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Faccenda Investments is the main trading company of the privately-owned Faccenda group of companies, wholly-owned by the Faccenda family. Established in 1962 by Robin Faccenda as a single chicken farm, the company has grown to become one of the UK’s biggest food businesses.

Faccenda Foods' principal activity is the supply of intensively-reared poultry products to retailers, food service and manufacturing companies, through an integrated supply chain of rearing, processing, sales and distribution. The group processed over 2m chickens, ~87,000 turkeys, and ~106,000 ducks each week in 2017.[1]

Faccenda Property: Faccenda Investments Ltd also has interests in investment properties, held to earn rentals and/or for capital appreciation. Portfolio value ~£6.9m (Apr.2017).ref

Avara Foods Ltd

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Avara Foods was established in Jan.2018 as a 50/50 joint venture between USA behemoth Cargill and Faccenda Foods. Cargill’s fresh chicken business in the UK was combined with Faccenda’s fresh chicken, turkey and duck business.[2], [3], [4], [5], [6] The joint venture was approved by the Competition & Markets Authority in Dec.2017.[7]. avarafoods.co.uk

Animal Welfare: Avara's website says "Our birds would rather peck at the drinkers, feeders, or other pecking objects than each other," but then goes on to say "we use an infra-red beak treatment to trim their beaks at an early age". Viva Investigation, Guardian Investigation

Faccenda Foundation

Since 2015, the firm has supplied one ton of fresh chicken portions, every week, to FareShare’s West Midlands Regional Centre, where it is redistributed amongst their charity members. ref

Charity Commission, OpenCharities, Total Giving



Faccenda Holdings Ltd:

  • Helen Faccenda; Ian Faccenda; Robin Faccenda; Susan Faccenda; Alison Gulliver
  • Trustees of the Lilac Trust (Robin + Alison);
  • Trustees of the Loughton Trust (Ian + Helen + Alison)
  • Trustees of the Lyford Trust (Robin + Helen)
  • Trustees of the Aldwych Trust (Robin + Ian), reg. Cayman Islands. Flag-Cayman-Islands.svg

Nothing can be found on the web about the Lilac, Loughton or Lyford Trusts; it is reasonable to believe they are all tax-haven registered, as is the Aldwych Trust.[8]

Faccenda Foods Ltd:: Cargill plc (50%) + Shareholders of Faccenda Holdings Ltd (50%)

  • Avara Foods Holdings Ltd, CH
    • Avara Foods Ltd, intermediate holdco, CH

Corporate Grouping

  • Faccenda Holdings Ltd, OpenCorporates-sm.svg
    • Faccenda Investments Ltd, OpenCorporates-sm.svg
      • 50%: Faccenda Foods Ltd, OpenCorporates-sm.svg
        • Faccenda Foods (Lincs) Ltd, food
        • Freemans of Newwent Ltd
        • Facenda Group (South) Ltd
        • Cranberry Foods Ltd, dormant
        • Seebeck 117 Ltd
      • Faccenda Farms Ltd, OpenCorporates-sm.svg
        • Faccenda Farms (Partnership) Ltd, OpenCorporates-sm.svg
        • Bury Farm Sharpenhoe Ltd, farming, OpenCorporates-sm.svg
        • Faccenda Farms (Enstone) Ltd, farming, OpenCorporates-sm.svg
      • 50%: Dartmouth Holdings Ltd, holdco
        • 50%: Dartmouth Foods Ltd, food
      • 49%: Northampton Road Projects LLP, property development, with Faccenda Property Ltd. OpenCorporates-sm.svg
      • Faccenda Property Ltd, property development, OpenCorporates-sm.svg
        • 51%: Banbury Road Projects LLP,OpenCorporates-sm.svg property development with Green Ground Ltd OpenCorporates-sm.svg
        • 51%: Howes Lane Projects LLP,OpenCorporates-sm.svg property development with Coldharbour Farming Ltd + W H Farms Ltd.
        • 51%: Northampton Road Projects LLP,OpenCorporates-sm.svg property development with Faccenda Investments Ltd.
        • 51%: Skimmingdish Lane Projects LLP,OpenCorporates-sm.svg property development with Sainfoin Developments Ltd.OpenCorporates-sm.svg
      • 51%: Hitchcock Holding Company Inc, management holdco
        • 51%: Riverton Financial Instruments Inc, property development, equity investing, USA
        • 51%: Red Deer Investments Inc, equity investing, USA
        • 51%: Red Deer Capital LLC, equity investing, USA
        • 51%: Riverton Self Storage LLC, self storage, USA
        • 51%: Hitchcock Properties LLC, property development, USA
        • 51%: Kalow Technologies LLC, manufacuring, USA
        • 47%: Thomas Mechancial Systems LLC, precision machining, USA
        • 47%: USMT LLC, metal stamping, USA
        • 51%: Parts Tools and Die LLC, precision machined components, USA
      • Network 401 Management Ltd, OpenCorporates-sm.svg
      • Hillesden Investments Ltd, dissolved Aug.2017 OpenCorporates-sm.svg
      • Faccenda Finance Ltd, dissolved Oct.2018 OpenCorporates-sm.svg
      • Faccenda Products Ltd, dissolved Aug.2017 OpenCorporates-sm.svg

Robin Faccenda + Susan Faccenda

  • Ingleby (159), provides payroll services to group companies, OpenCorporates-sm.svg

2017 a/cs mention The Hillesden Trust: "The group was charged interest on loans from various trusts; rents; and recharged property costs." p.49. Albion Land, Albion/Hillesden, Steventon Storage Facility, JD Gyms


  • Jan.2018: Freemans of Newent Ltd acquired by Avara Foods Holdings Ltd.A/cs May.31.2018, p.35
  • Oct.2017: Faccenda Foods Ltd: Avara Foods Holdings Ltd acquired 100% of the share capital, also acquiring its subsidiaries, Faccenda Foods (Lincs)) Ltd and Cranberry Foods Ltd.A/cs May.31.2018, pp.33,34
  • ?date?: Faccenda Investments Ltd acq'd Faccenda Farms Ltd group.
  • ?date?: Hitchcock Holdings Company Inc acq'd Parts, Tool & Die Inc. Hitchcock also acq'd Thomas Mechanical and Thomas Fluid Components Inc, and US Machine and Tools Inc.
  • ?date?: Northampton Road Projects LLP acquired.
  • ?date?: Dartmouth Holdings Ltd, including subsidiary Dartmouth Foods Ltd, was acquired.
  • Apr.2016: Bury Farm Partners Ltd was acquired. CH.
  • Jun.2015: Hillesden Securities Ltd and its subsidiary Mercantile Data Bureau Ltd, were sold to Cabot Financial Debt Recovery Services Ltd. (2017 a/cs, p.33)
  • 2015: Cherry Valley Foods duck business was acquired, adding duck to the product range.
  • 2015: Factory: the business completed a major factory expansion programme at its Telford facility.
  • 2014: Faccenda Foods: existing operations were integrated to form the company.
  • 2012: Cranberry Foods, a turkey producer, was acquired.ref
  • 1962: Faccenda Foods was established by Robin Faccenda as a single chicken farm.


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