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Running Oligrapher Standalone

  • This repo contains instructions and configurations for running littlesis in development mode with docker and an ansible playbook for running littlesis in production on an ubuntu server. Github: littlesis-main
  • Oligrapher 2 Editor is an editing UI for Oligrapher 2. It is built with React and can be run on any web page that includes the Oligrapher JavaScript library. Github: oligrapher2-editor ?? How does this fit in ??

The American Assembly

Influence mapping is the documenting of relationships between people, organizations, and political processes. InfluenceMapping is an effort by this community to take the next step in making mapping a more powerful collaborative enterprise — one that can share data and development costs, bring more analytical power to bear on wider networks, and better engage its key user communities: journalists, researchers, and advocates.

The first version of Oligrapher was built by and closely integrated into Littlesis - an online database that maps social and political relationships in support of accountability journalism. The new version can be downloaded and installed by anyone (with a bit of technical expertise) to work on their websites and support work on their own social network analyses.

Influence Mapping Group

The influence mappers community brings together power cartographers from across the world to find out what works and what doesn't in data-driven social network analysis projects, develop standards that can be used to share data across projects, and share technologies that help structure, visualize and analyze influence networks.

We bring together activists, journalists, coders, political scientists and others interested in data-driven methods analysing political and economic power. The influence mapping toolbox brings together resources to help you find out how to approach, design and implement a data-driven influence mapping project. We're working on re-usable tools, including Who's Got Dirt?, a data standard for cross-platform queries, and Oligrapher 2, a network narrative tool.

Public Accountability Initiative

The Public Accountability Initiative (PAI) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan watchdog research group focused on corporate and government accountability. We specialize in conducting and facilitating investigative, public interest research on power and corruption at the intersection of business and government. We are particularly focused on bringing transparency to the role corporate power plays in shaping public policy.

PAI got its start by launching (the opposite of Big Brother), a database and research platform that tracks information on powerful people and organizations in the US. PAI also conducts research on corporate and government accountability issues. Our research has exposed major conflicts of interest, uncovered massive boondoggles, debunked sham industry-funded studies, and shone a light on how corporate power shapes policy around a range of issues at the regional and national level. Though we focus on a wide range of topics, we are focused on several topics right now: the oil and gas industry’s role in shaping the debate around fracking; the growing political influence of the financial sector; and power at the regional level.

Little Sis

PAI builds and maintains, a one-of-a-kind research tool for journalists, academics, activists, and watchdogs.

Eyes On the Ties

For updates and analysis visit our blog, Eyes on the Ties.


Oligrapher is a tool for visualizing networks of influence.