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Grupo Bimbo is a Mexican investment holding company, headquartered in Mexico City. Through its subsidiaries, the company manufactures, distributes and sells processed foods in 20+ countries, including the UK, Europe, Mexico, North America, and Latin America. Products include fresh and frozen sliced bread, buns, cookies, cakes, snacks, English muffins, bagels, pre-packaged foods, pita bread, pizza bread, tortillas, tostadas, snacks, and confectionery goods, among others.


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The company has ~100 brands, covering 10,000+ products under various brand names such as Bimbo, Barcel, Sara Lee, Oroweat, Marinela, Arnold, Entenmann's, Ricolino, Dempster and Thomas. It operates through Groupe Adghal.



Total float: 31.4%
Source: MarketScreener.svg, Mar.2020

Major Subsidiaries

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  • ?date?: entering the market of UK, this last one through the New York Bakery Company brand, a leading manufacturer of bagels in Europe.[ref] New York Bakery Co.
  • Jan.2020: #Lender's Bagels, a UK bagel business, was purchased from Conagra Brands Inc, which had acquired the business as part of its acquisition of Pinnacle Foods Inc in 2018.
  • Aug.2019: Mr Bagels Ltd, trading as the "New York Bakery Company", was acquired by Grupo Bimbo UK Ltd. Mr Bagels is a private-label European Bagel manufacturing business based in Welwyn.ref,ref
  • Jul.2017: East Balt Bakeries, a Chiacogo-based manufacturer of premium buns and artisanal rolls to restaurant chains, was purchased from private equity firm One Equity Partners.ref One Equity Partners, a spin-off from JP Morgan Chase & Company, acquired the company in Dec.2012, and bolted on three businesses.ref
  • Jun.2017:
    Grupo Bimbo launched in the UK.ref,ref
  • May.2014: #Canada Bread Company Ltd: Grupo Bimbo purchased Maple Leaf Foods Inc's majority shareholding (~90%).ref,ref,ref
  •  ??.2014: Supan, a baking company in Ecuador, an operation that led the company to reinforce its presence in America and the world.
  • Oct.2011: Bimbo Iberia: Sara Lee Corporation's operations in Spain and Portugal were acquired and renamed.ref,ref
  • Sept.2011: Compañía de Alimentos Fargo SA, the largest producer and distributor of bread and bakery products in Argentina, was acquired by purchase of the outstanding 70% from majority stake holder, Madera LLC.ref
  •  ??.2011: Sara Lee Corporation's North American fresh bakery business was acquired, doubling Bimbo Bakeries USA's size.ref The deal brought regional brands Grandma Sycamore's, Heiner's and Rainbo, as well as 41 baking plants.ref The USA's Department of Justice required both companies to divest certain assets.ref
  • 2009: George Weston Ltd's fresh baked goods business was acquired by Bimbo Bakeries USA, adding brands such as Arnold, Brownberry, Freihofer’s and Stroehmann.
  • 2002: George Weston Ltd's Western USA baking business was acquired by Bimbo Bakeries USA. The deal brought premium brands such as Oroweat, Entenmann’s, Thomas’ (grain-based foods business) and Boboli.
  • ~1999: Bimbo Bakeries USA: Mrs Baird's, Pacific Price, and La Hacienda were combined and renamed.
  • 1998: Mrs Baird’s Bakeries in Texas, the largest family-owned bakery in the USA at the time, was acquired.ref
  • 1997: Pacific Pride Bakeries of San Diego was acquired, enabling Grupo Bimbo's entry into the USA bread market.ref
  • 1994: La Hacienda a California-based tortilla company, was acquired.ref
  • Dec.1945: The company was founded by Lorenzo Servitje, Roberto Servitje Sendra, Jaime Jorba, Alfonso Velasco, Jaime Sendra, and José T Mata, selling handmade bread loaves from a small shop in Mexico City. The partners used the wholesale newspaper distribution system to transport its own bread products.ref

Bimbo Bakeries USA


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Other Bimbo Bakeries USA holdings include Thomas', Brownberry, Boboli, Arnold, Oroweat, Freihofer’s, and Stroehmann.


Entenmann's manufactures baked goods and delivers them to supermarkets and other retailers for sale to the public. Products include cakes, donuts, cookies, cup cakes, loaf cakes, pies, cereal bars, muffins, Danish pastries, crumb cakes, and buns.ref

  • 2008: Grupo Bimbo bought George Weston Ltd's USA interest, including Entenmann's.ref
  • 2001: George Weston Ltd, a Canadian baked goods and supermarket business, bought Bestfoods Baking Company, Unilever's baking division.ref
  • 2000: Unilever NV bought Bestfoods Corporation's bakery division.ref (CPC International Inc had renamed itself in Dec.1997.ref)
  • Oct.1995:
    Kraft Foods Inc (which acquired General Foods Corporation in Mar.1989), sold most of its bakery business to CPC International Inc, including Entenmanns's.ref
  • Oct.1982: General Foods Corporation purchased Entenmann's from the Warner-Lambert Company.ref,ref
  • 1978: Warner-Lambert Company, a pharmaceutical concern, purchased Entenmann's Bakery.ref
  • 1951: After William Entenmann Jr died, the family moved from home delivery to supplying supermarkets.ref
  • 1898: William Entenmann, a baker from Germany, opened a bakery in Brooklyn, New York, delivering fresh-baked goods door-to-door in a horse-drawn wagon.

