insurance portfolios across all major asset categories in the USA.,, OC Trademarks

Founded in Hamburg in 1956 as "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Wertpapiersparen mbH" (Deutsche Enterprise for Securities Savings), the name was later shortened to DWS, "Die Wertpapier Spezialisten" (The Fund Specialists). Originally, the activities involved products and investment services that were initially offered to investors in Germany and throughout Europe. Activities under the DWS Investments brand were later expanded to include separate line-ups of products and investments services for investors in the USA, Asia and other regions. Today, DWS Investments offers investors access to local insight and perspective from around the world.


ToDo: Investors, Reports, History


  • Jan.31.2017: Deutsche Bank to Stop Financing Coal Projects - Or Is It? One of the world's 10 largest coal financiers, Deutsche Bank is to stop all new loans to coal projects. But dig behind the PR, and it turns out that only covers "project financing" - ~10% of its coal-related financing. The commitment does not affect lending money to coal companies. Urgewald calculated that ~90% of Deutsche Bank's coal-related loans will be unaffected. Fossil Free Europe.
  • Deutsche Bank claims its "objectives are to promote sustainable business, to ensure our risk management processes are aligned with industry good practices, and to increase transparency".Jan.2017, p.1 However, the claims are at odds with its actions.


  1. ^ Banking on Climate Change: Fossil Fuel Finance Report 2020. The new Report shows financial support for the Fossil Fuel Industry has increased every year since the Paris Agreement was adopted in Dec.2015. Again, the big USA banks dominate; again, JPMorgan Chase leads the pack, with Wells Fargo, Citigroup, and Bank of America close on their heels. These 4 banks alone are responsible for 30% of all fossil fuel financing out of the 35 major global banks since the Paris Agreement was adopted. Rainforest Action Network, Mar.20.2019.