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Transparency Rating: Who Funds You?  [1]
Transparency Rating: Transparify  [2]

The IfG is a think tank which aims to improve govt effectiveness through research and analysis. It was founded as a charity in 2008, and initially funded with ~£15m by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, at the instigation of Lord Sainsbury.


  • Jul.18.2018: How to be a minister: Making decisions on infrastructure. Well-planned economic infrastructure will help to tackle many of the key challenges facing the country, such as stagnant productivity, regional inequalities and post-Brexit competitiveness. Poor decision making can lead to ‘white elephant’ projects that waste public money and fail to deliver economic benefits. There is currently no national strategy for infrastructure. Tess Kidney Bishop, Nick Davies, IfG. Excellent infographic on page 6: "Departments and ministers with infrastructure responsibilities".


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