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Henkel is a German chemical company, operating worldwide with operations in Europe (45.3%), North America (25.5%), Asia/Pacific (16.8%), Middle East and Africa (6.5%) and Latin America (5.9%). It is one of the world's largest chemical groups, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany. Activities are through 3 operating business units:

  • 47.2%: Glues and adhesives: industrial and packaging adhesives, mass-market glues, adhesive tapes and wallpaper adhesives;
  • 32.3%: Detergents and cleaning products;
  • 19.9%: Care products: hair care products, personal care articles, oral and dental hygiene products;
  • 0.6%: Other.


  • Industrial and packaging adhesives (Loctite, Technomelt Supra Cool and Ablestik Self-filleting)
  • Mass-market glues (Pritt and Pattex brands)
  • Duck (adhesive tape)
  • Metylan (wallpaper adhesive)
  • Persil (detergent)
  • Somat and Purex brands
  • Schwarzkopf (shampoo)
  • Syoss brand
  • Personal care articles (Dial Anti-Ox Body Wash)
  • Oral and dental hygiene products;


Investors, Suppliers


HEN: ordinary shares[1]
Source: MarketScreener.svg, Mar.2020

HEN3: preferred shares
Source: MarketScreener.svg, Mar.2020


ToDo: Henkel's History, Acquisitions+Divestments, Dial Corporation; Armour Star; Reports 2003/4/5Archive-org-sm.svg, AR-2004Archive-org-sm.svg, AR-2005Archive-org-sm.svg, all .pdf filesArchive-org-sm.svg

  • Sept.2016: Sun Products Corporation, a laundry and home care company based in Connecticut, USA, was acquired.ref
  • May.2015:
    Spotless Group SAS, manufacturer of branded laundry care, insecticides and household care products in Europe, was acquired from BC Partners LLP. ref Website.arch
  • Apr.2008:
    National Starch's Adhesives and Electronic Materials businesses (inherited by AkzoNobel from it's ICI acquisition) was purchased.ref,ref
  • Mar.2006:
    Armour Star: Dial Corporation sold its food business to Pinnacle Foods Inc.[1] The food business produces shelf-stable canned meat products such as potted meat, Vienna sausages and ready meals under the Armour Star brand.[2]
  • Dec.2004: Sovereign Specialty Chemicals Inc, an American supplier of specialty adhesives, sealants and assembly adhesives, was acquired.ref,ref
  • Mar.2004: Dial Corporation, a personal-care and household-cleaning products company, was acquired.AR-2005,p.92,ref,ref
  •  ??.2004: Orbseal... (see AR.2005)
  •  ??.2004: Advanced Research Laboratories... (see AR-2005)
  • Dec.2003:
    Dial Corporation was acquired by Henkel. To help finance the acquisition, Henkel sold a 29% stake in the Clorox Company, which owned the Soft Scrub and Combat brands.[3]
  • 2000: Coast Soap and Zout Stain Remover were acquired by the Dial Corporation.ref
  • 2000: Dial/Henkel Mexico SA de CV, a 2nd joint venture with the Dial Corporation, was established in Mexico. The venture did not flourish and, in 2002, Dial sold its stake to Henkel.ref
  • 1999: Dial/Henkel LLC, a joint venture between Dial Corporation and Henkel, was formed to introduce Purex Advanced laundry detergent; it also acquired Custom Cleaner home dry cleaning products. The venture made losses, and was discontinued in 2002.


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