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Heritage is an American free-market conservative think tank based in Washington, DC, primarily focused on public policy. It is considered to be one of the most influential conservative research organisations in the USA, and strongly espouses ThatcherismWikipedia-W.svg and ReaganismWikipedia-W.svg.

Climate Change: Heritage has repeatedly spread disinformation about climate change, previously describing global warming as “a contentious and unproven scientific theory”.[1]

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Apr.2018Scott PruittWikipedia-W.svg announced at a Heritage gathering that the Environmental Protection Agency and the Federal govt will soon end two important science-based practices in evaluating the costs and benefits of regulations: "co-benefits" and the "social cost of carbon" estimate will no longer being used when crafting regulations.[1] Both measures benefit the American public in the form of cleaner air and water, better health, and avoided premature deaths, while industries bear the costs of complying with the regulations by reducing their pollution. Hence industry groups and their allies in the Pruitt EPA are trying to cook the books to favor profits over public health.[2]


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