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... One of the three parliamentarians involved in both APPGs with prior links to the HJS is Labour MP Gisela Stuart, chair of the Transatlantic and International Security APPG. She is a Blairite who is firmly on the right of the party. The fact that in 2004 she was the only Labour MP to back Republican George W. Bush over Democrat John Kerry in the US presidential election, even saying that a victory for Kerry ‘would herald a surge in terrorism and suicide bombings’,419 reflects the characteristic neoconservative tendency to draw strength not only from the traditional right but from alliances with liberal hawks as well. p.53,


  • Jun.22.2016: Lord Sugar criticised after saying German-born MP should not 'tell us British' how to vote. Lord Alan Sugar has been accused of racism after saying a Brexit campaigner should not "tell us British what we should do" because she is originally from Germany. In reference to the BBC's debate on Thursday's EU referendum, the peer said he found it "strange" that Labour MP Gisela Stuart, who was born in Bavaria, was supporting the Leave campaign. ITV News, ITV Report