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If you want to steal £billions from your own people and funnel it overseas, you need a few things. You need a bank willing to handle the funds without asking too many questions, a lawyer to set up anonymous companies that cover your tracks, and ideally some attractive property and respectable schools to sink your money into. Once you have these things, you can comfortably settle in to your life of luxury far away from the people who might try to hold you to account. These services are readily available to you in some of the world’s most famous financial sectors, brokered by lawyers, bankers and other fixers who are supposed to be the pillars of our society and whose activities should be regulated to make sure they are not aiding and abetting corruption. No Safe Haven,


Global Witness launched a tool "Secret neighbourhoods: who really owns your London borough?" It enables individuals to find out how many anonymously-owned properties there are in your London borough, or region of England and Wales – and tweet your MP. Secret Neighbourhoods. Update Dec.2018: the tool is no longer available.


  • Apr.23.2019: Overexposed: The IPCC’s report on 1.5°C and the risks of overinvestment in oil and gas. Either investors face assets being stranded as demand for fossil fuels falls in a transition to a low carbon economy, or the overinvestment contributes to excess emissions from fossil fuels, the failure to transition and the financial costs of a dramatically changed climate. Big oil is set to spend $5 trillion on fossil fuels we can’t afford to burn, link (good video). Murray Worthy, Global Witness.