Canada Bread Company Ltd

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  • May.2016: Factory Closures: Canada Bread announced it was closing its North Bay, Ontario location after nearly 50 years of operation in the city. The operations were consolidated across other Canada Bread locations.
  • Mar.2015: Sobey's Bakeries: two former bakeries in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Calgary, Alberta in Western Canada were purchased from Sobey's Inc.ref
  • Feb.2015: Saputo Bakery Inc, Saputo Inc's snack-cake manufacturer catering mainly to retail segment clients, was purchased by #Canada Bread Company Ltd.[4] The acquisition included brands such as Vachon (Vachon Inc), Jos Louis, Ah Caramel, Passion Flakie, May West, among others.[5] (Vachon Inc had purchased Stuart in 1979.)
  • May.2014: Grupo Bimbo purchased Canada Bread from Maple Leaf Foods Inc.ref
  • Oct.2013: Olivieri Foods, the fresh pasta and sauce business, was sold to Spanish company Ebro Foods SA.ref,ref
  • 2001: Multi-Marques, a Quebec-based company, was acquired together with its brand POM. Multi-Marques also owns 60% of Ben’s Bakery, which operates in Atlantic Canada with baking facilities in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Moncton and Grand Falls, New Brunswick.ref
  • 1997: Canada Bread Company Ltd: the company's name reverted.
  • ~1995: McCain Capital Corporation and the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan acquired controlling interests in the company from Hillsdown Holdings plc.ref,ref
  • 1991: Maple Leaf Foods Inc was created by the merger of Maple Leaf Mills Ltd and Canada Packers Inc.ref Maple Leaf FoodsWikipedia-W.svg
  • 1969: Corporate Foods Ltd: the company changed its name.
  • 1968: Dempster's Bread Ltd was acquired, which had become the nation's best-selling brand of bread.
  • 1950-1940: the company grew, purchasing over 20 bakeries in a dozen cities across the country and establishing new bakery locations in Kingston, Ontario, Cornwall, Ontario, Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Chatham, Ontario and Sudbury, Ontario.
  • Jun.1911: Canada Bread was founded following the merger of 5 Canadiaan baking companies: Bredin Bread Company, Model Bakery (founded by George Weston), Toronto Bakery, Stuarts Ltd and Boyd's Bakery. The founders of these bakeries agreed not to compete in bread for ten years. Both Weston and Stuart immediately formed new baking companies making biscuits and cakes, with Weston Bakeries re-entering the bread market in 1921, becoming a major competitor to Canada Bread over time.

Vachon Inc

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Lender's Bagels

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  • Jan.2020: Grupo Bimbo SAB de CV's subsidiary #Bimbo Bakeries USA bought Lender's Bagels from Conagra Brands. The acquisition included the Lender’s brand and related intellectual property, a baking plant in Mattoon, Illinois, and inventory. Bimbo Bakeries USA also owns and operates the Thomas’ grain-based foods business, which includes bagels in its product portfolio.[6]
  • 2018: Conagra Brands Inc acquired the Lender's Bagels business as part of its acquisition of Pinnacle Foods Inc.[7]
  • 2003: Pinnacle Foods Inc, a private-equity owned holdco, purchased Lender's from Aurora Foods.
  • Nov.1999: Aurora Foods Inc, a private-equity owned holdco, bought the business from the Eggo Company, a subsidiary of the Kellogg Company.[8]
  • 1996: Kellogg Company purchased Lender’s from Kraft Foods Inc, to strengthen its breakfast offerings. The sale completed Kraft's exit from the baked goods sector.[9]
  • 1985: Dart & Kraft Inc bought Lender’s Bagels from Marvin and Murray Lender, who wanted to spend more time on community development and non-profit work.[9]
  • 1965:
    Lender’s Bagels: the brothers changed the name, and built their first industrial facility.
  • 1960: New York Bagel Bakery was acquired by the Lender brothers.
  • 1950s: As the business grew, Harry’s sons, Murray and Marvin, began to freeze the bakery’s bagels to keep up with demand, defrosting them for higher-volume weekend sales. This technique proved to be the catalyst for much of the future success for the company.
  • 1927: H Lender & Sons was founded by Harry Lender in the family garage in New Haven, Connecticut. Several dozen a day were hand-rolled and baked, ready for delivery to local grocers.[10]


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